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Sailor Moon Character Name Guide

Sailor Senshi Names Japanese Name English Name Senshi Identity Birthday Blood Type Usagi Tsukino Serena Sailor Moon June 30 O Ami Mizuno Ami Sailor Mercury September 10 A Rei Hino Rei Sailor Mars April 17 AB Makoto Kino Lita Sailor…

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Sailor Moon Manga Guide – Sailor Stars

Below is a detailed summary of the last Sailor Moon manga volumes 16-18 for the “Sailor Stars” storyline. The summary was completely written by me and should not be reproduced anywhere without my permission.Act 43 – Stars 1Act 44 –…

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Sailor Moon Japanese Song Lyrics

Since there are just SO many Japanese songs, I’ve only included the lyrics to the most popular ones. If you would like lyrics to a song that is not up here, please check out Ai No Senshi (Soldiers of…

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Sailor Moon English Song Lyrics

Sailor Moon: Songs From The Hit TV Series Sailor Moon Theme I Wanna Be a Star My Only Love Call My Name (And I’ll Be There) Oh Starry Night It’s a New Day Carry On Rainy Day Man Only a…

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Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto mythology switch?

Why are the themes of Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto switched from their mythological counterparts? Did Naoko Takeuchi make a mistake when naming Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto since Saturn is the god of time and Pluto is the god…

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Sailor Moon and Religion

What is Naoko Takeuchi’s religion? What are the religions of the Sailor Senshi? There is no solid answer to either of these questions. Naoko Takeuchi has never gone on record to state her religious beliefs nor the religious beliefs of…

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Are Sailor Uranus and Neptune lesbians?

Sailor Uranus and Neptune are in fact lovers in the original Japanese version of Sailor Moon and in the Sailor Moon manga, so yes, they are homosexual or gay. This is how their relationship is in the Japanese version of…

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How old are the characters in Sailor Moon?

It is very risky to specifically state the age for any of the Sailor Senshi on a profile page because they get older as the series progressed. It’s easier to state their birthdays and then calculate from there how old…

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