2001 Popples by Toymax

Display box for Cutie-Fruity Popples.
(When did Popples grow antenna?)

UK catalog for Basic & Charm Popples.


Cutie-Fruity Popples
These are the first wave of new Popples put out by Toymax in 2001. Each on is a clip-on and is about 4″ tall. They are based on absolutely nothing though they look a little like the old Popples.

Each Popple has a stem or flower on its head, leaf ears, a colored belly, a small embroidered fruit on left-side of its chest, and its name embroidered on the outside of its pouch. Their pouches are very hard to flip out.

They are available at K-B Toys near the cash register in the candy section for $3.99 each. They are also available at some Hot Topic stores.


Strawberry Shake Popple

Blueberry Pie Popple

Apple Crisp Popple

Lemon Ade Popple
Basic Popples

The new Basic Popples are 13″ tall. Each one has its name embroidered on its left foot and comes with a bonus video of “Classic Popples” cartoons from the 80’s. They all have antenna and come in a variety of colors. 

Pixie Doodle Popple

Polka Dottie Popple

Pinwheel Penny Popple
(Glow) Charm Popples

The Charm Popples are 15″ tall. Each one has its name embroidered on its left foot. When you squeeze a Charm Popple’s ear, its plastic charms light up and it giggles or sings. They all have antenna and come in a variety of colors. 

Pitter Patty Popple (heart)

Pizzazzy Jazzy Popple (star)

Popsy Daisy Popple (flower)
Snoozy-Time Popple
The Snoozy Time Popple has multiple star-shaped lights on his body that light up when you press his hand.

Snoozy Time Popple
Snoozy Time Popple
Popples Bank
The new Popples Bank is 9″ tall and also has its name embroidered on its left foot. There is a place to put money in on the back of the head and a zipper on the bottom to get the money out. I found only one in existence so far and strangely enough, it has the same name as one of the Basic Popples but looks nothing like it.


Polka Dottie Popple
Electronic Popple (unreleased)
This Popple’s photo was circulated in 2001 and advertised to be sold during Christmas 2001 but it was never released that we know of.


Electronic Popple

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  1. I like these, actually. They’re less chunky than the Mattel originals.
    That said, I also cannot say when popples grew antennae, or for what purpose they did. ^^

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