Tokyo – Sailor Stars (Part 2)

In the middle of May 1996, Chibi-Usa returned to the future and Mamoru told Usagi that his paper was accepted by a university in America and he would be going there to study for a year or more. Usagi was very depressed because Chibi-Usa and now Mamoru were all leaving her.

At the airport, Usagi went to see Mamoru off. She started to cry once she saw him and got mad at herself. “I’m sorry, Mamo-chan,” Usagi said. “I told myself I’d see you off with a smile.” Mamoru pulled out a small box and gave it to Usagi. Usagi opened it and it was ring. She was extremely happy. Mamoru put the ring on her left ring finger and told her, “I love you, Usako.” They kissed.

Meanwhile, a couple of yards away, the famous male singing group, Three Lights, arrived in Tokyo, surrounded by a mob of fans. Yaten, Taiki, and Seiya made their way past the crowd. As Seiya walked by Usagi, he got a strange feeling from her but kept walking.

Mamoru boarded the plane and the plane left for America. In mid-air, Mamoru was in the plane, happily looking at a picture of him, Usagi, and Chibi-Usa, when he noticed a strange gold light outside. Suddenly, the entire plane filled with bright golden light and Mamoru quickly transformed into Tuxedo Mask. He went out on to the wing and fought Galaxia but Galaxia defeated him.

She shot two sparks of energy from her bracelets and when it hit Mamoru, his star seed came out. He bravely told Galaxia, “On this planet, they are here. They are the Senshi that protect the peace of everyone. They will defeat you.” Right before Tuxedo Mask died, he whisphered softly, “Usako…” and his body faded away into a balls of light.

Later that day, all the girls went to the park to see the Three Lights filming a movie. All of the girls were big fans of the Three Lights, except for Usagi, who didn’t know who they were, but she went along anyway. The girls fought their way through a large crowd but Usagi got left behind. She wandered off sadly when she spotted a group of television trucks in a restricted area. She was going to sneak into the area when Seiya said, “You’re not supposed to go in there,” startling Usagi. Seiya looked at Usagi and realized that she was the same girl from the airport.

“You don’t remember me?” Seiya said.
“Have we met somewhere?” Usagi asked.
“You don’t know you I am?”
“Oh…maybe I’m not as famous as I thought.” Seiya said and said good-bye to Usagi.

With Seiya gone, Usagi continued to sneak around the trucks when Sailor Iron Mouse attacked one of the actresses, Arisu. “Give me your star seed!” Sailor Iron Mouse said. She shot two sparks of energy at Arisu and when they hit her, her star seed came out of her forehead. Usagi quickly transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon.

Eternal Sailor Moon announced herself, “I am bishojo senshi, Sailor Moon!”
Much to Eternal Sailor Moon’s surprise, Sailor Iron Mouse said, “I am also a Sailor Senshi, Sailor Iron Mouse.”
“Sailor Senshi?! Sailor Iron Mouse?!”

Then, Arisu’s star seed became black and she transformed into a farce (another word for monster, of course!). Since her star seed turned black, Arisu’s star seed was not a true star seed because those star seeds shine forever. So Sailor Iron Mouse’s job was done and she quickly left the farce for Eternal Sailor Moon to deal with. The farce began to attack Eternal Sailor Moon and Luna told her to fight back but Eternal Sailor Moon said that she couldn’t because she knew that farce was really Arisu. Then, the Sailor Starlights arrived. Sailor Starfighter, Sailor Starmaker, and Sailor Starhealer began to attack the farce with their powerful attacks.

The farce was injured badly and the Sailor Starlights were about to attack it again when Eternal Sailor Moon jumped in front of the farce shielding it. Eternal Sailor Moon told them that this farce was Arisu and that if they hurt it, they will hurt Arisu as well. “There is no other way,” Sailor Starfighter said painfully. “Only she [Princess Kakyuu] can save them. We have to kill it!” Eternal Sailor Moon refused to believe them and used the Eternal Tiel’s “Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss” attack to return Arisu back to normal. When she was done, the Sailor Starlights were gone but secretly, they watched Eternal Sailor Moon with astonishment.

A little later, the other girls found Usagi sitting with Luna and asked her where she had been all day. Usagi was very confused. “The enemy is a Sailor Senshi but those who helped me are also Sailor Senshi,” she thought in much confusion. She couldn’t explain what had happened to the other girls because she didn’t even understand herself!

The next week, the Three Lights enrolled into Usagi, Minako, Makoto, and Ami’s high school and were in their class. Seiya constantly teased Usagi about her “odango” (meatball) hair-style and Usagi always got angry at him. She still didn’t know that Seiya was part of the famous Three Lights and they finally told her but Usagi didn’t seem to act any differently. The girls were shocked by her coldness toward him since they all wanted to be around him. (Imagine your friend being mean to Lance from N’Sync when you are an oogling fan.)

After school when Sailor Iron Mouse attacked a football player, the Inner Senshi met the Sailor Starlights for the first time. The Sailor Starlights mocked the Inner Senshi saying that even with five of them, their powers were so weak.

Over the next month, the Three Lights became friends with the girls. Seiya also developed a crush on Usagi and on day while they were walking home from school, he asked her if she had a boyfriend.
“Yes, overseas,” Usagi said.
“Then I have a chance,” Seiya said and rushed off.
Usagi looked like she didn’t understand.

Usagi wrote Mamoru a letter every day since he left. One day while she was writing him in the library, Haruka and Michiru ran into her. They teased her about writing love letters to Mamoru and asked how Mamoru was doing in America. Usagi quickly made up an excuse and left. “How can I tell them that I haven’t heard from him?” she thought sadly. Haruka and Michiru were startled by Usagi’s abrupt departure and sensed that she was hiding something.

The Starlights and the Inner Senshi began to work together and save each other in battles as Sailor Iron Mouse continued to look for true star seeds. Galaxia was beginning to grow tired of waiting for Sailor Iron Mouse. In mid-July 1996, the Three Lights were having a huge concert in which the girls wanted to attend. They had no luck with trying to win tickets over the phone and were disappointed that they wouldn’t be able to go. Later, Michiru gave them tickets.

It turned out that the concert was a joint concert with Michiru. The day of the concert, all the girls made it, except for Usagi, who got lost on the way there. While on stage, Michiru felt that the Three Lights were sending a message through their songs. Seiya also felt something from Michiru, planetery power. They wondered who the other was really.

When the concert was over, Usagi finally arrived at the stadium. She started to cry when she realized the concert was already over. Haruka tried to comfort her and said they would go to Michiru’s dressing room together. When they arrived at Michiru’s dressing room and opened the door, they were surprised to find Seiya there with Michiru in her dressing room.

“Seiya?” Usagi said. “What are you doing here?”
“Odango?” Seiya said. “Why are you with such a nice guy?”
Usagi got angry and said, “Haruka is…”
“My special friend,” Michiru cut her off.
Seiya introduced himself to Haruka, who was not at all happy by Seiya’s presence in Michiru’s dressing room. They shook hands and Haruka said coldly, “Get out.”
Seiya left the room.

“Don’t let people into your dressing room,” Haruka told Michiru.
“Are you jealous?” Michiru said.
Usagi apologized to Haruka for Seiya’s behavior, “Haruka, he might seem a little rude but he’s a nice person. Please forgive him.” Usagi left and closed the door behind her.
“Sorry for the way I acted,” Haruka said to Michiru.

Not long after, Sailor Iron Mouse attacked the concert conductor. Eternal Sailor Moon and the Sailor Starlights fought together to save him and they were about to officially form an alliance when Sailor Uranus and Neptune stopped them. Sailor Uranus and Neptune told the Sailor Starlights to stay away from Eternal Sailor Moon. The Sailor Starlights got angry and left.

“Why can’t we fight together with them?” Eternal Sailor Moon asked.
“They are invaders from outside the solar system,” Sailor Uranus said.
“Please understand,” Sailor Neptune said. “Our duty is to protect you from invaders.”

It was now mid-July 1996. Galaxia was fed up with waiting for Sailor Iron Mouse to find true star seeds and was trying to get a hold of Sailor Iron Mouse but Sailor Iron Mouse kept avoiding Galaxia.

The Three Lights had the day off so Seiya took Usagi to a disco, one of the Three Lights’ favorite hangouts. Sailor Iron Mouse also showed up, targeting Seiya. Usagi ran off to transform. Sailor Iron Mouse shot two sparks of energy at Seiya but before the sparks hit him, he jumped out of the way and transformed into Sailor Starfighter. Sailor Iron Mouse was shocked by this and realized that the other Three Lights must be Sailor Starlights as well. Eternal Sailor Moon arrived and demanded to know what happened to Seiya. Sailor Starfighter told her that he was all right.

Sailor Iron Mouse began to laugh, seeing that Eternal Sailor Moon didn’t know the Sailor Starlights’ true identities. “Oh, you don’t know anything!” Sailor Iron Mouse said. “I know it. Do you want to know Seiya’s identity?” Sailor Starfighter blasted her. Sailor Iron Mouse got into her phone booth to escape when the phone booth’s telephone began to ring. Sailor Iron Mouse answered picked it up with fear because she knew it was Galaxia.

“I’m very disappointed in you, Sailor Iron Mouse,” Galaxia said over the phone. “I have no use for you any more.” Galaxia appeared before them. Sailor Iron Mouse begged for her life but with a wave of Galaxia’s hand, Sailor Iron Mouse’s bracelets came off and Sailor Iron Mouse disappeared screaming. Galaxia turned to Eternal Sailor Moon and the Sailor Starlights, “The galaxy belongs to me, Sailor Galaxia. If you don’t want to be like this, don’t disobey me.” She disappeared.

“Galaxia,” Sailor Starhealer said.
“The real enemy that destroyed our planet,” Sailor Starhealer said.
“You have to be careful too,” Sailor Starfighter said.
“We’re going to fight together right? If we fight together, we can defeat anybody,” Eternal Sailor Moon said.
“Don’t act so spoiled,” Sailor Starfighter said.
“We didn’t come to protect the earth,” said Sailor Starmaker.
“You have to protect your own planet by yourself,” Sailor Starhealer added and the Sailor Starlights left.

Two weeks later, Galaxia’s Anima-mates informed her that she had control over 80% of the galaxy and the only planets left were the ones in this solar system. Galaxia ordered Sailor Aluminum Siren to collect the rest of the true star seeds and said that she wouldn’t tolerate failure like Sailor Iron Mouse’s failures. Sailor Aluminum Siren cleaned out Sailor Iron Mouse’s desk. Sailor Aluminum Siren liked to eat and wasn’t very smart.

Sailor Lead Crow was Sailor Aluminum Siren’s rival for top Anima-mate but Sailor Aluminum Siren was losing her touch and now Sailor Lead Crow was worried about her. If her rival is a failure, then Sailor Lead Crow would not have a rival anymore. She didn’t want Sailor Aluminum Siren to be erased like Sailor Iron Mouse. Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Aluminum Siren always fought together when attacking people on Earth.

Meanwhile at the park, Chibi Chibi mysteriously floated down from the sky with an umbrella.

At the Crown Parlor, the girls were discussing Galaxia and the Sailor Starlights. Usagi told them that Galaxia came from outside their solar system and the other girls wondered if the Sailor Starlights were enemies as well. Usagi insisted the Sailor Starlights couldn’t be enemies since they helped her so many times. Setsuna joined them and said, “We shouldn’t trust others so quickly. There is a strange evil energy all over the galaxy…an energy that takes away the glitter of the stars. We have to be very careful.”

Usagi and Luna left and was walking through the park when Chibi Chibi appeared in front of Usagi. Suddenly, a strong wind blew away Chibi Chibi’s umbrella but Usagi caught it and gave it back to her. “She’s so cute,” Usagi said as Luna and Usagi kept walking home. They walked a ways before Luna turned around and realized that Chibi Chibi was following them.

“What’s your name?” Usagi asked Chibi Chibi.
“Chibi? Chibi?” Chibi Chibi said.
“Are you lost?”
“Who is your mother?”
Usagi didn’t know what to do and she looked around. When she looked back, Chibi Chibi was gone.

Usagi and Luna continued home and when Usagi opened the door, she found Chibi Chibi in her house. Usagi’s mother said, “Usagi! You should be ashamed for going out without your little sister, Chibi Chibi.” Apparently, Chibi Chibi brainwashed Usagi’s family into believing she was a relative, much like Chibi-Usa did. A little later on, Usagi’s mother and Chibi Chibi went shopping. Usagi and the other girls watched them through the store window.

“She is so cute!” Minako said.
“I wonder if Chibi Chibi is Chibi-Usa’s younger sister,” Ami said. “She looks a lot like you, Usagi.”
“Then, Usagi and Mamoru have a second child?” Rei said.
“No, that’s not possible,” Setsuna said. “The Queen has only one child and that is Small Lady. You should all be careful of her.”

Chibi Chibi did not seem very dangerous to any of them. From then on, Chibi Chibi went with Usagi almost everywhere and she even slept in Usagi’s bed at times.

Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Lead Crow continued to attack people, looking for true star seed. The Three Lights also continued to sing in hopes that their Princess would hear their message and they could finally be reunited.

In mid-September 1996, despite Usagi’s protests, Seiya enrolled the two of them into the softball tournament of the school sports festival. Usagi told him that she was very bad at sports and Seiya promised to teach Usagi how to play. After school one day, Usagi and Seiya were getting ready to practice on the field. The girls, Yaten, and Taiki watched.

“Why is Seiya practicing so hard?” Rei asked.
“Seiya hates to lose,” Yaten replied.
“There is no way they can win,” the girls said.
Yaten didn’t understand.
“Just watch and you’ll see.”

Seiya hit some balls to Usagi to practice her catching nut Usagi didn’t come close to catching any of them. Eventually, one ball hit Usagi in the face. Ijuuin Sonoko, the captain of the softball team, laughed. She was also the head of the Three Lights fan club.

“I can’t allow you to stay so close to Seiya,” Sonoko said to Usagi.
“I have a boyfriend that is much better than Seiya!” Usagi said.
“Thanks,” Seiya said sarcastically.
“Much better?” Sonoko was getting angry.
Minako and Rei tackled Usagi and tried to make her stop talking. “Don’t get Sonoko and the fan club mad!”
“Seiya, I challenge you to a match,” Sonoko said. “If I win, you can never see Usagi again. If you win, I will let you go out with Usagi.” Sonoko and the fan club left.
“We’re not going out!” Usagi shouted after them.

Usagi and Seiya kept practiced until late that night. After they were done, they joined Chibi Chibi on a bench and looked up at the stars.

“Every living thing on this planet has a glittering star inside their bodies,” Seiya said.
“A glittering star?” Usagi asked.
“Everyone has it. The stronger the star is, the brighter it shines. Your star is glittering exceptionally bright.”
“Is this how you always pick up girls?” Usagi laughed softly with embarrassment.
“I’m serious.”

“Is this how you seriously try to pick up girls?”
“Listen! I like the glitter that you have. I don’t want to lose this game.”
“But she’s the ace and number four batter. Even I know how great that is.”
“Don’t give up. I won’t give up easily.”

The next day, Sonoko’s class and Usagi and Seiya’s class made it to the finals of the softball tournament. Though Usagi kept making errors, both teams remained scoreless to the seventh inning when it started to rain. The game was postponed until the rain stopped. Chibi Chibi needed to go to the bathroom so Usagi took her and waited for her outside. Sonoko approached her.

“In the final inning, I’ll bat again,” Sonoko said coldly. “I’ve read Seiya pitches. I’ll hit the ball at you.”
“I don’t think I can catch it,” Usagi said. “Even though Seiya helped me a lot, I’m still no good. I think you think of Seiya much more than I do…but I don’t want to lose. For Seiya, who helped me, and also for myself.”
This made Sonoko soften up and she smiled, “Let’s try our best.”
Usagi nodded and Sonoko walked away.

Just as Chibi Chibi came out of the bathroom, they heard Sonoko scream as Sailor Lead Crow attacked her. Usagi told Chibi Chibi to stay put and ran to help Sonoko. Usagi grabbed her compact and started to transform. Sailor Aluminum Siren was walking down the hall and saw the light from Usagi’s transformation. “That glitter…can it be the real star seed?” Sailor Aluminum Siren said.

Eternal Sailor Moon arrived to see Sonoko transform into a farce. Sailor Lead Crow made her escape and left the farce for Eternal Sailor Moon to battle. As they fought, Eternal Sailor Moon dropped her Eternal Tiel and it rolled away. Just then, Sailor Aluminum Siren jumped out and said, “Someone such as you had the star seed. I’ll take your glittering star.” Sailor Aluminum Siren had Eternal Sailor Moon by the throat and Eternal Sailor Moon couldn’t reach the Eternal Tiel on the ground. Chibi Chibi ran to the Eternal Tiel and, when she touched it, a beam of light shot into sky.

Suddenly, Eternal Sailor Moon found herself in space. Sailor Chibi Chibi floated to her. The two touched hand to hand. “A new power. A gentle wave. Chibi Chibi, what are you?” Eternal Sailor Moon asked. Eternal Sailor Moon and Chibi Chibi reappeared in the school. Eternal Sailor Moon stretched her wand with the Holy Moon Chalice (aka Eternal Moon Article) into an extended Eternal Tiel and healed Sonoko with “Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss”. Once the Sailor Starlights also arrived, Sailor Aluminum Siren made her escape.

It finally stopped raining and everyone continued the game. Seiya scored with a homerun and when Sonoko was up to bat, Usagi caught the ball. Usagi’s class won 1-0. Sailor Aluminum Siren was certain that Usagi had a true star seed and, by the next week, she had a plan.

Meanwhile, the girls reluctantly told Usagi about a flight where the new Three Lights movie would be shown and the Three Lights would be on the flight too. They all had tickets for themselves but no extra and they knew Usagi would be upset, which she did. They got tickets through the fan club, which Usagi was not in. Usagi asked the Three Lights for a ticket but they didn’t have any either. After school, everyone met up to go to the event and Usagi sadly went home. When she got home, Chibi Chibi gave her a letter. Inside the envelope, there was a ticket for the Three Lights in-flight movie. Usagi was very happy and thought that it was from Seiya but then she read the letter:

To Sailor Moon,

I’ll be waiting with a special seat for you. I’m sure you’ll come.

Sailor Aluminum Siren

Usagi was shocked and worried about the others on the plane. She headed to the airport to warn them.

Meanwhile, everyone was already on the plane. All the fans, including the girls, were seated in the main cabin. The Three Lights were seated on the second level of the plane. The flight attendant announced that they were just waiting for one more passenger (Usagi). Usagi ran to the loading dock and told the flight attendent to cancel the flight but the flight attendent pulled Usagi on to the plane.

The girls couldn’t believe it when they saw Usagi on the plane and she was being escorted to the second level. Usagi was seated next to Seiya and she told him to cancel the flight. Seiya paid no attention to her warning and was much more interested in how she was able to get a ticket. Usagi couldn’t tell him about Sailor Aluminum Siren without revealing her identity as Eternal Sailor Moon. She knew this flight was some sort of trap but she couldn’t do anything about it.

Meanwhile, Sailor Aluminum Siren turned all the flight attendents into farce and was filling the main cabin with sleeping gas. Rei, Minako, Ami, and Makoto managed to escape the sleeping gas because they had gotten up while they were bored. Seatbelts trapped everyone in the seats and Sailor Aluminum Siren and three farce entered the second level cabin much to everyone’s shock. “In exchange for the lives of everyone and the Three Lights, give me your star seed, Tsukino Usagi…or Sailor Moon!” Sailor Aluminum Siren said. The girls arrived and fought with the farce.

“What should I do?” thought Usagi. “If I transform, the Three Lights will find out.”
“What should I do?” thought Seiya. “If I don’t transform, I can’t protect Usagi.”
“Don’t do it, Seiya,” Yaten warned.
Sailor Aluminum Siren prepared to blast Usagi with her bracelets when Seiya ripped himself out of his seat and shouted, “Fighter Star Power, Make-up!”, transforming into Sailor Starfighter.

Usagi, the other girls, and Sailor Aluminum Siren were shocked.
Taiki cursed, “We have no choice now. Maker Star Power, Make-up!”
“Healer Star Power, Make-up!” Yaten followed and the Starlights began to fight with Sailor Aluminum Siren.
“Go and escape!” Sailor Starhealer told the girls.
“No, we won’t!” Rei said. “Mars Crystal Power, Make-up!”
“Mercury Crystal Power, Make-up!”
“Jupiter Crystal Power, Make-up!”
“Venus Crystal Power, Make-up!”
“Moon Eternal, Make-up!”

Now, the Sailor Starlights were surprised. Eternal Sailor Moon healed all the flight attendants. Sailor Aluminum Siren quickly realized that she was overpowered with so many Sailor Senshi so she escaped.

After the plane landed, the Three Lights walked away without saying anything to Usagi and the other girls.

When Sailor Aluminum Siren returned to Galaxia without a true star seed, Galaxia became very angry.

“Why don’t you have a star seed?” Galaxia asked.
“There were too many Sailor Senshi to fight,” Sailor Aluminum Siren replied.
Sailor Lead Crow was shocked by Sailor Aluminum Siren’s answer and, fearing for Sailor Aluminum Siren’s life, said, “Apologize to Madam Galaxia!”

“It wasn’t my fault,” Sailor Aluminum Siren said.
Sailor Tin Nyanko came from the shadows and said, “Maybe Sailor Aluminum Siren is making it up.”
“No!” Sailor Aluminum Siren said. “I’ve seen the star seed! I know who has it.”
Galaxia didn’t listen. She removed Sailor Aluminum Siren’s bracelets and Sailor Aluminum Siren disappeared. She told Sailor Tin Nyanko and Sailor Lead Crow to find star seeds together.

The two Anima-mates went to Earth and Sailor Tin Nyanko began cleaning out Sailor Aluminum Siren’s desk. She saw a little stuffed cat and tossed it out. Sailor Lead Crow came in and demanded, “What are you doing?”
“Cleaning up,” Sailor Tin Nyanko said.

Sailor Lead Crow picked up the toy cat and clipped it on her shirt. She was obviously very sad to lose Sailor Aluminum Siren. “Sailor Aluminum Siren did her duty well, even though she was erased,” Sailor Lead Crow said sadly. She looked with Sailor Tin Nyanko with anger. “I’ll defeat you in the end.”

The next day, the Three Lights didn’t show up at school. After school, the girls went to Crown Parlor. “My heart is broken again,” Minako said sadly. “I can’t believe the Three Lights are female.”
Makoto said, “But they are male in their normal appearances.”
“It was a shock,” Usagi agreed. “We were good friends, but we didn’t know anything about each other.”
“We didn’t tell them anything about ourselves either,” Ami reminded her.

Usagi and Seiya were both sad that they had kept their identities from each other even though they were good friends. Usagi wanted to apologize but the Three Lights didn’t come to school anymore. After she made sure that Usagi didn’t have romantic feelings for Seiya, Rei helped Usagi out by giving her a ticket to a radio show that the Three Lights were going to make an appearance.

Usagi attended the radio show and Seiya apologized for keeping his identity a secret. After the show, Seiya and Usagi seemed to understand each other but Taiki and Yaten weren’t too happy about the whole thing. Then, the DJ was attacked by Sailor Lead Crow and Usagi rushed to help him as Eternal Sailor Moon. Seiya was about to go too when Yaten and Taiki stopped him.

Eternal Sailor Moon healed the DJ farce but Sailor Lead Crow was intensely attacked her now. Sailor Lead Crow blamed the Sailor Senshi for the death of Sailor Aluminum Siren. Without Sailor Lead Crow’s knowledge, Sailor Tin Nyanko followed her and was ready to fire a cannon at Eternal Sailor Moon. Sailor Tin Nyanko fired the cannon and, by the time, Eternal Sailor Moon realized what was happening, it was too late. Suddenly, Seiya jumped in front of Eternal Sailor Moon and was hit by the cannon.

He fell to the ground, bleeding from his head. Sailor Starhealer and Sailor Starmaker quickly attacked Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Tin Nyanko. Both Anima-mates escaped. Sailor Starmaker picked up Seiya and said, “You can defend your planet, but don’t get us mixed up in it.” Sailor Starhealer said, “Don’t come close to us.” They left with Seiya.

Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto set up a meeting with Sailor Starmaker and Sailor Starhealer. “Don’t see Usagi anymore,” Sailor Uranus demanded.
“We have to protect this planet from outside invaders,” Sailor Neptune said.
“She’s getting in our way,” Sailor Starmaker said.
“But we will use whatever means to fulfill our goal,” Sailor Starhealer said.

This made the Outer Senshi angry and they were about to fight the two Starlights when the injured Seiya struggled to them. “Stop it!” he said. “I won’t go see her any more!”
This satisfied both parties.

Usagi was very depressed because she didn’t know if Seiya was recovering from the injuries he got from saving her. The other girls tried to cheer her up but she was still sad. Minako was able to get the phone number to the place that the Three Lights were rehearsing so Usagi could try to call Seiya. When she called, Taiki answered the phone and he told Usagi that Seiya was doing fine, but Usagi wanted to apologize to Seiya in person. Taiki said that she wouldn’t be able to see Seiya and then Yaten took the phone. He told her coldly, “Seiya doesn’t want to see you!” and hung up.

Later, all the girls gathered at Rei’s temple. Usagi was still sad.
“You’ll be able to see Seiya again,” Minako said.
“Seiya promised us that he wouldn’t see you anymore,” Haruka said.
Usagi got upset and yelled, “Don’t do such unnecessary things!” Usagi quickly regretted her outburst and apologized.
“They are invaders from space,” Haruka reasoned.
“I know, but they are Sailor Senshi,” Usagi said.

“The enemy are Sailor Senshi too,” Setsuna reminded her.
“This is a battle between Sailor Senshi,” Michiru said. “You have to be careful.”
“We have to protect our planet by ourselves,” Haruka said. “We can only trust each other.”
“Please understand,” Setsuna said kindly.
Usagi still didn’t understand. “But Seiya is Seiya. If we talk, we can work this out.”

Usagi ran home and cried in bed with Luna beside her. The phone rang and Usagi picked it up. It was Seiya. He just said, “Tonight we have a live a Megalopolis (an amusement park). Listen to my song..” and hung up.

That night, Usagi went to Megalopolis but couldn’t get tickets to the show. So she got a large ferris wheel, where she could see the concert from. This time, the message in Seiya’s song was different because it was for Usagi. In his song, he told her, “All of this is Galaxia’s fault. She wants to destroy all of the stars by getting all of the star seeds. When she gets all of the star seeds, the galaxy will be hers. Our planet was destroyed by Galaxia but our final hope, our princess, escaped and came to Earth. We followed her here.”

Sailor Stars, Part III
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