Tokyo – Sailor Moon R

By the power of the Imperium Silver Crystal, Usagi and her friends were normal teenagers again. They had no memory of their identities as Sailor Senshi, of their friendships, or of the events between March 1992 – January 1993 but yet they remained the correct age and the date also remained correct.1 Luna and Artemis were the only ones that remembered the battle against Queen Beryl.

Two months past and it was now March of 1993. Usagi and her friends entered eighth grade again. The two aliens, Ail (Alan) and Ann arrived on Earth on a meteor with their lifeforce, Makaiju (Doom Tree), to collect energy to keep Makaiju alive. Though lovers, they enrolled into Usagi’s school as brother and sister. Once Ail and Ann’s monsters began to attack the people of Tokyo, Luna awoke Sailor Moon immediately. Usagi definitely didn’t want to regain her memories or become Sailor Moon again. She even cried and asked Luna to stop while Luna was restoring her memories but Sailor Moon soon took her places as Champion of Justice again.

She fought alone until she was in danger and Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako felt the instinct to protect Sailor Moon. Luna then also restored their memories and reawakened their powers. Also, a new character, not Tuxedo Mask, came to Sailor Moon’s rescue.

She fought alone until she was in danger and Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako felt the instinct to protect Sailor Moon. Luna then also restored their memories and reawakened their powers. Also, a new character, not Tuxedo Mask, came to Sailor Moon’s rescue.

Mamoru still had no memory of being Tuxedo Mask or of Usagi and Princess Serenity but he too had an instinct within him to protect Sailor Moon when she was in trouble. Usagi tried to explain her relationship to Mamoru at one point but Ann thought Usagi was crazy and interrupted her story. However, Mamoru’s mind created Moonlight Knight to protect Usagi until he regained his memory. Ail began to get a crush on Usagi and Ann had a crush on Mamoru.

One day in June 1993, Ail and Ann did not show up for school. Usagi and Mamoru decided to go the their apartment to cheer them up. They went into their apartment because no one answered the door. Usagi was curious and went into the bedroom of Makaiju, who snatched her up instantly in its branches. Mamoru came to see what happened and he was taken also. Makaiju drained their energy and consumed the entire apartment building.

The Sailor Senshi saw the tree take over the building and came running. Ail and Ann watched as the Sailor Senshi fought Makaiji. Usagi awoke and transformed. Sailor Moon woke up Mamoru. “Sailor Moon?” he asked. “No,” she said. “I’m just a girl who loves you.” Ann started blasting Sailor Moon because she said Sailor Moon was taking Mamoru from her.

Sailor Moon said to Ann, “Please stop! We are friends. That’s why Mamoru and I came to see how you are doing!” Ail then realized that his feelings for Sailor Moon were from friendship, not romantic love. Ann kept blasting Sailor Moon and suddenly, Mamoru jumped in front of Sailor Moon to protect her in his human form. He took the blasts until he was unconscious.

Ail tried to calm Ann down but she kept blasting everyone until finally Makaiji grew angry. Makaiji’s branches knocked all the Sailor Senshi to the ground and one headed for Ann. Ail jumped in front of her and was knocked to the ground by the branch. Then, another branch was now headed for Ail. Ann stood in front of Ail, blocking the branches path, and told Makaiji to stop but the branch stabbed Ann. Ail cried and held Ann and Ann realized that she really loved Ail. Ann told him that she loved him and then she died.

Makaiji began to cry because it had killed Ann. Makaiji told Sailor Moon, Ail, and the others that it was from a distant planet. Makaiji gave birth to many children from its branches but the children grew up in anger and hate. They fought wars with each other and evenually destroyed the planet. Makaiju escaped into space from the planet with the remaining survivors but did not have the energy to sustain all of them, so it put all of its hope into the two children that were born after it went into space, Ail and Ann. To keep Ail and Ann alive, it went into a deep sleep to conserve energy and hoped that Ail and Ann would grow up with love to awaken Makaiju again. Ail and Ann’s evil ways were actually killing Makaiju, not helping it, and it was Sailor Moon’s love that awoken Makaiju.

Makaiju asked Sailor Moon to heal it with her love. After Makaiju is healed, it uses its lifeforce to revive anyone who died because of it, including Ann. Makaiju is then reduced to one branch. Ail and Ann decide to take this branch and grow it on another planet in their love, so they thank Sailor Moon and leave.

Moonlight Knight reveals to Sailor Moon that he is a part of Mamoru and now that Mamoru has regained his memory and desire to protect Sailor Moon, he can go back into Mamoru. Mamoru then woke up and said, “Sorry, I made you wait, Usako.” and they hugged.3

Mamoru and Usagi were finally reunited and very much in love. While they were at the park one day still in June 1993, Chibi-Usa (Rini) fell from the sky and demanded that Usagi hand over the Silver Crystal. She was from Crystal Tokyo in the 30th Century and had come back in time to save her mother. She hypnotised Usagi’s family into believing that she is Usagi’s cousin. She begins to live with Usagi and follows Usagi everywhere. Usagi becomes annoyed and even jealous when Chibi-Usa and Mamoru feel a strange connection with each other.

At the same time, the Black Moon family (Negamoon) arrived in Tokyo. Ruebus and the Ayakashi Four Sisters, Cooan (Catzy), Beruche (Birdie), Caraberas (Avery), and Petz (Prisma), were also from the 30th Century and were set on taking over the crystal points of Crystal Tokyo.

Mamoru began to have nightmares about Usagi dying because he was close to her. He interpreted the dreams to mean that he should not be near Usagi or she would die. So he refused to see her for a long time and Usagi was very upset. She often wanted to blame Chibi-Usa for Mamoru’s strange behavior but realized that Chibi-Usa is only a little girl who was lonely and missed her parents.

Sailor Moon eventually healed Cooan, Beruche, Caraberas, and Petz and the Ayakashi Four Sisters became normal humans living happy lives in Tokyo. Sailor Moon also defeated Ruebus, who died in a fire on his UFO. After Ruebus’ death, more of the Black Moon Family arrived in Tokyo, including Wiseman, Prince Diamond, his brother Sapphire, and Emerald, who took over for Ruebus.

In November, one of Emerald’s droids infected Chibi-Usa’s dream and Chibi-Usa became ill. By now, Usagi treated Chibi-Usa like a little sister and she and the others were very worried and sat at Chibi-Usa’s bedside. Chibi-Usa called out “Pu” in her sleep and her floating mechanical cat, Luna-P, came to her. Luna-P was a communication device for Chibi-Usa to communicate with Sailor Pluto. Sailor Pluto helped Sailor Moon and the others enter Chibi-Usa’s dream and save her from the droid.

In Chibi-Usa’s dream, Sailor Moon found out that Crystal Tokyo had been under attack and Chibi-Usa’s mother was injured. Chibi-Usa begged Sailor Moon to save her mother. In the dream, Sailor Moon convinced Chibi-Usa that they were friends. When Chibi-Usa woke up, she saw “Pu” (Sailor Pluto) and begged Pluto to return her to the future. Sailor Pluto told her that it wasn’t time yet and asked Sailor Moon to take care of her. Sailor Pluto disappeared and Luna-P returned to normal.

Usagi began to get the same dream that Mamoru had and talked to him about it. She told him that she didn’t care what happened to her in the future as long as they could be together now. Finally after much crying on both their parts, Mamoru could not hold back his love for Usagi any longer and they made up.

Usagi, Mamoru, Rei, Ami, Minako, Makoto, and Chibi-Usa decided to take a break and took a trip to the flower garden to have a picnic.2 While they were leaving, a storm of rose petals came down from the sky and Fiore appeared. “It’s been awhile, Mamoru,” Fiore said. “But I finally found a flower that you would like.” Mamoru didn’t remember him. “Did you forget about our promise?” Fiore asked and grabbed Mamoru’s hands. Usagi ran to them and said that Mamoru was hers. Fiore knocked her over with a powerful push.

Makoto ran to Usagi’s side and was angry with Fiore but Fiore was disappeared, promising to fulfill his promise to Mamoru. Then, Mamoru remembered who Fiore was and went home right away.

Later that day, Luna and Artemis told the girls about a large seed-shaped meteor that was approaching the Earth. Though it was large in size, its mass was very small and they were picking up reading of plant energy on the meteor. The news said that it would not come close enough to the Earth to have an effect and the girls brushed off Luna and Artemis’s worries about the plant energy, thinking it was moss.

They were much more interested in Mamoru and his relationship with Fiore. Usagi knew it wasn’t a “normal relationship but Mamoru wouldn’t do something like that.” Minako said it seemed like Mamoru knew Fiore. Ami said that many guys must be attracted to Mamoru too and Makoto agreed. As the girls continued to talk about Mamoru’s strange relationship, Usagi remembered a time in which she was over at Mamoru’s apartment and asked if he had lived alone this whole time since his parents died. He said that he had and it was very lonely but he wasn’t lonely anymore. “I feel like I’ve been waiting alone just to meet you,” Mamoru said. Usagi promised to protect Mamoru.

Overnight, seeds fell from the sky and the next day while the girls were walking to school, they discovered a street full of energy-drained people. Suddenly, the people became zombies and attacked the girls. The girls defeated the zombies without transforming. (I know I was shocked too!) Ami said that a plant was controlling the people and found the location of a flower. The flower suddenly turned into a monster and started running toward Chibi-Usa. Usagi dove and grabbed Chibi-Usa out of the way and they crashed into a store window.

Just as the Sailor Senshi finished defeating the flower monster, Fiore appeared. He instantly recognized the Sailor Senshi as the girls with Mamoru from the day before. Attached to the breast of his shirt was a small exotic flower, Kisenian. A woman-form came out of the flower. Kisenian said she liked the energy of the people of Earth. Fiore quickly blasted each of the Sailor Senshi, who crumpled against the wall. Right when he was about to blast Sailor Moon also, Tuxedo Mask came and stopped him with a rose. Fiore also recognized Tuxedo Mask as Mamoru right away. At first, Fiore thought Tuxedo Mask was on his side but when he realized Tuxedo Mask had come to save Sailor Moon, he asked, “Why are you with this girl? She will betray you and leave you alone!” Tuxedo Mask said, “Fiore, please. If your friendship with me is real, believe in this girl and the people of this planet.”

Fiore grew angry, perhaps jealous, and lunged at Sailor Moon with his sword to kill her. Tuxedo Mask jumped in front of her and, using his cane, dualed with Fiore, trying to reason with him. Fiore was too overcome with rage and accidentally stabbed Tuxedo Mask. Tuxedo Mask fell and Fiore was shocked. “Why do you risk yourself for this girl?” Despite Sailor Moon’s cries, Fiore picked up Tuxedo Mask and disappeared with him.

Fiore took Tuxedo Mask to the seed meteor and placed him into a crystal-like container to heal his wounds. Tuxedo Mask told Fiore that he thought he had dreamed Fiore up when he was little but now he knew that Fiore was real. Fiore told him that after he left Earth, he travelled many planets looking for the perfect flower to bring back to Mamoru. Then, he found the Kisenian flower. When he touched it, he said that he realized he had to kill all the people of Earth for making you feel so lonely. Tuxedo Mask said that wasn’t what he wanted. Fiore said, “You won’t leave me, will you, Mamoru? I want to be the one to give you lots of flowers.”

Back on Earth, Luna and Artemis were telling the Sailor Senshi about the Kisenian flower. They recognized it right away as the most dangerous plant in the universe. The Kisenian flower travelled from planet to planet, stealing all the energy of the planet until the planet died, but since it was still only a plant, it needed to be attached to a person, who would help it move around. It attached to people with weak hearts and changed their weak hearts into an evil heart full of hatred. They realized that the meteor that was approaching the Earth was Kisenian’s headquarters, so the Sailor Senshi decided to “Sailor Teleport” to the meteor.

Just as the Sailor Senshi arrived on it, the meteor opened up in to a flower shape. The entire meteor was covered in Kisenian flowers. Sailor Moon saw Tuxedo Mask in his crystal container and was about to run to him when Sailor Jupiter said it might be a trap. Fiore appeared and said, “You don’t have to worry about that. I would never use Mamoru as bait.” Sailor Moon demanded that he give Mamoru back and he said that he would eventually return Mamoru to Earth but first, he was going to spread the all seeds of the flowers on the meteor down to Earth.

Suddenly, all the flowers on the meteor became flower monsters and attacked the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Moon was able to wipe out a section of flowers at a time with her wand but it was very slow. Sailor Mars quickly push Sailor Moon out of the way just before the rest of the Sailor Senshi were caught by the flower monsters. The Sailor Senshi were tied up into a flower column, which shocked them on Fiore’s command. Fiore told Sailor Moon to throw her wand down. If she hurt his flowers, he would hurt her friends. The Sailor Senshi told her to keep fighting but she surrendered her wand. “I am sorry, everyone, but I cannot stand to see you in pain. You are too imporant to me.”

Sailor Moon’s action affected Kisenian’s spell of Fiore because he did not understand human feelings. Kisenian quickly placed him under a deeper spell, telling him that if he defeated Sailor Moon, Mamoru would remember their friendship. Fiore grabbed Sailor Moon by the neck and began to drain her energy. He yelled at her, saying that she would never understand the loneliness that he and Mamoru had to go through. As he yelled, the Inner Senshi remembered times in which Usagi rescued them from their own individual loneliness.

After draining all her energy, Fiore threw Sailor Moon to the ground and was about the stab her when the Inner Senshi told him not to because she was irreplaceble. Fiore didn’t believe them and was about to kill her when a rose came flying and stabbed Fiore in the heart. A healed Tuxedo Mask was able to break free from the container and save Sailor Moon. Fiore fell to his knees. Kisenian told Fiore to get up but Fiore was too much in shock that Mamoru would hurt him. All the flowers on the meteor disappeared but the Earth was not saved yet. Fiore told them that the meteor was now headed straight for Earth and that they would all burn up and die as the meteor entered the atmosphere. Kisenian said that once Fiore died, she would be able to attack the people of Earth herself.

Sailor Moon said she wouldn’t let that happen and took out the Silver Imperium Crystal. The Inner Senshi and Tuxedo Mask begged her not to use it because she would die if she did. “This is the only way to save everyone,” Sailor Moon told them. “Don’t worry. I won’t die. Let’s all go back to Earth together.”

Suddenly, Fiore grabbed the Silver Crystal on Sailor Moon’s chest and said he wouldn’t let her change the course of the meteor. She looked at him kindly and said, “Don’t be afraid. You are not alone.” She showed him her own memories of the day at the hospital with Mamoru. The rose that Mamoru gave to Fiore that day was given to Mamoru by her. The Silver Crystal shined brightly, destroying the Kisenian flower, and Fiore disappeared.

The meteor was breaking up as it was entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Sailor Moon turned into Princess Serenity and promised to protect everyone. The Silver Crystal formed bands of light around the meteor, struggling to protect the people on it and change its course at the same time.

The Sailor Senshi formed a line behind Princess Serenity and contributed their powers. Tuxedo Mask turned into Prince Endymion and, standing at Princess Serenity’s side, contributed his love and courage. At once, the Silver Crystal’s power escalated into a burst of light. The meteor flew by Earth and the Earth was saved. However, the Silver Crystal suddenly shattered. Princess Serenity’s eyes went blank and she collapsed.

The meteor was now floating around in space. The Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask were surrounding Sailor Moon’s lifeless body. They began to cry. “You liar,” Sailor Mars cried. “You said you wouldn’t die.” Fiore’s spirit, which looked like him when he first met Mamoru as a little boy, appeared to Tuxedo Mask and said, “Thank you. You and Sailor Moon saved me again. Mamoru, now I’ll make that promise come true. This is the flower of life that has my energy. Give the nectar of the flower to Sailor Moon.” Tuxedo Mask took the nectar into his lips and then kissed Sailor Moon.

The Silver Crystal reformed into Sailor Moon’s transformation brooch and Sailor Moon woke up. She looked at everyone around her and said weakly, “Didn’t I tell you that I would protect everything?” Everyone rushed to her happily and they returned to Earth.

Days later, Emerald attacked Chibi-Usa’s elementary school. Chibi-Usa’s friend, Momoko (Melissa), saved Chibi-Usa from a blast and took the blast herself. Seeing this, Chibi-Usa released a powerful moon blast from a crescent moon on her forehead, stunning the droids. After this attack, Chibi-Usa decided to return to the future to save her mother but she was scared. Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask agreed to go with her and together they embarked on a trip to the future. (Go to the future with them or continue reading in chronological order.)

Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and the rest of the Senshi returned from Crystal Tokyo to fight Wiseman and Black Lady (Wicked Lady). Meanwhile, Sapphire discovered that Wiseman was using Prince Diamond to serve his own purposes. Injured by Wiseman, he went to Tokyo to warn his brother but passed out. Petz, who loved Sapphire deeply, found him and brought him to her home to take care of him. Petz told him how wonderful it was to live as a normal human in Tokyo. She begged Sapphire not to go back to his brother because she didn’t want to see him hurt further.

Sapphire left anyway because he had to talk to his brother but he left his uniform with Petz as a promise that he would come back to her. When Sapphire did find Prince Diamond, Wiseman killed him before he would speak with his brother. The bandages that Petz wrapped around his head fell and revealed that his Dark Moon crescent moon was gone. He had healed himself from evil. Sapphire’s uniform hanging in Petz’s closet fell to the ground. She knew he was gone and tried not to cry.

Prince Diamond was shocked by what Wiseman had done and was furious with him. The only reason why Prince Diamond was doing this was because Wiseman told them that the Black Moon family could not live on Earth with Neo-Queen Serenity‘s people but he remembered how the Ayakashi Four Sisters were now living peacefully on Earth. Sailor Moon also helped convince him that Wiseman had been lying all along. Wiseman and Prince Diamond began to fight. Prince Diamond, now good, was killed and asked Sailor Moon to take care of the Four Sisters. Prince Diamond was able to shatter Wiseman’s human form and now Wiseman was the Death Phantom.

Black Lady joined Death Phantom for the final battle in early March of 1994. Knowing that Black Lady was their beloved Chibi-Usa, the Sailor Senshi did not hurt her and Black Lady easily knocked them to the ground. She vowed to kill all of them, starting with Sailor Moon, and released a blast at Sailor Moon.

Tuxedo Mask shielded Sailor Moon from the blast, taking it himself. This act stunned Black Lady because she didn’t understand why Tuxedo Mask would risk his life for another person. Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon remembered that King Endymion said they must use the strength of their love to succeed. The two joined hands and Sailor Moon unleashed the power of the Imperium Silver Crystal. The Silver Crystal’s light called to Neo-Queen Serenity in Crystal Tokyo still encased in her protective crystal. When the light faded, Neo-Queen Serenity appeared in Sailor Moon’s place!

Using Sailor Moon to channel herself, Neo-Queen Serenity reminded Black Lady of her real memories and the good childhood she had. Black Lady realized the lies that the Black Moon had fed her, breaking the spell they had cast, and she turned back into Chibi-Usa. Neo-Queen Serenity also turned back into Sailor Moon.

But Neo-Queen Serenity channeled herself through Sailor Moon once again and fought Wiseman but his powers were too strong. It began to appear that she was going to lose. Chibi-Usa was very sad, saying that it was all her fault that this was happening. She began to cry and the first tear that she cried turned into the Imperium Silver Crystal. She realized then that when she had touched it, the Silver Crystal absorbed into her body.

She turned into Small Lady and, with Tuxedo Mask’s permission, she joined her mother. Using both the Imperium Silver Crystal of Tokyo and of Crystal Tokyo, they defeated Wiseman and the Black Moon Crystal was destroyed. Neo-Queen Serenity and Small Lady transformed back into Sailor Moon and Chibi-Usa. Neo-Queen Serenity and Crystal Tokyo were saved!

After this fantastic battle, Chibi-Usa thanked the Sailor Senshi and returned to her home in Crystal Tokyo with a bit of sadness. “Thank you, Mommy!” Rini cried to Usagi as she was transported to the future.

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1 This is a part of the Sailor Moon timeline that makes absolutely no sense. I figured that time would jump back a year, back to March 1992. However, after doing some research this is not the case. The Sailor Moon series followed the dates of which each episode aired for the first time on Japanese TV. For instance, Sailor Moon R episode 47 first aired on March 6, 1996 in Japan so the date was actually March 6, 1996 in that episode of Sailor Moon for the Sailor Moon characters. (Sailor Moon episodes only aired once a week so, a Sailor Moon episode contained several days, then the dates would be for that week in Japan.) This is evident by the dates on newspapers and calendars in the episodes. I find this very unfortunate because I still think my first assumption about time jumping back made much more sense. There is no explanation on how the Sailor Senshi could be a year older but not remember anything that happened the previous year and not wonder why they don’t remember. ^^; I guess the anime writers wanted to make keeping track of the date easier and didn’t feel like cleaning up the mess.
2 The events of “Sailor Moon R” movie.
3 After they start going out, Mamoru refers to Usagi as “Usako”. The suffix -ko is usually a permanent suffix for female names.