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Alaska Coupons & DiscountsThe Alaska cruise season is upon us once again! Since it’s filled with “once in a lifetime” experiences like glacier flightseeing, deep sea fishing, and bear viewing, Alaska vacations can be on the pricey side so visitors are always looking for ways to save money on their Alaska dream trip.

Alaska discount coupon books, offering 2 for 1 deals, are a great way to save money but since the books cost $50-100, you need to make sure they are worth it. The 2 most popular Alaska discount coupon books are:

I’ve personally saved $100-400 each time I’ve visited Alaska using these books so they can be an extremely valuable resource to getting great deals.

Will an Alaska coupon book save you money? Which one is best for you?

  1. Figure out where you’re headed and what activities you want to do. Read Planning an Alaska Cruise as a starting point.
  2. Visit the web sites for both coupon books and identify coupons that you would possibly use.
  3. Learn more about the tour operators offering the coupons. Visit their web sites and get details on the exact activity the coupon is valid on. Verify that they have good reviews on TripAdvisor and CruiseCritic. Do not sacrifice a high quality experience in order to save a few bucks!
  4. Figure out how much money you would save by using the coupons that you’re still considering and make sure the total amount saved will be more than the cost of the book.
  5. It should also be clear at this point which book would save you the most money, based on the activities you’ve decided on.

Before you pull the trigger and buy the coupon book, make your dollars go further and consider…

Splitting a book with another traveler

So you’ve decided to get one of the coupon books but if you are like most travelers, you’ll only need a few coupons. Consider splitting the cost of the book and sharing it with a fellow traveler who is traveling before or after you.

  1. IMPORTANT: You cannot separate the coupons from the TourSaver book!! Tour operators will not accept coupons that have already been removed from the book. You must bring the whole book with you to your activity. The TourSaver book will have an ID number inside the cover. You just need to provide the tour operator with the book ID when making your reservation.
  2. The above rule has not applied to Northern Lights coupons in the past and tour operators have accepted Northern Lights coupons that are already detached. That means if you can get just the coupons you need, you should be able to use them without the entire book but confirm with the tour operator to verify.
  3. Find another Alaska traveler who doesn’t need the coupons that you do. The best way to find someone is through online travel communities.
  4. Come to an agreement on how you will split the cost and shipping, as well as the coupons that each of you definitely want to use. Sometimes things happen at the spur of the moment so make sure it’s clear which coupons you both need so neither of you use each other’s coupons on accident during your trip.
  5. Share the book with someone who will be traveling at least a month before or after you to ensure you have plenty of time to send or receive the book. It’s easier to share a coupon book if you are visiting Alaska early (May) or later (Aug or Sept) in the summer.
  6. If you are traveling earlier in the summer and aren’t able to find someone to share your book prior to your trip, you can sell your used book on eBay. I purchased my coupon book for $100, used 4 coupons during my trip in July, and resold the rest of my book for $80 on eBay!
  7. Share at your own risk! There are dishonest people out there. As with all internet transactions, please be cautious.

Alaska discount coupon books can be a great resource in saving you money on your trip! Coupons in these books change from year to year to verify the coupons you need will be included in the book you decide to buy!

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