Cruise Deals: Best Cruise Deals Newsletters

On the lookout for a great cruise deal for your next vacation? Finding the perfect cruise bargain can be as easy as checking your e-mail.

Cruise lines and travel agents use e-mail newsletters to spread the word about promotions going on in the industry. Promotions are usually for a limited time so if you don’t know about it, you’ll miss out. I’m signed up for at least 10-15 different newsletters but I know that is a lot of e-mail to the average person so I’ve listed some of my favorites below…

The Best Cruise Deals Newsletters

These are my “hands down” favorite newsletters and I make sure I read them every week. You never know when your next cruisemay be inside!

  • Cruise Critic’s Newsletter: Cruise Critic’s weekly newsletter features some of the best cruise deals you’ll find in the industry. They include a variety of cruise lengths, destinations, and cruise lines so you’re getting a good mix of everything. Even if you have already booked your cruise, it’s good to keep an eye on this newsletter to see if a better deal comes along. (It happened to me and I save $1,000!)
  • Travel Zoo’s Top 20: Travel Zoo, who specializes in all travel deals, including cruises, compiles a list of their Top 20 best deals for week. These deals will include everything from vacation packages, airfare sales, hotels, and cruises.

Other Good Deals Newsletters
These are also travel newsletters that I recommend for finding cruise deals. Similar to Travel Zoo, these companies publish weekly deals newsletter that include all types of travel, including cruises, but I don’t find the deals AS GOOD as Travel Zoo’s Top 20…

If you are able to cruise “last minute” (within 6-8 weeks), check out Cruises-n-More’s weekly newsletter, which gives a good rundown of bargain last minute cruises.

Cruise Lines

The cruise lines often have sales, where they’ll give you reduced deposits, free cabin upgrades, or additional onboard credit. If you know you’re interested in specific cruise lines, it’s good to sign up for their direct newsletters to stay up-to-date on their sales. For example, Royal Caribbean has their 2-day WOW sale twice a year for and they give their newsletter subscribers a heads up when its coming. Also, if you are a past passenger of a cruise line, they often have promotions for past passengers only and these discounts may not be advertised by travel agents.

To sign up for a cruise line’s newsletter, visit their web site:

Check out Cruising 101: Cruise Planning Tips, Tools, & Resources for more of my tips on getting a cruise deal!

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