Tokyo – Sailor Stars (Part 5)

Even Chaos was disgusted that Princess Serenity would not fight. “You don’t have the courage and pride of a Sailor Senshi,” she said.

“If the pride of a Sailor Senshi means hurting each other, I don’t want it,” Princess Serenity said. “Nothing will come out of fighting. Fighting isn’t the only way of solving things.”

Princess Serenity closed her eyes and powered up. Her dress faded away and she was completely nude with the wings still on her back. The Silver Crystal came out of her body and attacked to the middle of her chest.
“Have you give up?” Chaos asked.
“No,” Princess Serenity answered. “I love this world. There might be some sad things, but this is where I met my friends. I love this world. You should know too.”

“All of your friends disappeared,” Chaos said.
“No, they haven’t. The Sailor Starlights taught me that as long as I don’t give up, they are always by my side. When I give up, that is the time they will disappear. So, I’m not going to give up. I won’t give up!” The Silver Crystal shined brightly and Princess Serenity flew toward Chaos.
“With such a weak shine, you won’t be able to light up the galaxy!”
“I’ll light it up. I’ll save this world!”

Chaos blasted continual bolts at Princess Serenity. Though Princess Serenity was holding up against the bolts, she could not get any closer to Chaos. Suddenly, the Silver Crystal gave off a burst of white light.

“What’s this light?” Chaos asked with confusion.
“I believe in the piece of hope that is in your heart,” Princess Serenity told her. “I believe.”

Somewhere within the heart of Sailor Galaxia, Galaxia stood wearing a soft dress with her gold and red hair flowing in the wind. “This light,” Galaxia said.
“I love this world,” Princess Serenity’s voice told her. “I don’t want to lose it and everyone. Also, I don’t want to lose you.”
Chaos’ sword shattered.
“I love it too,” Galaxia said. “I love this world. I can see it Sailor Moon, your shine! The warm and gentle light.” Galaxia reached her hand up into the sky and from above, Princess Serenity clasped it.

Chaos left Sailor Galaxia’s body and Sailor Galaxia woke up in her real form with Princess Serenity was holding her hand. Sailor Galaxia and Princess Serenity foundt themselves floating nude in the sky.

“Thank you, Sailor Moon,” Sailor Galaxia said. “Your light lit up this galaxy. I wonder if Chaos disappeared.”
“I think it went back to the place it belongs,” Princess Serenity suggested.
“Where it belongs?”
“In the hearts of everyone.”
“Then the wars again…”
“Let’s believe in the people of this world. It’s all right. The Light of Hope is also in everyone’s hearts.”

“You’re very strong.” Galaxia smiled and then frowned with shame. “What I did can’t be reversed.”
“Let’s start over. It’s not too late now. Please lead the star seeds back to their homes, so they won’t go astray.”
“Thank you, Sailor Moon.” Galaxia flew away with all the star seeds of the galaxy following her so she could bring them back to their rightful planets and Sailor Senshi.

Princess Serenity found herself alone and she began to cry, missing her friends. “Everyone, I tried my best. But I’m so lonely by myself. I’m not that strong. I’m lonely.”
“You’re not alone,” the voice of Sailor Mars said.

Nine star seeds appeard in a circle around Princess Serenity and the star seeds turned into the nine Sailor Senshi.
“You’re not alone, Usagi,” Sailor Mars said.
“Everyone is here,” Sailor Mercury said.
“We believed in you,” Sailor Venus said.
“We knew that you could do something,” Sailor Jupiter said.
“This isn’t a dream,” Sailor Uranus said. “You saved the world!”
“With your trusting heart,” Sailor Neptune added.
“Thank you, Usagi,” Sailor Saturn said.
“You did very well,” Sailor Pluto said.
“Everyone!” Princess Serenity exclaimed. “I’m so happy!”

“Usako,” Mamoru’s voice said.
Two more star seeds appeared and they turned into Prince Endymion holding Sailor Chibi Chibi.
“This little one lead me to you,” Prince Endymion said.
“Mamo-chan,” Princess Serenity began to cry.
“You did well, Usako.” Prince Endymion held Princess Serenity as she cried. “It’s okay. Everything is over now.”

Sailor Chibi Chibi floated into the sky. “Thank you,” she said and vanished.
“Thank you, Chibi Chibi,” Princess Serenity whishpered.

From the ground, the Sailor Starlights watched the tearful reunion in the sky. “The Light of Hope is in everyone’s hearts,” Sailor Starfighter said. Princess Kakyuu’s star seed came down to them and it turned into Princess Kakyuu.

“Princess!” the Sailor Starlights cried with joy.
“It’s a mircle!” Sailor Starhealer said.
“I’m so happy,” Sailor Starfighter said.
“Welcome back,” said Sailor Starmaker.

That night, Usagi, Ami, Rei, Minako, Makoto, Mamoru, Luna, Artemis, Princess Kakyuu, Yaten, Taiki, and Seiya gathered on the roof of the school to say good-bye to their new friends.

“Do you have to leave?” Ami asked.
“Our friends from home are waiting for us,” Princess Kakyuu said.
“We’ll make a new planet with our princess,” Yaten said.

“Odango, it’s great that your boyfriend returned,” Seiya said.
“It’s because of you,” Usagi said. “Because of you I was able to do my best.”
“Odango, I won’t forget you.”
“Yes, we’re friends forever.”

Seiya was disappointed by Usagi’s less-than-romantic response. Everyone began to laugh, even Princess Kakyuu. Usagi didn’t understand what was going on. Rei and the other girls said Usagi was so clueless.

“Mamoru, you have to protect her now,” Seiya said.
“I know,” Mamoru said.
“Bye, Odango,” Seiya said.

The Three Lights transformed into the Sailor Starlights. Princess Kakyuu thanked everyone and the girls told Princess Kakyuu and Princess Kakyuu to come back soon. The four outsiders jumped into the sky and became shooting stars, streaking across the galaxy. “Thank you, Seiya,” Usagi thought to herself.

Near the ocean, Hotaru, Setsuna, Haruka, and Michiru were in Haruka’s car and watched the four shooting stars streak across the sky.

“They’re going home,” Michiru said.
“They aren’t shooting stars anymore,” Haruka said. “They will now be bright stars that shine properly in the night sky.”
“What did you two wish for?” Hotaru asked Michiru.
“There’s nothing I need to wish for,” Michiru said “We’re happiest now. Right, Haruka?”
Haruka nodded.

Later that night, Mamoru and Usagi were alone in the park.

Mamoru and Usagi were alone in a park by the water. “Mamo-chan, do you like me?”
“Yes,” Mamoru replied.
“How much?”
“Why? What happened?”
“How much?”
“When I’m with you, I’m filled with happiness.”

Usagi and Mamoru kissed against a big full moon.

“I’m Tsukino Usagi, 16-years-old, in my first year of high school. I’m a little clumsy and a little bit of a cry baby. But actually, I’m the fighter for love and justice, Sailor Moon.”

The End

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