What annoys you most on cruises?

Wacky TouristsWhen you travel on a cruise, what do you expect from the holiday? Most people choose a cruise because it takes away the hassle – everything from booking the trip to choosing what to do on board is far more simple than most other holidays. You don’t need to research the cheapest flights, best accommodation or what trips to take at the destination as everything is arranged for you or recommended by the professionals. So what could go wrong on a cruise?

Bonvoyage.co.uk has recently carried out a study into what factors of cruising were most annoying to people who had been on cruise holidays in the past, in particular what tendencies of their fellow cruisers irritated them the most. 1738 people responded the poll. Not surprising were the top two answers: 38% of people agreed that others who engaged them in inane chatter and gossip were the most annoying, and 27% said that having their personal space taken over by fellow passengers was the worst irritation. When you’re spending all your time in close quarters with people that you don’t know or you’ve only just met, it’s only natural that you’ll soon find yourself wanting a little more space!

But what about another of the big problems that cruises suffer – drinking? 22% of people agreed that other passengers acting out because of alcohol was the most annoying thing they could encounter on board, whether it was just a loud argument or an all-out fight. With all the bars and restaurants available on board, you’re bound to come across some of this type of behavior, but how the staff deal with it too can make a huge difference.

Staff interference into other matters, such as queues at the buffet or long wait times for activities can make a big difference to how much you enjoy your cruise too, and 14% of people said that these long waits were their biggest annoyances. That’s why these sort of surveys are carried out and presented to the public: it means that cruise companies are getting on top of minor problems and seeing what they might be able to do to solve them.

Steph Curtin who is the Cruise Development Manager at Bon Voyage stated: “It is important for cruise companies to be made aware of the certain factors of holidays that customers did not enjoy, or felt could be improved. A sign of a great cruise company is one that would take these annoyances on board and actively try to improve conditions for all future passengers, and this is why the majority of cruise lines ask customers to complete a survey at the end of their cruise to highlight any areas for improvement.”

Aside from the answers given above, some more rather obscure responses came forth as a result of the survey. These included a gentleman on a cruise of the Mediterranean who found himself unable to get a good night’s sleep when the couple next door would not refrain from loud love making every night. And an elderly couple felt they had to say something about the fact that they had suffered disturbances nightly from what they believed was a ghost in their haunted cabin!

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