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This site is my dedication to the undying love between Usagi and Mamoru from the Japanese anime "Sailor Moon". Love is the most powerful force created by God. Usagi and Mamoru's love withstood evil, time, space, and even death, lasting for milleniums. Their love embodies the beauty and romance that dreams are made of.

This site focuses on Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen's story of the love through three periods of time but you will also find one of the largest Sailor Moon image galleries on the internet,

I try to be as accurate as possible. The love story is based on the anime version of "Sailor Moon", both the North American (NA) and Japanese versions. The Japanese version however has many details the NA tends to exclude. That's why, if you've only seen the NA, you may find yourself saying, "I don't remember this." Also, I've included a part in each section called "Moonlight on Manga", which points out the differences between the anime and the manga. The manga is the Japanese comic book written by Naoko Takeuchi, which the anime is based on. It is essentially the original Sailor Moon story.



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