Tokyo – Sailor Stars (Part 3)

In the beginning of November 1996, Chibi Chibi followed a couple of dancing red butterflies to a lake. The butterflies beckoned her to the center of the lake and Chibi Chibi went to them, walking on the water. The butterflies turned into an incense burner and Sailor Chibi Chibi took it home with her. Meanwhile, the Three Lights felt the energy of their princess nearby. Taiki was certain that he smelled the fragrance of their princess coming from Usagi and Chibi Chibi.

Nearly a month past and Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Tin Nyanko continued to look for star seeds with no result. Usagi still wrote Mamoru every day, telling him about all the things had been happening. The Three Lights were getting upset because they could sense that their princess was nearby but they still couldn’t find her. “Maybe we have lost our composure,” Yaten told Minako. “She’s so close but she doesn’t appear to us. I don’t know what we are missing.” Minako told him, “You’re not missing anything. You’re shining brighter than anyone.” Minako’s words cheered Yaten up.

Sailor Lead Crow was admiring a picture of herself and Sailor Aluminum Siren on Sailor Aluminum Siren’s desk when she came across Sailor Aluminum Siren’s diary. In it, Sailor Aluminum Siren wrote how she knew that Eternal Sailor Moon, also known as Usagi, had a true star seed. With this new information, Sailor Lead Crow told Galaxia she knew who the owner of the star seed was.

Yaten and Taiki decided it was time to find out why Chibi Chibi smelled like their princess. While Chibi Chibi was alone with the incense burner, Yaten and Taiki tried to take it from her. The girls spotted the two of them and ran out to see what was going on. Yaten and Taiki refused to explain why they were chasing after Chibi Chibi and left with Seiya. They told Seiya that Chibi Chibi had their princess’ incense burner and that it would lead them to their princess. Seiya said that they should just tell the girls but Yaten was too impatient.

Sailor Lead Crow appeared to attack Usagi and the girls transformed. Sailor Lead Crow was too strong for the Inner Senshi but then the Sailor Starlights arrived. Then Sailor Lead Crow pulled a capsule from one of her bracelets. “This capsule contains a small black hole,” she said. “If I break it, everything will be destroyed. Now, Sailor Moon, give me your star seed or I will break it.”
“Don’t do it,” the Inner Senshi told her.
“I don’t want anyone else to get hurt,” Eternal Sailor Moon told them and she let Sailor Lead Crow blast her with Galaxia’s bracelets.

Eternal Sailor Moon’s brilliant star seed, the Silver Crystal, came out of her body and she turned back into Usagi. Suddenly, Sailor Tin Nyanko blasted Sailor Lead Crow, making her drop the capsule. The capsule broke, releasing the black hole and the black hole engulfed Sailor Lead Crow. Sailor Starfighter tried to blast the black hole but it had no effect. The black hole also swallowed up Usagi, the Silver Crystal, and Chibi Chibi before Sailor Tin Nyanko could steal the Silver Crystal as she had planned.

Suddenly, an explosion came from inside of the black hole, ripping it apart. Chibi Chibi emerged holding the incense burner, which was shooting out an intense light. Usagi was floating in the air. Princess Kakyuu materialized, holding Usagi her arms. The Silver Crystal went back into Usagi and she woke up.

The Sailor Starlights fell to the ground, kneeling before Princess Kakyuu. “Princess!” they cried with joy.
“I’m sorry I made you worry,” Princess Kakyuu said. “But I had an important mission. Thank you, Chibi Chibi. Sailor Moon, I was watching you from inside the burner. There has been a holy war going on for a long time throughout the galaxy, the Sailor Wars. The Sailor Senshi had always fought against evil. But the strongest and legendary Sailor Senshi sealed the Chaos, which was the source of evil in the galaxy. But now, the Chaos reappeared in the galaxy.”

“Galaxia wants to get the star seeds and put the galaxy into a state of chaos. We still have hope, as long as we have the Light of Hope that the legendary Sailor Senshi left. I came to this planet secretly to find that power. Unless we find the light of hope, we can’t seal the chaos. Please Sailor Moon, help us. Let’s find the light of hope together.” Sailor Uranus and Neptune said that Princess Kakyuu was being selfish by asking for Sailor Moon’s help but Princess Kakyuu said, “Sailor Moon, I believe in you.” Princess Kakyuu walked away with the Sailor Starlights.

“Fighter, why are you using this appearance of a man on Earth?” Princess Kakyuu asked.
“In order to find a woman on earth, this was the best appearance,” Seiya answered.
“I’m sorry. I always heard your songs but I couldn’t allow Galaxia to spot me.”

Meanwhile, Galaxia felt Sailor Lead Crow’s life energy disappear and she felt the energy of someone very powerful on Earth. “Why is the energy gathering on a planet like this? I have to hurry,” Galaxia said. Sailor Tin Nyanko appeared and said she found the star seed but she wasn’t able to get it. Galaxia told her to go and get it.

Haruka and Michiru sat in Haruka’s car guarding Usagi’s house because the enemy was definitely after her now. Inside, Usagi was calling Mamoru’s apartment over and over to listen to his recording on the answering machine. “Mamo-chan, I want to hear your voice, Mamo-chan.”

The next day, Minako, Rei, Ami, and Makoto stayed close to Usagi the entire day. They didn’t allow her to be anywhere by herself, not even the restroom. Finally, Usagi became fed up. “We just don’t want anything to happen to you while Mamoru is gone,” Minako told her. At the sound of Mamoru’s name, Usagi became very sad and she asked to be alone. Minako relectuantly agreed and went to meet the other girls at Crown Parlor. When she got there, Rei said that it was dangerous to leave Usagi alone and rushed back to the school. Rei burst into Usagi’s class where Seiya was packing his books. “Have you seen Usagi?!” Rei asked with worry.

Usagi went to the roof of the school alone. “Mamo-chan, why don’t you contact me? I’m too sad by myself.” Suddenly, Sailor Tin Nyanko appeared and attacked Usagi. Usagi quickly transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon. The two were fighting when a rose came flying through the air and hit Sailor Tin Nynako. Eternal Sailor Moon looked at the rose with joy and whisphered, “Mamo-chan…” But when she turned around, it was Seiya. Seiya transformed into Sailor Starfighter and Sailor Starfighter also attacked Sailor Tin Nyanko. Eternal Sailor Moon used her Eternal Tiel but was only able to hit half of Sailor Tin Nyanko as she tried to escape.

Once Sailor Tin Nyanko was gone, Usagi slummed in front of the rose and it began to rain. “I’ve never been good at trying hard. I’ve tried to try hard studying, but I always end up eating and sleeping.” She started to cry. “But when I saw the rose, I remembered him. I thought that I can be all right by myself…but I can’t. I can’t stand it anymore. I want to see Mamo-chan.”
Seiya knelt down next to her and said, “Am I not good enough? Am I not good enough?” He leaned in and kissed Usagi on the cheek. By now, the others were standing in the doorway, watching.

When Usagi returned to home, Rei and Chibi Chibi were waiting in her room. “What are you going to do?” Rei asked, regarding to Seiya. “If you don’t decide, Seiya will get hurt too.”
Usagi went to her desk and looked at the picture of her and Mamoru. She started to cry and said, “Mamo-chan, I bet you have lots of new friends in America. Are you well? I wonder how you are doing…”
“Usagi…” Rei said. “What are you talking about? Aren’t you communicating with him?”

Usagi shook her head.
“I write him every day but there aren’t any replies.”
Rei was both shocked and worried. “Since when?”
“Ever since the beginning.”
Rei gasped. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

Rei told the other girls and the next day, Ami called Mamoru’s university in America. “It’s just as we thought,” Ami told everyone. “They said he never arrived. Something must have happened to Mamoru.” Rei said, “Poor Usagi. She must have been so lonely, not telling any of us.”

It was now the middle of December 1996, the Three Lights announced to the world that they would be breaking up and having their last concert. In their last concert, the Three Lights would send a message in hopes of reaching the Light of Hope. Princess Kakyuu told the Three Lights that they need to cooperate with the Sailor Senshi of this solar system but Yaten and Taiki believed that if they were able to reach their princess, they surely could find the Light of Hope themselves.

On the night of the Three Lights’ final concert, Usagi and Chibi Chibi, escorted by Haruka and Michiru, went to say good-bye to Seiya. Seiya asked everyone to let them be alone and Haruka said, “You have five minutes.”

“I’m serious about yesterday,” Seiya said. “After this concert, I’ll sweep you away. I like you that much.”
“Seiya…” Usagi said sadly.
“Don’t feel bad that I’m in a one-sided love. I wanted to let you know this much. Now I can go all out for the final concert. I hope you will see your boyfriend again soon.”
“Seiya, I’m sorry.”
“You don’t have to apologize. I just wish I could have met you much sooner.”

The Three Lights went out and performed their last concert. The girls were in the front row of the audience enjoying the concert. While listening to the song, Chibi Chibi began to glow but no one seemed to notice. Suddenly Sailor Tin Nyanko jumped on stage, disrupting the concert, and the audience ran out of the stadium in a panic.

All the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Starlights, and Princess Kakyuu appeared on the stage to fight Sailor Tin Nyanko but something was wrong with her. Eternal Sailor Moon’s previous attack healed half of her evilness so she was having an internal conflict. “Give me your star seed,” Sailor Tin Nyanko said. “No! In the name of Sailor Tin Nyanko, I won’t let you…Ahhh!!!”

“Her memories as a Sailor Senshi are returning to her,” Princess Kakyuu said. “She used to be a good Sailor Senshi but Galaxia’s bracelets are still controlling part of her.” Then, the sky turned black and Galaxia appeared in front of them. Galaxia told Sailor Tin Nyanko that she was finished and took her bracelets. Sailor Tin Nyanko disappeared. Galaxia saw Princess Kakyuu, who was the source of the tremendous energy, and blasted her over and over but Princess Kakyuu put up a force field and blocked the blasts, protecting herself the Sailor Starlights.

“With your power, you can’t defeat Galaxia. Escape. Hurry!” she told her three Sailor Senshi. Eventually, Princess Kakyuu’s force field collapsed and she was hit by Galaxia’s blasts. Princess Kakyuu’s star seed came out of her body and Galaxia took it. Eternal Sailor Moon tried to attack Galaxia but her attack had no effect.

Princess Kakyuu fell into state of near death. “Fighter, maker, healer, you now have to combine your powers.” She began to fall into space but Sailor Chibi Chibi caught her hand and said, “You’re okay.” Princess Kakyuu looked up at her and said, “I feel warm…” Princess Kakyuu died.

“Hahaha!” Galaxia laughed. “I will eventually take all your star seeds but I will watch your futile struggle a little longer.” Galaxia disappeared and the city began to fall apart. “This is the same thing that happened to our planet,” Sailor Starhealer said. “This planet will be destroyed soon,” Sailor Starmaker told the others. Sailor Mercury discovered that Galaxia was at the Ginga TV station using her computer. Hearing this, the Sailor Starlights began to leave, heading in that direction. The Sailor Senshi tried the stop them.

“Shut up! You can’t possibly understand!” Sailor Starhealer said in tears.
“Our duty was to protect our princess!” Sailor Starmaker said. “We have nothing to live for now. We must hit Galaxia to avenge our princess!”
“Seiya?” Eternal Sailor Moon said.
“Sorry, we must go avenge our princess,” Sailor Starfighter said and the three Sailor Starlights walked off.

Suddenly, a black bolt of lightning came crashing down towards Eternal Sailor Moon. The other Sailor Senshi jumped on top of her to take the bolt but Sailor Saturn appeared and blocked it with her Silence Glaive. She was accompanied by Sailor Pluto, both ready to fight the new and most powerful enemy of all.

All nine Sailor Senshi of our solar system gathered at Rei’s shrine. There wasn’t much they could do to fight Galaxia as the city was being destroyed. The Outer Senshi quickly departed on their own. “As the Outer Senshi, we can’t allow the Earth to stay in danger. Among the four of us, one will survive to defeat Galaxia. Let’s go protect this planet.”

The other girls couldn’t find the Outer Senshi and realized they went on their own to battle Galaxia. They decided they also must go too. Usagi told Luna and Artemis to watch Chibi Chibi. The girls transformed and ran to Ginga TV. The Sailor Starlights and Outer Senshi were already inside when the Inner Senshi arrived but the Inner Senshi couldn’t get inside. The Sailor Starlights were transported to Galaxia’s throne room but the Outer Senshi snuck around the station and found a room where they could see what was going on in Galaxia’s throne room. Galaxia battled the Sailor Starlights and injured them badly.

From outside, the Inner Senshi watched from some televisions as the Sailor Starlights were beaten by Galaxia. Sailor Mercury said there was no way to get through Galaxia’s force field around that station. Eternal Sailor Moon began to cry because they couldn’t help the Sailor Starlights when Sailor Chibi Chibi appeared to them in a ball of light. Galaxia was about to finish off the Sailor Starlights when Sailor Chibi Chibi teleported the Inner Senshi into Galaxia’s throne room.

Sailor Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter quickly jumped in front of Eternal Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Chibi, and the injured Sailor Starlights to protect them. Galaxia rapidly fired several sparks from her bracelets, striking the four Inner Senshi. The star seeds of Sailor Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter came out of their bodies and they fell to the ground.

From the television control room, the four Outer Senshi couldn’t believe what was happening. “The glitter of the four planets…” Sailor Pluto said. “Are fading,” Sailor Uranus finished.

The Sailor Starlights and Eternal Sailor Moon rushed to the dying Sailor Senshi. “Why? For us?” Sailor Starhealer asked.
“To protect the ones that are important,” Sailor Mercury said.
“Important to you?” Sailor Starmaker asked.
“Sailor Moon and Sailor Starlights are very important to us,” Sailor Venus said.
“Even if you’re going to die?” Sailor Starfighter asked.
“Please, in our place, protect Usagi and this world,” Sailor Jupiter said.

Eternal Sailor Moon held Sailor Mars’ fading body in her arms. “Wait! Don’t leave me alone.”
“Don’t be a cry baby,” Sailor Mars said to her.
“You promised that we will be together until the end,” Eternal Sailor Moon cried.
“Stupid, you have Mamoru,” Sailor Mars said and all four Sailor Senshi faded into a collection of lights.
“No!” Eternal Sailor Moon screamed. “Give them back!”
Galaxia smiled. “I will let you see all the star seeds I have collected.”

The four star seeds of the Inner Senshi floated behind Galaxia’s throne with hundreds of other star seeds. Eternal Sailor Moon’s eyes fell upon one gold star seed. “No…Mamo-chan,” Eternal Sailor Moon whisphered and Sailor Starfighter gasped. The star seed was Mamoru’s.

“You have a good eye,” Sailor Galaxia said, bringing the gold star seed in front of her. “This is the golden star seed for this planet. It belonged to the Sailor Senshi of Earth.”
“If that’s Mamo-chan’s star seed, then Mamo-chan is…”

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