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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these Frequently Asked Questions before emailing me. It may answer your questions!

1. Are you the owner/creator of Sailor Moon?

No, I am just a fan with a web site. I do not own Sailor Moon. I didn’t create Sailor Moon. Naoko Takeuchi is the creator of Sailor Moon. You can find more information about her at

2. Why aren’t there references to the 2014 anime Sailor Moon Crystal?

This website was created before the live-action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal series. It is focused on the original anime and manga only. If you’d like to learn more about the more recent series, visit Sailor Moon Wiki.

3. I have a question about the characters or storyline.

The Galaxy Cauldron Forums is a great place to get your questions answered by other members and to also talk to other fans about Sailor Moon!

4. I have a Sailor Moon website and want to be an affiliate of yours.

Please be aware we are very picky about websites we are affiliated with. If you’d like to be considered as an affiliate, please start by linking to us first. You can use our collection of banners or buttons or your own. After you’ve added our link, please contact us using the form and let us know that you’d like to be an affiliate.


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