Sailor Moon Manga Guide – Sailor Stars

Below is a detailed summary of the last Sailor Moon manga volumes 16-18 for the “Sailor Stars” storyline. The summary was completely written by me and should not be reproduced anywhere without my permission.

Act 43 – Stars 1
Act 44 – Stars 2
Act 45 – Stars 3
Act 46 – Stars 4
Act 47 – Stars 5
Act 48 – Stars 6
Chibi-Usa’s Picture Diary: The Story of the Hammer Price Shrine
Act 49 – Stars 7
Act 50 – Stars 8
Act 51 – Stars 9
Act 52 – Stars 10

Act 43 — Stars 1

All of us have stars in our hearts…

Everyone is very happy because they are at peace again. Usagi, Ami, Makoto, Minako, Haruka, and Michiru all attend the same high school now. Ami is in the Computer Club. Makoto is in the Gardening and Cooking Clubs. Minako is in the Volleyball Club. Haruka is in the Track-and-field Club and Michiru is in the Swimming and Music Clubs. Setsuna is the nurse at Juuban Elementary School, where Chibi-usa and Hotaru go. The two of them are best friends.

Minako talks to the others about a new idol group. “They’re a big thing now. It’s a three-person group, the Three Lights! The girlish and cute Yaten Kou, the adult-like Taiki Kou, and the coolest guy, Seiya Kou.” Michiru sometimes performs with them and said that their next concert would be at the Fantastic Music Hall in Shibuya. Minako is eager to go. “We are at peace again! We have to enjoy high school life!”

“Right,” Setsuna looks up from her computer at Juuban Elementary School. “Even though that peace may be brief.”

Everyone is very excited about the new school year, except for Usagi. Usagi tells Minako that she can’t go to the CD store with her after school because Mamoru decided to go study aboard in America and he was leaving today.

Usagi and Mamoru are at the airport. Mamoru’s essay was chosen for studying in America at Harvard University for a year. Usagi cries. They promise to write and call each other a lot. He gives her a small present. It is a beautiful shining ring that has a heart in the middle and stones (diamonds? crystal?) around it. This is assumed to be an engagement ring. He places it on the ring finger of her left hand. She is very happy, he says, “I love you.”, and they kiss.

He then says, “Usa-ko, when I return…” All of a sudden, he jumps back, his body glows, and the Golden Crystal appears outside of his chest. It opens up, revealing a diamond-shaped crystal inside. His body starts to fade away and a woman in a metallic gold sailor fuka grabs the crystal. The woman then disappears.

Usagi faints and Seiya of the Three Lights catches her. “We’re too late,” he says to the other two Lights. The Three Lights with Usagi get into a cab. Usagi opens her eyes while in the cab and smells the fragrance of olives. She asks to get off the cab and walks away without saying anything else to the Three Lights.

The next morning, when Minako and Makoto ask how Mamoru’s sending-off went, Usagi’s eyes glaze over and she says, “He gave me this ring…got on the plane…and made it to America safely.”

Chibi-Usa is going back to the 30th Century on this day and is excited to tell her parents about her adventures from SuperS. She says her good-byes to everyone and says she’ll be back soon. She runs into the Cherry Way light with Diana on her head and they disappear. “Mamoru and Chibi-Usa are suddenly gone,” says Ami. “It’ll be so lonely.”

Usagi’s eyes glaze over again. “It’s not like that,” she says. “Chibi-Usa will be back soon. Mamo-chan said he would call and write. He said he would come back someday.”

Later that night, everyone is attending a concert with Michiru playing violin and Haruka playing piano. The Three Lights also come on stage to perform as suprise guests. Backstage after their performance togehter, Yaten and Taiki introduce themselves to Michiru, saying they are fans of her work. Seiya introduces himself to Haruka and tells him that he admires her work also. When Haruka shakes Seiya’s hand, she feels something. As they walk away, she says to Michiru, “Starlights. Those three…who are they?”

As the Three Lights go back on stage, a girl watches them and says, “I’ve found them. The ultimate star seeds. Carriers of the Sailor Crystals. I feel it. There are ten pieces here. Galaxia will be pleased!” She attacks the Three Lights on stage and calls herself Sailor Iron Mouse.

The audience evaculates and the Senshi transform. Sailor Iron Mouse attacks Sailor Uranus and Neptune with an attacked called “Galactica Crunch!” but the two dodge it. Sailor Uranus attacks with “Space Turbulence!” and Sailor Neptune attacks with “Submarine Violin Tide!” but Sailor Iron Mouse uses her bracelets to absorb both attacks.

Then, someone calls out “Star Sensitive Inferno!” and destorys Sailor Iron Mouse. Sailor Iron Mouse’s bracelets fall to the ground and disappear. The strange attack came from the stage, where three women stand in tight black leather shorts, bikini tops, and boots with gold star tiaras around their heads. One has black hair, one has white hair, and the last with brown hair. The three jump into the air and disappear. “Those three?!” all seven Senshi cry.

Act 44 — Stars 2

Usagi has a dream that Mamoru came back and when they hugged, his body melted in her hands. When she wakes up, she thinks about how lonely it is with Mamoru at Harvard and Chibi-usa in the 30th Century. She checks the mail but it is empty. As she walks to school, she remembers how Mamoru promised to write and call her and says to herself, “Mamo-chan, are you okay? How come you haven’t written or called? I’ll get mad.” The black-haired boy of the Three Lights watches her as she walks away.

At the park, a small girl floats down from the sky with an umbrella. She has red hair that is tied up into two heart-shaped odangos. She looks up at a playground that is in the shape of a pirate ship and climbs up it. At the top, the little girl finds a woman with long red hair wearing a long flowing dress with a crown and lying passed out.

All nine Sailor Senshi gather at the command center under the Crown Arcade, discussing the new enemies and the possibility that they could be from another star. They also take about the Three Lights. “I don’t know for what purpose they’ve become idols,” Haruka says. “I felt the power of stars in them. They are not of this solar system. Whether they’re enemies or allies, they saved us.” Usagi begins to worry about the appearance of enemies and that Chibi-Usa and Mamoru are not there. The others tell her not to worry and that they will take care of everything.

All the girls go to Usagi’s house, wearing the little girl from the park is eating. Usagi’s mom says she is Usagi’s little sister, Chibi Chibi. The girls wonder if Chibi Chibi might be Usagi’s second child or maybe Chibi-Usa’s daughter. When they ask Chibi Chibi questions, she only repeats the last couple of syllabals that was last said. Usagi wonders about the meaning of her appearance. “Just like when Chibi-usa came,” she said. “This could be telling of a crisis to come.” After everyone leaves and Usagi is about to go to bed, Chibi Chibi wanders into Usagi’s room and puts an insense burner on the floor. “Ah. The sweet scent of fragrant olives,” Usagi says. “This scent…somewhere before?” She falls asleep with Chibi Chibi on her bed.

The next morning, Usagi checks the mail again and this time there is an envelope from America. Inside is a postcard of a faint orange glow of a sunset. “That’s it?” Usagi cries. “There’s nothing written on the card! No letter, no message, nothing?! Oh, that Mamo-chan.” But she is happy.

When she gets to school, Minako eagerly tells her that the Three Lights have transferred to their school. The three boys stand in front of the class and introduced themselves. Taiki, the brown-haired one, like to recite poetry and use computers. Yaten, the white-haired one, like photography. Seiya, the black-haired one, is thinking about joining the football team. Seiya chooses to sit next to Usagi and they introduce themselves to each other. He keeps staring intently at her.

Makoto, Haruka, and Michiru wonder why the Three Lights decided to go to their school. “It couldn’t be to contact us?” Haruka wondered.

During a break, Usagi is up on the school roof writing a letter to Mamoru about how she liked the postcard but to write something about how studying is next time. The Three Lights walk up on to the roof as well and Yaten wants to quit going to school but Taiki likes it. Seiya isn’t listen but asks Usagi what she is doing. Yaten grabs her letter and read it out loud. Taiki asks about her ring and she tells him that Mamoru gave it to her. Seiya asks where he is now. Usagi’s eyes glaze over and she says, “Now Mamo-chan’s in America.” All of sudden, she gets a tremendous pain in her head and doubles over. Haruka runs to her and yells at the Three Lights to get away from her. The boys said they didn’t do anything but they leave. Haruka tells Usagi not to go near them again by herself. She says, “Did those three use some power on me? No, that’s not it. When I thought of Mamo-chan being in America, suddenly…”

Taiki’s test scores beat Ami’s for the highest. Haruka is jealous of the girls cheering on Seiya as he plays football. Yaten makes Michiru mad by insulting her lipstick color and the girls ask Yaten to teach them how to wear make-up. Haruka, Michiru, and Ami are all upset but Minako, Makoto, and Usagi are still crazy about the Three Lights. Minako got concert tickets to their next concert.

Minako, Makoto, and Usagi attend the Three Lights concert. They sing “Nagareboshi he”: “Your strong scent, I’m always searching for it. Can you hear my voice calling out? I love you so. Where are you now, my lovely princess? Answer me.” While Seiya sang, he stared into Usagi’s the entire time. Usagi stares at Seiya. “It’s like my eyes just met with his. Such a moving song,” she says. A woman with fish-like ears is in the audience and smiles an evil smile.

The next morning, she checks the mail and inside is another letter from America. It is another postcard. “A picture of a star this time,” she says. She compares the postcard with the sky at the rooftop of her school. “A faint orange star in the center,” she says. Seiya joins her and they talk about the song from the concert. Usagi tells him how much she likes the song and he starts singing it again. She wonders who he is singing it for. His voice is very powerful and many people can hear it. The woman with the fish-like ears chuckles. Usagi can see the star aura around Seiya. Taiki and Yaten burst on to the roof, saying that Seiya has revealed his power and that the enemy has found him.

Just then, the woman with the fish-like ears jumps on to the roof. “I’m Sailor Aluminum Siren!” she says and attacks them with “Galactica Tsunami!” The Three Lights jump in front of Usagi but Sailor Mercury and Jupiter jump in front of them to block the attack. Usagi transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon but Sailor Aluminum Siren’s hair is strangling Sailor Mercury and Jupiter. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Moon both try to attack her but it is too late. Sailor Aluminum Siren tears Sailor Mercury and Jupiter’s bodies apart, leaving only two lights that float into Sailor Aluminum Siren’s hands. “I got them!” she says. “The Sailor Crystals!”

The Three Lights then transform into the three women in leather outfits. They attack Sailor Aluminum Siren, killing her. The three new Senshi introduce themselves to the others. Seiya is Sailor Star Fighter. Taiki is Sailor Star Maker. Yaten is Sailor Star Healer. “We are the Sailor Starlights!”

Act 45 — Stars 3

Rei gasps. Her crows fly wildly into the air. Her necklace breaks and the pendant falls to the floor. Hotaru runs scared into Setsuna’s arms at the elemantary school. They all see a vision of Sailor Mercury and Jupiter’s bodies being torn apart and the two lights that were left.

Back on the roof, the Sailor Starlights tell the others that Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter’s bodies have been destroyed and their source of powers, their sailor crystals, have been stolen. Sailor Uranus does not trust them and thinks that Sailor Star Fighter is trying to get Sailor Moon. The Sailor Starlights tell them that the Senshi must fight Sailor Galaxia in the Shadow Galactica, where she lives. The Sailor Starlight run to the edge of the building and turn into three balls of light and disappear.

All nine girls gather together to discuss what happened and talk about the Sailor Starlights. Michiru says that the ones who attacked them also have Senshi names. “They said they were Sailor Senshi, carrying sailor crystals, and they wanted our sailor crystals.” The new enemy is a Sailor Senshi, Sailor Galaxia, of the Shadow Galactica. Luna and Artemis discuss how Shadow Galactica probably invaded through a meteor shower last month as shooting stars. Haruka says she will keep an eye out on the Three Lights. Setsuna says she will help Luna and Artemis look for the enemies’ invasion route and headquarters. They all leave but Rei and Minako. The two remaining girls make a secret plan to confront the Three Lights and find out if they are really Sailor Senshi. If they are the enemies, they plan to fight them and find the location of Shadow Galactica. Rei says, “Mercury and Jupiter can’t be dead! They’re together with the crystals in Shadow Galactica! We’ll recover the crystals and rescue them! And then, we’ll protect Usagi and this planet!”

Michiru is walking Usagi home. Usagi feels like “there’s a fog before my eyes”. She leaves Michiru to find Asanuma, a friend of Mamoru’s. He says that he hasn’t heard from Mamoru since he left over a month ago. She tells him that she has received postcards but nothing written on them, not even a sender’s name. Asanuma gets Mamoru’s apartment in America for Usagi from friends at the University. Michiru watches them from a distance. When Usagi gets home, she calls the number Asanuma got for her. “I know it won’t pick up,” Usagi thinks. “But I’m forgetting something important. I just can’t remember what.” Usagi’s eyes glaze over and she caught in a frighting daze. “I’m afraid if I go out for a walk, everything will disappear.” Chibi Chibi pulls on her skirt and jolts her back. Usagi’s eyes are teary. Chibi Chibi hugs her.

On the roof of the school, Usagi is thinking about the discomfort she has when she thinks about Mamoru, Mercury, and Jupiter. Usagi calls out as Seiya grabs Usagi from leaning over the roof railing. Michiru and Haruka come running up but are met by Yaten and Taiki who hold a postcard like the ones Usagi has been getting. The card begins to glow and shows all of them what really happened to Mamoru that day at the airport, how his body faded and the woman in the golden, metallic sailor fuka stole his crystal. Seiya wanted to make Usagi remember but she didn’t want to remember. Seiya pulls her close and kisses her forehead as she cried. “This is Sailor Galaxia,” Taiki says. Usagi breaks away from Seiya and runs past everyone down the stairs. The Three Lights disappear.

Usagi runs through the streets trying to get Seiya’s voice out of her head. “He looks like Mamo-chan,” she cries.

Yaten asks Seiya, “Why do you care about that girl?”
“Because,” says Seiya. “She reminds me of her…”

Usagi gets another postcard from America. This time it is a picture of a galaxy. “The galaxy,” Usagi thinks. “Shadow Galactica. The shadow of the galaxy.”

Sailor Galaxia stands in a large palace with a giant crystal being held up in the air behind her. A woman, who represents the Sailor Anima Mates, stands before her wearing a dark dress, her hair in a tall bun, and she holds a long staff. The woman apologizes to Sailor Galaxia for the failures of Iron Mouse and Aluminum Siren. Galaxia is pleased that Sailor Aluminum Siren got two of the sailor crystals. She says, “We must have the rest of the sailor crystals!” Sailor Lead Crow the third senshi of the Sailor Anima Mates, who has dark hair and large feathered wings, says, “I will drag Sailor Moon out to our beautiful stage!”

Minako and Rei are waiting for the Three Lights on the roof of the school, where they usually eat their lunch. Rei is kind of sad and thoughtful. She tells Minako that she drew the Death tarot card this morning so she knows that this will not be like any other battle before. Minako reminds her that they promised to save their friends and protect the ones important to them. After that, they will fulfill their “ultimate dream” and get boyfriends.

The Three Lights appear then and Yaten says that they are fooling themselves because there will always be that one person that they live for. Rei and Minako agree and think of Usagi. They begin their confrontation by demanding if the Three Lights are real Senshi. Rei and Minako transform to prove their Senshi forms. The Three Lights also transform into the Sailor Starlights. Mars feels the power of stars from the Starlights and she knows they are Senshi just like she is. Sailor Star Maker leaves Mars a tarot card of the Milky Way and the Starlights jump off the roof. Mars wonders if it is a sign that they are Senshi from another galaxy. Then, suddenly, she senses an evil spirit headed toward the Hikawa Shrine.

At the shrine, Rei’s grandpa is lying unconscious on the ground and the crows are wildly flocking around. Sailor Lead Crow yells at two ravens, Phobos and Deimos. The two ravens transform into black-haired fairies. Phobos and Deimos recognize Lead Crow. Phobos and Deimos were training Senshi on their planet Coronis. They were chosen to be partners of Sailor Mars. Their dreams were to be Sailor Senshi. Sailor Lead Crow says, “All living things in this galaxy carry a starseed. Those with sailor crystals, chosen starseeds, can take the name of a Sailor Senshi! I am a Sailor Senshi!” Phobos and Deimos argue that there was already a Sailor Senshi for their planet Coronis, Sailor Coronis. Sailor Lead Crow attacks them with “Galactica Tornado!” but they dodge the attack. Lead Crow tells them that Galaxia gave her the power of a sailor crystal and, in return for collecting the sailor crystals of this solar system, she will be resurrected as a real Sailor Senshi with her own planet. She says to Phobos and Deimos, “Our allies and Sailor Coronis are no more! Our mother planet is no more!” She kills the two, just as Sailor Mars and Venus arrive.

Sailor Lead Crow takes Phobos and Deimos’ sailor crystals and grabs Mars by the throat. Sailor Moon arrives and destroys Sailor Lead Crow with “Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!” Sailor Mars and Venus run to Sailor Moon happily but a bright flash comes between them. Galaxia appears through the light and tears Mars and Venus’ bodies apart, just as Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto arrive. (From far away, the Three Lights feel the destruction of the two Senshi.) Sailor Moon thinks about Mamoru, Ami, and Makoto. Her eyes glaze over and she passes out.

At the Crystal Palace in the 30th Century, Crystal Tokyo is celebrating Small Lady’s return but the sky has been stormy and unstable since she has been back. Small Lady over hears Sailor Pluto tell Neo-Queen Serenity that space and time is beginning to distort from disturbances that are occurring in the past. “If things continue like this,” Pluto warns. “History might change!” Small Lady wants to go back to the past but Neo-Queen Serenity forbids it. “Tomorrow, you will begin your education at the remote palace on the moon,” she says.

At Usagi’s house, Usagi is lying in bed. Chibi Chibi with wings on her back is kneeling next to it praying. The Three Lights come to visit Usagi. When they come into Usagi’s room, Seiya faintly sees Chibi Chibi’s wings disappear. Usagi talks to Seiya about how she didn’t want to believe that Mamoru was destroyed right before her eyes. Taiki tells her that Galaxia is a Sailor Senshi who is attacking all Sailor Senshi in the galaxy. Usagi asks what happened to Venus and the others and Yaten says they are dead as humans but “all that is Sailor Senshi is inside of the sailor crystals and sailor crystals won’t disappear.” As the Three Lights leave, Seiya notices the incense burner on Usagi’s dresser. He tosses Usagi a card and says, “Galaxia is in there.” They leave. Usagi looks at the card. It is another postcard, this time of the center of the galaxy. She holds all the postcards she has gotten and says, “The cards I’ve been getting…they weren’t from Mamo-chan. They were Seiya?”

Outside of Usagi’s house, Seiya tells Yaten and Taiki, “There was a faint remnant of fragrant olive scent and that incense burner…I’m certain.”

At school, there is a new transfer student in Usagi’s class. Her name is Nyanko Suzu and she has black hair with two “odangos” in the shape of cat ears. She says “mew” in her sentences, wears a bell around her neck, and licks her lips a lot. She talks to Usagi in class because she likes Usagi’s hair. She doesn’t like boys and she tells Usagi, regarding the Three Lights, “Those who wear boys clothes depite being girls. You shouldn’t trust what they say, mew.” The Three Lights suspect her to be an enemy because she smells like an alien.

Sailor Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto decide to go to their castles on their respective planets to put up a shield inside the solar system against the invaders. When Pluto gets to Charon Castle on the planet Pluto, Sailor Uranus calls her to tell her they are ready to put up the shield. Sailor Pluto talks to Guardian Pluto, which is a small version of Sailor Pluto in a ball of light. Sailor Pluto collects some data on the recent meteor showers and discovers that “stars from far beyond our solar system are invading Earth posing as meteor showers.” The Senshi of the Shadow Galactica are from the Milky Way. Suddenly, Galaxia appears behind Sailor Pluto. Sailor Uranus watches as Sailor Pluto and Guardian Pluto disappear.

Chibi-Chibi, Hotaru, and Luna are playing in the sand. Hotaru gets up and vanishes. “Hotaru?!” says Luna. “Has something happened to Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto?!”

Artemis and Luna rush to Usagi’s school, where Nyanko is with Usagi. The two cats can feel someone with their powers. They call out to Nyanko, “Show your true form, you fake cat!” Nyanko is shocked.

At Usagi’s house, the Three Lights appear to Chibi Chibi, demanding the incense burner from her. She cries, “No! No! No!” very angrily and tries to protect it. Mist seeps out of the burner and becomes the woman that Chibi Chibi found in the park. “It’s all right, Chibi Chibi,” the woman says. “These people are my special friends.” The Three Lights gasp, “Princess!”

Act 46 — Stars 4

The Three Lights are full of joy and surprise. “We’ve been searching for you this whole time, Princess.” The Princess tells the Three Lights that she heard their singing voices but her body was still recovering. Chibi Chibi had protected and encouraged the Princess and told her about the Three Lights and Sailor Moon. The Princess said she felt the power of a star in Chibi Chibi and asked her if she was a Sailor Senshi too. Chibi Chibi smiled and shouted, “Chibi Chibi Crystal Power Make-up!” She transformed into a small Sailor Senshi.

Back at the school rooptop, Nyanko uses Galaxia’s bracelets to force Luna and Artemis into their human forms. Usagi transform into Eternal Sailor Moon. Nyanko tries to attack Luna and Artemis with “Galactica Puppet!” but Usagi jumps in front of them to take the blast. Nyanko says she is Sailor Tin Nyanko. Luna and Artemis realizes that Tin Nyanko is from their mother star, the planet Mau. Luna says, “Using the sacred name of a Sailor Senshi, you are nothing but a flawed imitation of our planet’s single hero, Sailor Mau!” Luna and Artemis have a Sailor Tin Nyanko says that Sailor Mau and the planet Mau were destroyed and “has been made a planet of death by the Shadow Galactica.” Sailor Tin Nyanko says that if she wins, Galaxia will give her a perfect body, a sailor crystal, and a planet of her own to become a true Sailor Senshi. Sailor Tin Nyanko tries to attack Luna and Artemis again but Diana materializes in human form and jumps between them. She gets hit by Tin Nyanko’s attack, screams, and is transformed back into a cat.

In the 30th Century, Chibi-Usa gasps and runs to her room, yelling Diana’s name. “Diana, where are you?!”

Back at the school, Diana can’t speak any more because of the attack. She can only mew like a normal cat. Luna and Artemis also get hit by Sailor Tin Nyanko’s attack from her bracelets. They also can only mew now. Sailor Moon grabs the three cats. Sailor Star Fighter appears and tries to attack Sailor Tin Nyanko with “Star Serious Laser!” but Tin Nyanko disappears before the attack hits her. The Sailor Starlights and Sailor Chibi Chibi are there. Sailor Star Maker takes the three cats from Sailor Moon. “They’re still breathing. Let’s go to our house,” she says.

They go to Three Lights’s large downtown condo, where their Princess is waiting. “I am Fireball,” she says, kneeling before Usagi. “I am the first order imperial Princess Fireball of the Red Cercis Kingdom of the planet Kinmoku.” (Fireball is Kakyuu in Japanese and kinmoku is a pun the normally means fragrant olive.) She says the Sailor Starlights are the guardian Senshi of Kinmoku. Usagi asked Princess Fireball how she knows her. Princess Fireball says that when Usagi married Mamoru and showed to be this planet’s next king and queen, the power of this planet’s light “crossed time and space and spread throughout the entire galaxy. I have wanted to meet you for so very long.” Princess Fireball takes the three cats for treatment and says that they have star seeds with the power and brillance of sailor crystals. Seiya tells the Princess that Sailor Tin Nyanko escaped before they could destroy her. The Princess asks Usagi to save the galaxy for Galaxia, who is building an empire called the Shadow Galactica. She attacks all the planets in the galaxy with Sailor Senshi and steals the Senshi’s sailor crystals. She then destroys the people and cities, and ultimately leaves the planet in ruins. She forces young girls with power and ambition to work for her. “They are innocent ones,” Princess Fireball says. “Only rules and used by Galaxia’s bracelets. They been crushed by the power of Galaxia’s bracelets and are without life.” Sailor Galaxia is the Senshi of destruction, destorying planets and taking the lives of Sailor Senshi. Princess Fireball’s beloved was also destroyed by Galaxia in front of her. Princess Fireball believes that Usagi is Galaxia’s final target because she has the most powerful of all sailor crystals, the Silver Moon Crystal. Usagi thinks, “Everything was my fault. Everyone was drawn here for the power I carry.” Usagi decides that she must go to Galaxia to get everyone’s sailor crystals back. Princess Fireball says Galaxia is at the center of the galaxy and she will lead their way.

Later that night still at the condo, Taiki tells Usagi that, even though there are many star systems, this solar system is special because it completed its growth with such balance. Yaten says that all planets and all things grow from star seeds. All people have star seeds but sailor crystals are special star seeds that spread out to chosen planets. They grow with the planet and eventually become Guardian Senshi that defend the planets. Iron Mouse was from the planet Chuu, which was defended by Sailor Chuu. Aluminum Siren’s planet was planet Mermaid, defended by Sailor Mermaid. Lead Crow, Phobos, and Deimos were from the planet Coronis, who had Sailor Coronis. Tin Nyanko, Luna, and Artemis were from planet Mau, which was defended by Sailor Mau. Usagi understands and she thinks of the other Senshi. She thinks about how she and Mamoru are the defenders of Earth and she starts to cry. Seiya gets up from playing piano to hold her. Yaten and Taiki leave the room with Chibi Chibi.

Usagi tells Seiya that she won’t cry anymore because the battle with Galaxia is coming. “Even now you are burdened with heavy wings,” Seiya says. He kisses her hand and promises to protect her. Usagi remembers when Yaten said that sailor crystals never disappear. She says to Seiya that she wishes their bodies lasted forever too. Seiya kisses her lightly on the lips. “I hope that we are born again,” he says and gets up. He offers to walk Usagi and Chibi Chibi home but she politely declines. As the two leave, he thinks to himself, “We are from different stations of the universe. It might be unrequitted love, Seiya.” Taiki and Yaten silently watch over Princess Fireball as she sleeps.

As they pass a park on the way home, Chibi Chibi runs to the swings and starts to swing. Usagi tells Chibi Chibi how she is “dear, lovable, seems to understand, and puts her at ease” even though she never says anything. Usagi asks, “Who are you?” Chibi Chibi answers, “I’m me.” Usagi makes a face and tells Chibi Chibi to stop dodging the question. Chibi Chibi playfully grabs the three cats and runs away from Usagi. Usagi starts to chase after her when a sailor crystal drops in front of her. Usagi picks it up and hands it to a woman with long flowing hair wearing a light gown. “Thank you,” the woman says. “You always have so many friends. I wonder if that special sailor crystal draws them to you.” The woman creates a big burst of light that amazes Usagi. She then spreads out her arms and creates a strong, violent storm. As the power spreads throughout the city, Usagi then realizes the woman is Sailor Galaxia.

Act 47 — Stars 5

Usagi holds on to Chibi Chibi as the storm rips apart the city and buildings start to crumble. She begins to float in the sky with Galaxia, still in the gown with her hair flowing. Usagi remembers when Luna told her the Outer Senshi went to investigate invaders from their castles. She calls on Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto for power but she sees a vision of their bodies being ripped apart. Galaxia laughs. Usagi raises the Holy Chalice in front of her, determined to defend the planet and bring everyone back. “Whenever we become one, we continue the fight through the future,” she says. The Holy Chalice melts before her and Usagi’s eyes glaze over as if she fainted inside. “Is the future that you know really the future?” Galaxia asks her and pushes her forehead with her finger. Usagi faints and begins to fall from the sky. Chibi Chibi glares angrily at Galaxia and wings appear on her back. She holds up Usagi and makes the Holy Chalice reappear. A light bursts from the Holy Chalice. Galaxia gasps and disappears. After the sky calms, the Three Lights find Chibi Chibi holding the three cats and sitting next to an unconscious Usagi who is lying on the ground. Chibi Chibi tells them happily, “It’s all right. The enemy attacked and then disappeared.” The city had returned back to normal with all the damage to the buildings repaired. The Three Lights believed that Usagi “held her own fighting against Galaxia” and re-created the city without transforming.

Galaxia has a flashback of when she was looking for “the place where stars are born”. She says, “Trash will be trash until death. Wherever I go, only stars of trash. This wasn’t my planet either.” She is looking for her planet where she can obtain greater power. “The bright star that will give me more power, suitable for me.” On that day, she met a clocked figure in black who held a glowing ball before her. She is Chaos. Chaos tells her that stars are born at the center of the galaxy, Zero Star of Sagittarius. “Where is the true star you desire?” Chaos asks Sailor Galaxia. “Tell me and it will be yours.”

Galaxia wakes from her flashback. She is wearing the long gown with her hair down. “A dream,” she things. “Let loose from long ago, of wandering in search of home.” She stand under the large crystal held in the air. “Soon, Sailor Moon will come her and I can call upon Chaos for her to come here. Come quickly, Sailor Moon, so you can know the truth. That tiny planet is not suitble for our battle. Come quickly, so you and I can release our true power!”

The Anima Mates leader kneels before her again and says, “Galaxia, my Tin Nyanko has…” Sailor Tin Nyanko kneels before Galaxia too and begs for another chance. Galaxia says, “You shamelessly come back here after disgracing yourself?! Trash cannot be made into a star!” The bracelets from Tin Nyanko’s wrists unclasp and her body turns into dust.

While unconscious, Usagi has a dream that Galaxia pulls her into the Galaxy Cauldron of Zero Star of Sagittarius. When she wakes up, Chibi Chibi is holding her hand. The Three Lights and Princess Fireball are around her. Usagi realizes that Chibi Chibi saved her. “I always felt the strength of your hand pulling mine. Thank you, Chibi Chibi,” she says. She again wonders who Chibi Chibi is but doesn’t ask. Seiya tells Usagi that he’s glad she is okay. Usagi thinks, “Every time, my friend devote their lives to protecting me because I’m the Senshi wth the Silver Moon Crystal.” She says out loud, “Now, it’s all up to me. I want to devote my life to restoring all my friends.” She tells the Three Lights that their bodies are a big part of themselves that they depend on. Their powers are amplified by their bodies. “Being with everyone and using these strong powers…that is a Sailor Senshi,” she says. Usagi then remembers Galaxia saying, “Will the future you know really the future?” Usagi thinks to herself, “Our future will come! I believe! I will use all the power I can and rescue everyone! I’ll bring back peace and put everything back to normal! Sailor Galaxia, why have you started this fight?! I must go right away to the place where Sailor Galaxia stands!”

The next morning at Usagi’s house, Usagi’s mom is shocked that Usagi is up so early (7:05). Usagi holds Luna, Artemis, and Diana and asks her mom if they can keep the two extra cats, Artemis and Diana, Luna’s husband and child. Princess Fireball told her that the crescent moons on their foreheads were damaged more than she thought. The moons weren’t healing at all and so they still cannot talk. She wanted to leave them home so she can leave without worrying about them. She introduces Artemis and Diana to her mom and says, “Something happened. It’ll just be for a little while…” Her mom, seeming to sense something wrong, quietly agrees and Usagi hands the three cats to her. Usagi asks her to give them lots of food and runs out the door with her bookbag, smiling and waving good-bye. Usagi’s dad sees her mom staring after her. “Honey?” he asks. “Strange,” she says with tears in her eyes. “I don’t think Usagi will be coming home…” The three cats quietly meow with worry in their eyes, also staring after Usagi.

Princess Fireball, the Sailor Starlights, Sailor Chibi Chibi, and Sailor Moon are in the park talking about Sailor Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto being at their castles on their home planets. “Hotaru too. She went after them,” Chibi Chibi says. “Oh, Chibi-Coro, you’re talking normally,” says Yaten. “I’m Chibi Chibi!” Chibi Chibi flails her arms angrily at Yaten. Usagi says that she hasn’t heard anything from them in a long time and she is worried something happened. Princess Fireball says they can easily go to planets Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. Wings form on all of their backs. “Your hand,” Seiya says to Usagi. Usagi blushes and tells says, “That’s okay. I don’t want to be a burden. I’ll manage.” Seiya replies, “You’re a princess. You should be protected.” The six of them leap into the air and fly to the castles.

They reach Miranda Castle on the planet Uranus first. Sailor Moon calls out for Sailor Uranus and Guardian Uranus but no one is there. The communication screen is filled with static and there is a pile of dust on the floor. Next, they go to Triton Castle on the planet Neptune. Just like Uranus’ castle, the communication screen is filled with static and there is a pile of dust on the floor. Lastly, they go to Charon Castle on the planet Pluto. When Sailor Moon calls out for Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn, there is a burst of light. From a visual playback recorder system, they see what happened earlier. Sailor Galaxia points at Sailor Pluto and Hotaru is running to help Pluto. There is a burst of light and Sailor Pluto and Hotaru’s bodies are torn apart. The visual shuts off. Sailor Moon begins to cry and touch the pile of ashes on the floor. She tells Princess Fireball to take her to the Zero Star of Sagittarius. Princess Fireball asks how she knows about the Zero Star of Sagittarius. “Galaxia told me. Galaxia, I’m going to you!” Usagi yells out.

“Come quickly, Sailor Moon,” Galaxia says. “I’ll knock down more and more. Then, with your one last remaining piece, I will show you the truth!”

Act 48 — Stars 6

Two girls, wearing Galaxia’s bracelets, with four braids each hold each other. One wears a dark dress and looks a little mean. The other wears a light dress and looks scared. Their names are Lethe and Mnemosyne. Mnemosyne is scared because she sees the light of the six Senshi coming toward them and this means the war is beginning. Lethe tells her that it will be okay and the she will protect her. “For our peaceful and happy future, we won’t take one step away from here.”

Sailor Moon, the Sailor Starlights, Sailor Chibi Chibi, and Princess Fireball float in space, looking at a giant cluster of stars. Princess Fireball says that is the center of the galaxy, Alpha Star of Sagittarius, and the center of Alpha Star is Zero Star of Sagittarius, the place where stars are born. All the stars scattered across the galaxy and all starseeds are born from the Zero Star of Sagittarius. Since the Shadow Galactica is there, Galaxia could rule the destiny of the galaxy’s stars. Then, a flash of light blinds them and a giant doorway appears before them, the gate to Zero Star.

They pass through the doors and find themselves in an endless desert. A figure in a dark cloak stands on a small boat with an oar. She says, “I am Lethe, the ferryman of this desert river. Please come aboard, foreigners.” They get on the boat and float for awhile on the sand. Suddenly, the sand turns into a large whirlpool of water and the boat is sucked under. Sailor Moon calls for the others as she drowns.

Usagi finds herself sitting on a swing, wearing her school uniform. The girl wearing the dark dress with four braids approaches Usagi. Luna, Artemis, and Diana are with her. She asks Usagi about the cats. Usagi can’t seem to remember owning cats. She also can’t remember who her friends were or who gave the heart-shaped ring to her. The girl says, “Your memories are of no value and that body is only a vessel. The only thing that has value to us is power only!” She raises her bracelets to the three cats and their bodies are torn apart.

In the 30th Century, dark cloud loom over Crystal Tokyo. Small Lady clutches her chest in pain. She sees Diana’s body torn apart and runs to Neo-Queen Serenity. Luna and Artemis lie in a basket, their bodies fading away. Small Lady asks her where Diana is. Neo-Queen Serenity told her that Diana traveled to the past to investigate a disturbance in space-time. Diana had begged Neo-Queen Serenity to go to past to assist Sailor Moon. Small Lady tells the Queen that she knows something happened to Diana. Neo-Queen Serenity shows Small Lady a room where Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto, and King Endymion lie with lights shining above their chests. Small Lady says, “All their crystals are shining so brightly. All their bodies fading away. In the past, everyone’s lives are…” Small Lady tells Neo-Queen Serenity that she needs to go to the past to help Sailor Moon fight while the Queen protects the 30th Century. “This pain in my chest is the pain of everyone across time and space!” she says and she transforms, “Pink Moon Crystal Power Make-up!” After Small Lady transforms into Sailor Chibi Moon, the Sailor Quartet: Sailor Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta, appear behind her. Neo-Queen Serenity hands Chibi Moon the time key and tells her to cross time and space to beyond the galaxy.

Usagi sadly touches the ashes that remain of the three cats. The girl with the dark dress and four braids, Sailor Lethe, raises her oar and attacks Usagi with “Galactica Myosotis Alpestris!” (Myosotis Alpestris is a species of the Forget-me-not flower.) Usagi lies on the ground and begins to remember that she came to bring back her friends. Sailor Lethe says, “At the bottom of this River of Oblivion, nobody can defeat me!” and raises her bracelets to give Usagi the final blow. The other girl, Sailor Mnemosyne, wearing the light dress also with four braids pushes Lethe away, asking her to stop hurting Sailor Moon. When Usagi hears “Sailor Moon”, the crescent moon on her forehead glows, she remembers her purpose, and she transforms back into Eternal Sailor Moon. She swims through the water and sees Sailor Chibi Chibi, Princess Fireball, and the Sailor Starlights lying unconscious at the bottom of the river. She calls out to them and Sailor Chibi Chibi wakes up. Sailor Moon grabs Chibi Chibi and swims up to the surface with her. Lethe curses that Sailor Moon got her memory back in her River of Oblivion. Mnemosyne asks Lethe to stop this and creates a ball of light that lifts Sailor Moon, Chibi Chibi, the Starlights, and Princess Fireball out of the river on to dry land. Lethe asks Mnemosyne why she has betrayed her and Mnemosyne says, “I just don’t want a Sailor Senshi the same as me to be hurt by you.” Princess Fireball is awake but cannot speak. Sailor Mnemosyne gives Princess Fireball water from her River of Memory and Princess Fireball is able to speak again.

Lethe tells Sailor Moon that they are in the vast outer moats, the Desert Rivers, of the Galaxia Palace of the Shadow Galactica Empire. “I am the guardian of the River of Oblivion, Sailor Lethe of the planet Lethe.” Mnemosyne says, “I am the guardian of the River of Memory, Sailor Mnemosyne of the planet Mnemosyne.” Sailor Lethe wants to kill Sailor Moon but Sailor Mnemosyne keeps stopping her. Sailor Mnemosyne says to Lethe, “Have you forgotten the oath by which we decided to follow Galaxia? To achieve our own peace and happiness. Our planets were small and poor. It was always chaotic with never-ending fights. Galaxia appeared and death and silence came to our planets. We had no choice but to follow her. But if there is a lasting victory to the war and Galaxia unites the galaxy, we will have our new future for sure!” Lethe and Mnemosyne hold each other. Lethe tells Sailor Moon that as long as Sailor Moon exists there will be war. “I just want to have peace and happiness together with Mnemosyne,” she says. Sailor Moon tells her that if that is true, then to kill her because the mission of a Sailor Senshi is to end wars. “All our wishes are always the same. No matter what future awaits us,” Sailor Moon says. Sailor Lethe and Mnemosyne tell Sailor Moon to go because whether or not Sailor Moon dies, the wars will not end.

The Anima Mate leader and her twin in white stand pillars of sand, watching. “Useless fools!” they say and raise their staffs. The blast hits Sailor Lethe and Mnemosyne. The two hold hands as their bracelets unclasp and their bodies turn to ash. The white-clothed Anima Mate attacks Sailor Moon and Princess Fireball but Sailor Chibi Chibi shields her with her own little scepter. But the energy from the attack hits the Sailor Starlight, who are still unconscious on the ground. Three sailor crystals appear from their bodies. The two Anima Mates laugh as they take the three crystals and disappear.

Chibi-Usa’s Picture Diary: The Story of the Hammer Price Shrine

This story comes after Act 48 but actually occurs before Mamoru left for the United States. Chibi-Usa is meeting Hotaru to go shopping. “I’m Usagi Tsukino,” Chibi-Usa writes in her diary. “Everyone calls me Chibi-Usa. I’m a sixth grader in Class 1 at Juuban District Elementary. I’m on the Gardening Committee but I’m 902-years-old.” Usagi and Mamoru are also going shopping to buy things for Mamoru to take to Havard.

Hotaru meets two of Chibi-Usa’s classmates, Naruru Osaka and Ruruna Kobe. They are both dark skinned and wearing designer labels. Naruru has orange (?) hair and is wearing a Gucci (mocked as Guccichi) outfit. Ruruna has white (?) hair and is wearing a Chanel (mocked as Channel) outfit. They were “haaging”, or eating Haagen Daaz ice cream, and then went to buy a ton of designer clothes. “Don’t we just look grotesque in these?!” they say. Their hobby is fashion shows. Chibi-Usa introduces Hotaru, who is from Class 3. Hotaru tells them that Chibi-Usa is her best friend. The two girls pull Chibi-Usa from one side and Hotaru pulls from the other. Usagi and Mamoru quickly make their exit.

Naruru and Ruruna take Chibi-Usa and Hotaru to a pawn shop called The Hammer Price Shrine. Outside the shop, they see a short, tubby man get harassed by two tall men. “You better have it all the next time we come back!” they say, kicking him to the ground as they leave. The tubby man, who is the pawn shop owner, runs back into the shop.

Inside, Ruruna fawn over Chanel life preserver and tissues, while Naruru drools over Gucci cutting board and wooden clogs. Big fans of Chanel are called chanelers and big fans of Gucci are called Gucciers. Chibi-Usa notices a crowd of guys in the corner of the store with a black cloud over them. Hotaru and Chibi-Usa crawls into the crowd to find that they are staring at a life-size Sailor V doll, wearing scandalous lingerie. Hotaru finds Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon, Mars, and Neptune dolls. Naruru finds an Eternal Sailor Moon costume and Ruruna finds a Super Sailor Mercury costume. The two girls are big fans of anime fashion, probably cosplay, and put on the costumes. Hotaru calls them otaku (Japanese for fanatic or enthusiast but anime and manga fans have adopted the term to refer to themselves).

As the girls talk about wearing the costumes to the next event (anime convention?), the store owner watches them from behind a shelf. His name is Makoto Hanmatsuura. He was born on October 27th and this blood type is B. His hobby is embroidery and he is the 18th generation owner of the pawnshop. He recognizes the girls as regulars and is happy that the girls like the costumes.

The girls pay the shop owner for the costumes with their daddies’ unlimited gold credit card and corporate credit card. They notice his clothes are patterned with Luna, Artemis, and Diana patches. He tells him that he made them himself since his hobby is embroidery. He offered to make one for each of the girls and they can pick them up tomorrow. They agreed. On the way out, Hotaru noticed a storehouse next the shop. There is some dark mist coming from it. The owner says that he keeps the old pawned items in there and they will be moved to the shop someday. The girls leave. The owner thinks, “My dream is to make the Hammer Price Shrine into a nice shop, ready to serve ordinary girls like those four.”

The next day, Naruru and Ruruna are half an hour late meeting Hotaru and Chibi-Usa because they had been “douting”, or getting coffee at Doutor’s. The four girls see the two men from the day before harrassing the pawnshop owner again. They said they are evicting him and that the contract was signed to transfer the land to them. There are bulldozers behind them, ready to tear the buidling down. Two women say that the previous owner made a lot of business mistakes and was swindled by a rich, shady dealer into a landraising deal. The shop’s property is worth a lot of money and it is surrounded by tall highrise buildings.

One of the bulldozers start charging and Naruru and Ruruna are in the way. The pawnshop owner pushes them out of the way but the bulldozer smashes into the shop and the shop is wrecked. Another bulldozer smashes into the storehouse, causing a large crack in the wall. A spirit comes from the storehouse and jumps into Hotaru’s body, possessing her. The spirit looks like a showgirl with a feather headpiece, feather dress, and feather fan. “I am the genius loci that inhabits this storehouse. I am the pretty ghost Otakura! (“Otaku” like anime fan and “kura” means storehouse.) Those who disturb my sleep will not be forgiven!”

Usagi is there suddenly and sees the ghost. She and Chibi-Usa transform. They begin they’re normal opening speech to the ghost when suddenly, two girls interrupt them. The two girls are Naruru and Ruruna, wearing white bikini tops and short flowing skirts with a trail. They pose like Sailor Senshi and say, “This is an oasis for tranquility of boyish geeks and hot chicks like us! You want to develop over the Hammer Price Shrine?! We are so ticked! We’re the Elementary Dress-up Girls! Ruruna! And Naruru!” All the guys get nose bleeds because their outfits are so skimpy.

Naruru and Ruruna shout, “Super White Kick!” and kick the two men down. A crowd cheers and takes pictures of the girls. The ghost gets really angry and greats a vortex of air that starts sucking everyone into the storehouse. The pawnshop owner hangs to a lamppost and says it is the curse of the guardian spirit. He jumps into the shop. A net catches Naruru and Ruruna and carries them safely into the shop. Their hero is…Tubby Kamen, the shop owner dressed in a tuxedo with a mask and cape like Tuxedo Mask. After rescuing the two girls, he jumps out the window into the moonlight.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon hold out their identical scepters and attack the spirit with “Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss!” The spirit leaves Hotaru’s body and disappears. Naruru and Ruruna are delighted to see the real Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon and watch the two Senshi leave. Then, Naruru and Ruruna see the two developers on the ground, still lying unconscious. They pick up the property contract and tear it up. “Now our Hammer Price Shrine is saved!” they say, as the roof of the wrecked pawn shop falls to the ground.

After an unknown amount of time, Chibi-Usa goes to the pawn shop with Hotaru, Usagi, and Naru (Molly in the dub). The Hammer Price Shrine is now a huge skyscraper taller than the ones that were around it before with the same emblem, a bird with feathered wings sitting on top of a crown. Naruru and Ruruna run up. They just came back from “okeing”, or singing karaoke. Naru asks Naruru if she ditched cram school today to go to the karaoke. To everyone’s surprise, Naruru is Naru’s little sister. Naruru and Ruruna like Hotaru now since the three of them Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon together. For some reason, Chibi-Usa wasn’t around when the two Sailor Senshi showed up to defeat the ghost. =) Naruru also thinks Chibi-Usa looks like Sailor Chibi Moon but it’s a secret they are keeping from Chibi-Usa. Naruru and Ruruna are big fans of Tubby Kamen too.

The shop owner finally put some of his big masterpieces into the shop from the storehouse and he knows that Naruru and Ruruna will love them. The items turn out to be Chanel and Gucci kimonos. They love them.

Act 49 — Stars 7

Princess Fireball tries to run to the Sailor Starlights’ bodies but Sailor Moon holds her back. The bodies quickly begin to burn in a blue flame until they turn to ash. Princess Fireball cries in Sailor Moon’s arms. Sailor Moon remembers that Yaten said that sailor crystals never disappear. She tells Princess Fireball that they will get everyone back by getting back their sailor crystals. The two of them and Sailor Chibi Chibi fly alone in space. An image of castle materializes in one direction, they fly towards it, and it disappears. This happens two more times. Sailor Moon closes her eyes and tries to figure out where Galaxia is.

Galaxia, wearing the flowing gown with her hair down, smiles and thinks, “Sailor Moon, so you’ve finally made it here to the Galactica Palace.” The two Anima Mates leaders kneel before Galaxia. They present Galaxia with the sailor crystals of Sailor Lethe and Mnemosyne and the two crystals are absorbed into the giant crystal held up above Galaxia. The Anima Mates leader wearing black says, “No matter how many times I see it, it is still beautiful. The brilliance of the sailor crystals throughout the galaxy, as if the Sailor Senshi could be breathing inside this Garden Crystal. The ability to make use of this great power comes from the power of Galaxia’s Sapphire Crystal.” Galaxia says that her Sapphire Crystal, the brooch she wears on the chest of her metallic Senshi suit, is the most destructive sailor crystal in the galaxy. Sailor Moon’s Silver Moon Crystal with the infinite power of rebirth is the most powerful in the galaxy. With both, she will be invincible. The Anima Mates leaders also present the three sailor crystals of the Sailor Starlights, which also get absorbed by the giant Garden Crystal. They promise to obtain the crystals of the remaining ones and disappear.

Galaxia’s Sapphire Crystal glows and her golden Senshi suit appears on her body. “My soul is tingling. The time has finally come. Sailor Moon, I will be able to meet you at last at the place where destiny began.” She walks down an empty hall to a room with a liquidy, molten pit. “Chaos, the time we’ve been waiting for has arrived,” she calls to the pit. The pit lights up with two sparks as eyes and says, “So the time has come at last…the time of the beginning of the new universe.”

Sailor Moon, Chibi Chibi, and Princess Fireball walk through a thick fog. When the fog clears, they find themselves in a graveyard and a woman with butterfly wings surrounded by butterflies. The woman says, “This is the final land where the remnants of dead stars drift. These butterflies are the last flames of those stars. Their funeral procession scatters across the galaxy with no interruption.” The three see the Sailor Starlights’ graves. They also see people digging new three new graves with headstones for Princess Fireball, Sailor Moon, and Chibi Chibi. “The next funeral procession is for you!” says the woman as thorned vines burst from the ground and wrap around the three Senshi. “I am the final soldier of the Sailor Anima Mates, the soul hunter, Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon!” She burns them with flames from her hands and they cry out in pain.

Suddenly, five lights descend from above. They are Sailor Chibi Moon and the Sailor Quartet. They break apart the vines holding the other three with “Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss!” The Sailor Quartet attack Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon with “Amazoness Jungle Arrow!” and she is torn to shreds. Sailor Chibi Moon tells Sailor Moon how everyone in the 30th Century have fallen, their sailor crystals shining, and their bodies fading. Sailor Chibi Moon and the Sailor Quartet had gone to Earth first to find Sailor Moon but they couldn’t find them. They figured Sailor Moon was already in the enemy’s territory and “a ray of light showed us the way,” said Sailor Ceres.

Both Sailor Moon and Princess Fireball said they didn’t have such power to call them on Earth, so they figured it was Sailor Chibi Chibi. Sailor Moon introduced Sailor Chibi Chibi. Sailor Chibi Moon made a face when she heard Chibi Chibi’s name. Sailor Moon said to Chibi Chibi, “Shouldn’t you put a ‘moon’ after that?” but Chibi Chibi looked confused. Sailor Moon said that she thought Chibi Chibi was Chibi Moon’s younger sister but the Sailor Quartet agreed, though Chibi Chibi looks exactly like Sailor Moon, that from generation to generation, the Millenium’s queen only gives birth to one princess. They wonder if she might be Sailor Chibi Moon’s daughter but Sailor Chibi Moon knows she is not. She says, “Could it be she has come here to us from a great distance. Reaching the center of the galaxy this easily…power on par with Sailor Moon’s.”

A fog clears in front of them. They see a huge palace with the large Garden Crystal at the very top. The lawn in front is littered with smaller versions of Garden Crystals. The two Anima Mates leaders appear behind them. “Welcome to our Star Garden! We are the Star Gardeners!” they say. Sailor Phi wears the black dress and Sailor Chi wears the white. Princess Fireball demands the return of the Starlights’ crystals but Sailor Chi says they are part of the large Garden Crystal overhead. Sailor Phi realizes more holders of sailor crystals have appeared. Their smaller garden crystals appear, ready for attack.

Princess Fireball says, “Sailor Moon! I’ll fight as well! I am also a Sailor Senshi. Kinmoku Star Power! Make-up!” Princess Fireball transforms into a Senshi suit like the Starlights’ but she wears a flower petal skirt, instead of shorts. She also has arm poofs and still wears her crown. “I am Sailor Fireball of the planet Kinmoku!” She attacks with “Starlights Royal Straight Flush!” where many cards, like the postcards Seiya sent Usagi, shoot from her hand. The cards destroy all the small garden crystals. Sailor Phi attacks Sailor Fireball with “Galactica Plants Blizzard!” and Sailor Fireball returns an attack with “Kinmoku Fusion Tempest” (a swirl of olive flowers like the one on her forehead). Sailor Moon attacks Sailor Phi’s bracelet with “Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!” and she is destroyed.

Suddenly, Sailor Chi leaps from behind and stabs Sailor Fireball through her back and out her chest with her staff. Blood spurts from Sailor Fireball as Sailor Chi yanks out her staff. The Sailor Quartet blast Sailor Chi but she shields the attack. Sailor Fireball falls to the ground and Sailor Moon runs to her. They are both crying. “I want to be born together with everyone again. I wonder if I will,” Sailor Fireball says in Sailor Moon arms. Sailor Moon says, “Of course you will. We are Senshi with sailor crystals. We can be born again and again.” Fireball says, “That’s right. The sailor crystals are our hope, aren’t they?” and she dies.

Sailor Chi says that if Sailor Moon dies, the fighting and suffering will end. Sailor Moon says, “With the power of the Silver Moon Crystal, I will end the war! The sailor crystals aren’t for destruction and war. They are for peace, happiness, and rebirth. I believe in that!” She destroys Sailor Chi with her scepter.

Sailor Chibi Moon pushes Sailor Moon away from Fireball’s body as it is lifted in the air and torn apart, leaving only her sailor crystal. Her sailor crystal vanishes and reappears in the hand of Sailor Venus, who stands at the steps of the palace with Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn. Galaxia’s bracelets are on all of their wrists. “Your next opponents are us,” she says.

Act 50 — Stars 8

Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon, Chibi Chibi, and the Sailor Quartet stare in disbelief at the eight Senshi on the steps of the palace, who stare coldly at Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon smiles happily with tears in her eyes, calling out their names. Tuxedo Kamen steps out on the steps with the Senshi too. Sailor Moon cries happily and starts to run toward them. Sailor Chibi Chibi, shaking her head, tries to hold her back but Sailor Moon knocks her away. Tuxedo Kamen grins evilly and says, “Kill Sailor Moon! Then take her Silver Moon Crystal.”

Sailor Mercury and Mars attack Sailor Moon with “Mercury Aqua Rhapsody” and “Mars Flame Sniper”. The Sailor Quartet jump in front of Sailor Moon and are struck by the attacks. Sailor Moon realizes then that they are being manipulated. Sailor Chibi Moon thinks that if the bracelets are removed, they will be back to normal but Sailor Chibi Chibi shows her images of how they all died. Sailor Chibi Moon then realizes the Senshi there are impostors. Sailor Jupiter hits Sailor Moon with “Jupiter Oak Evolution”. Sailor Chibi Moon tries to convince Sailor Moon that the Senshi are not really them but Sailor Moon doesn’t believe her. Sailor Pluto’s “Cronos Typhoon” blasts Sailor Moon and Sailor Uranus’s “Galactica Space Turbulence” hits Sailor Chibi Moon. Sailor Saturn tries to attack with “Galactica Glaive Surprise” but Sailor Chibi Chibi protects them with her scepter. Sailor Moon redirects Sailor Neptune’s “Galactica Violin Tide” to one of the palace pillars. Sailor Pluto and Saturn use the Garnet Orb and Silence Glaive in a team attack called “Galactica Cannon” that hits Sailor Chibi Chibi. Sailor Moon counters Sailor Venus’ “Venus Love and Galactica Shock”.

Tuxedo Kamen turns around and heads into the palace. Sailor Moon follows him with Sailor Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus behind her. The four Senshi attack together with “Galactica Gale” but Sailor Moon fights it off with her own power. Sailor Moon is ready to use her scepter but she hesitates. “I can’t do this,” she thinks. All eight solar system Senshi attack her together with “Galactica Planet Attack”. Sailor Moon’s wings are shredded from her back and her scepter snaps in half. She lays on the ground with her eyes blank. Tuxedo Kamen stands over her and laughs. Sailor Chibi Moon begins to get up, thinking that she had to do something, but Chibi Chibi stops her from going to Sailor Moon. “This is Sailor Moon’s fight. The future of the galaxy depends on it. Believe in her,” Sailor Chibi Chibi says. Chibi Chibi prays as Sailor Moon gets up slowly and Tuxedo Kamen gives the final call to kill her.

“That’s right. I can’t give up!” Sailor Moon says and her scepter reappears before her with a much longer staff. “Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss!” she calls out. The bracelets on the eight Senshi break and their bodies turn to ash. Their eight sailor crystals float before Sailor Moon. She tries to reach for them but they vanish.

Before her is the large Garden Crystal suspended in the air and Sailor Galaxia underneath it. “I trust my golems gave you a great performance. I am the galaxy’s ultimate Senshi of destruction. Welcome to the castle of Sailor Galaxia. Is your beautiful and radiant power full of hatred toward me?” she says. Sailor Moon replies, “My power is not full because of hatred. It is because I believe in the power of Sailor Senshi. They have all continued to give me strength. I believe we will live together again. We will have the future we’ve made!” Tuxedo Kamen comes from the shadows. He kisses Galaxia’s lips, then her Sapphire Crystal, and the ground beneath her feet. Sailor Moon begs him to stop. Galaxia kicks him in the jaw, knocking him away. She steps on his hand. “This man and everything in this galaxy belongs to me. If you want it back, you must fight me!” Galaxia says.

“I will fight and end this war!” Sailor Moon says, raising her scepter. Galaxia raises her bracelets. They charge at each other with their great powers surrounding them.

Act 51 — Stars 9

Sailor Moon shouts “Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss!” as Galaxia shouts “Galactica Inflation!” They charge at each other and their powers explode around them. Sailor Chibi Chibi and Chibi Moon run into the palace. Sailor Chibi Chibi uses her small heart scepter to shield herself and Sailor Chibi Moon from the power blasting around them. Sailor Chibi Moon says to her, “You know about this battle, don’t you, Chibi Chibi? If you really are my little sister, then our future must exist. We win this battle and save everyone, don’t we? That’s why you told me to believe in Sailor Moon, right? Who are you really, Chibi Chibi?” Sailor Chibi Chibi says nothing and stares into Chibi Moon’s eyes.

Galaxia holds Sailor Moon on the ground by her neck. Galaxia says, “I was born alone as trash on a planet of trash. I could do nothing but wander in solitude, living my days like I was in hell. One day, it suddenly awakened. I was a chosen one, a Sailor Senshi, but being a mere Sailor Senshi would be the same as being trash. I had to have the strongest planet, carrying the strongest power! I came searching for a planet of my own, suitable for me, and then I found it. A magnificent planet and to get that planet, I need the galaxy’s ultimate power!” Sailor Moon kicks Galaxia off and argues that the power of Sailor Senshi is for justice and peace for the ones we love. Galaxia tells her that all she can trust is her own power and the power of sailor crystals. Even the destroyed Sailor Senshi can be reincarnated into flesh again as long as they have the sailor crystals. Sailor Moon can see the forms of her friends inside the large Garden Crystal and says, “My ability to fight as a Sailor Senshi is because of my friends and the one I love. That is a Sailor Senshi!”

Galaxia stares at her speechless. Tuxedo Kamen and the Garden Crystal disappear. Galaxia turns and runs deeper into the palace. She thinks to herself, “Sailor Moon, carrier of the galaxy’s strongest sailor crystal, that girl of trash. I have to get her power so I can defeat Chaos and make the entire galaxy mine!” She stops and turns around to face Sailor Moon, who followed her. They stand at the edge of a high cliff, overlooking a gigantic cylindrical pot that shines like stars. Galaxia tells Sailor Moon that this is the Galaxy Cauldron, where all the stars throughout the galaxy are born.

Tuxedo Kamen appears next to Sailor Galaxia and the large Garden Crystal appears above the Cauldron. The Garden Crystal sinks into the Galaxy Cauldron. Sailor Moon is shocked and says, “Everyone’s sailor crystals!” Sailor Galaxia tells her that there is nothing left of the galaxy’s sailor crystals and the Cauldron is now the universe’s strongest, unmatched star. Sailor Moon thinks, “All their sailor crystals are gone?! I always believed that with the sailor crystals I could bring them back…That final hope.” Sailor Moon rushes toward Galaxia with her scepter, wanting to stop her. Galaxia says, “Be alone, Sailor Moon. That feeling will awaken the infinite power inside you.” and she waves her hand at Tuxedo Kamen, who falls backward into the Cauldron. Sailor Chibi Moon and Chibi Chibi reach the cliff at that moment. She continues, “When you’ve heard the truth from Chaos, your power will explode recklessly and you’ll be no more along with Chaos. Then, I will be the ruler of the Cauldron!”

Tuxedo Kamen sinks into the Cauldron until he is gone. Sailor Chibi Moon tries to reach for Sailor Moon but fades out of existence. Chaos from within the Cauldron moans at the power. Galaxia says, “Inside this Cauldron, the zenith of power will explode and you’ll be blown away along with Chaos!” She attacks Sailor Moon with “Galactica Super String” but Sailor Chibi Chibi, whose eyes glow with anger, repells it. Galaxia says, “Chaos, I give you the galaxy’s strongest Sailor Senshi, Sailor Moon!” Suddenly, a blast shoots from the Cauldron, knocking Sailor Galaxia from the cliff. She begins to fall into the Cauldron but Sailor Moon catches her arm and pulls her back up.

A huge mass of energy rises out of the Cauldron and blasts Sailor Moon, who holds Sailor Chibi Chibi in her arms. The mass of energy tells Sailor Moon that he is Chaos, the one who missed becoming a star and ruler of the stars of darkness within the Cauldron. He tells her that all the enemies that she had battled before, Queen Metallia, Death Phantom, Pharaoh 90, and Queen Nehelenia, were all alter selves of Chaos and were siblings of Sailor Moon since she and they were all born from the Cauldron. Darkness and light always call to each other. Chaos is darkness and Sailor Moon, the Senshi of the galaxy’s strongest light, is light. With her power, Chaos can rule the universe, instead of the Cauldron.

Sailor Galaxia wakes up and says, “Why did you save me? Finish me off! Chaos was not concerned with me from the start. I can’t win over him after all. My planet wasn’t here either.” Sailor Moon tells Galaxia that she saved her because “I saw the loneliness of myself. I don’t want to lose any more friends.” Sailor Moon says, “I can’t fight anymore. All this time, it wasn’t for peace and justice. I fought only for the ones I love but now they’re all gone. What am I fight for now?”

Galaxia says, “If both you and I can’t fight, the last Sailor Senshi is no more. Will this be the end of the war?” Sailor Chibi Chibi tells them that the wars will not end. Wars will always continue but Sailor Moon can win this one now and save the galaxy’s future by eliminating the source of all enemies, Chaos and the Cauldron. Since Chaos is now completely one with the Galaxy Cauldron, they must destroy the Cauldron to completely eliminate Chaos. Sailor Moon argues that if the Cauldron is destroyed, no more stars will ever be born. Chibi Chibi says that if she doesn’t destroy the Cauldron, the wars and suffering will continue forever, it will be her fault, and she will regret it. Sailor Moon asks, “Will ending the war be the end of everything? This glaive of death is one that I must bring down?” Chibi Chibi says there is no other choice. Galaxia then says that even if this galaxy is destroyed, somewhere a new Cauldron will be born again. A new future will begin elsewhere and both light and darkness will be born again.

Sailor Moon agrees. “New futures will always continue to be created. There, light and darkness, war and hope, life and death, joy and pain will all exist again…everything this is this universe.” Galaxia looks at Sailor Moon, who seems to be glowing like an angel, and thinks, “Sailor Moon, you believe in such a distant future for this universe? Are you the Senshi who draws in everything? Sailor Moon…I’ve finally found you…my planet.”

Sailor Galaxia tries to reach for Sailor Moon but the bracelets on her wrists begin to crack. She falls to her knees and continues to try to reach Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon sees her struggling and desperately reaches out to her. Galaxia says, “Too big. Too radiant. My arms won’t reach…but that planet will continue to shine in this universe eternally.” Her bracelets completely shatter and Galaxia’s body explodes. All that remains is her brooch, the Sapphire Crystal.

Sailor Moon cries and holds Galaxia’s brooch in her hands. She tells Sailor Chibi Chibi that she won’t give up because everyone always told her that there is hope and future at the end of war. “I will make our future happen. Don’t you abandon hope and the future either. Believe. Our star of hope will never disappear. As long as it keeps shining, we won’t be defeated.”

Chibi Chibi nods in agreement and a light surrounds her. She transforms, taking on an adult body, and kisses Sailor Moon. The older Chibi Chibi still says nothing but is smiling with tears in her eyes. She looks almost exactly like Sailor Moon but she has a sparkle on her Senshi suit, choker, and forehead, instead of a moon. She also has heart-shaped odango, like Chibi Chibi , and large feathered wings. Sailor Moon says, “Chibi Chibi? I see, we won’t lose because we are Sailor Senshi.”

Chaos surrounds them with his energy. “Sailor Moon, the mother Cauldron is your grave! This is the birth of the universe’s strongest star, Chaos!”

Sailor Moon’s brooch glows and her wings reappear on her back. She thinks, “Chaos, Queen Metallia, Death Phantom, Pharaoh 90, Nehelenia, and Galaxia, I know now why were seeking my power. It is the same as how I seek for the ones I love. We are all stars alone. Now, I too will seek you. I will envelop you inside this Cauldron to save everything!” Sailor Moon jumps off of the cliff and into the Cauldron.

Act 52 — Stars 10

As Sailor Moon descends into the Cauldron, she wonders whether or not she can save everything but she remembers the encouraging words of her friends. Her Senshi suit peels away into feathers as she flows through the light inside the Cauldron. She calls out in her mind, “Sailor Senshi sleeping inside the Cauldron, sailor crystals, and my many friends across the galaxy, please give me strength!”

The Sailor Quartet awake outside of Galaxia’s Palace with their chests glowing. Sailor Ceres says, “Is this Sailor Moon’s power? She is calling, requesting our strength!” The Sailor Quartet run into the palace to the cliff overlooking the Galaxy Cauldron. They watch as a bright light rises from the Cauldron. It is Sailor Moon and the four sailor crystals of the Sailor Quartet fly to her, joining the many sailor crystals already surrounding her. Sailor Moon is bathed in power.

Then, she cries, “Silver Moon Crystal Power! Eternal Power!” Sailor crystals shoot from Sailor Moon in all directions. Chaos screams in pain as thousands and thousands of sailor crystals envelop him. Sailor Moon thinks, “I feel all their power thoughout my body. Now I can rescue them from inside here.”

Her body melts away as she falls into the Cauldron again. “Sailor Moon?!” the Sailor Quartet yell once Sailor Moon’s body completely disappears. Suddenly, thousands and thousands of lights burst from the Cauldron. Sailor Pallas asks what is happening. The adult Sailor Chibi Chibi tells her that all the sailor crystals, starseeds born from the Cauldron, of the Sailor Senshi of the galaxy are returning to their own planets. Once there, they will grow and return to their forms as before. Sailor Ceres says, “Sailor Moon sacrificed herself with the power of the Silver Moon Crystal?”

Adult Chibi Chibi says, “No. This rebirth is from the realization of all the galaxy’s sailor crystals as one. This is the Cosmos Crystal, the ultimate Lambda Power.” The Sailor Quartet ask the adult Chibi Chibi who she is. She says, “I am Sailor Cosmos.” Sailor Ceres says, “It can’t be. Are you the future Sailor Moon, her ultimate form?”

Sailor Cosmos says that she is a coward because she abandoned everything and ran away from where she should have been. “Eternally, I am no match for the final courage and strength of Eternal Sailor Moon.” The Sailor Quartet ask about their princess, Small Lady, since, if this is Sailor Moon’s “final courage”, Small Lady will never be born. Sailor Cosmos tells them that Small Lady is somewhere in the flood of lights and will return safely to the 30th Century. She tells them about the Galaxy Cauldron, where stars are born and finally return. Eternal Sailor Moon engaged the source of all enemies, Chaos, who lived there and she melted along with Chaos into the Cauldron’s sea of origin. By the Cauldron’s power, everyone will return but in the end, Chaos was not completely eliminated.

Sailor Cosmos tells them in her future, she lost the war to Sailor Chaos and ran away, giving up everything. Repeated massacres occurred and the war was long and painful. There was no way to defeat the strong and enormous Sailor Chaos. By then, even if she was able to defeat Sailor Chaos, the damage was already too great and too far-reaching. She says, “I couldn’t remember what was right or what I should do. But then I remember the war here. Back then at the Cauldron, if I had eliminated it, would the pain and the war have ended? After regretting it so many times, I came here to make it right this time.” She came as little Chibi Chibi with her umbrella floating out of the sky. She remembered being alone at this time of her life, always suffering. So she decided to always stay by Usagi’s side to support her. “I was going to make her choose the right path this time, but I knew…the chosen path was not a mistake. Nobody can destroy the place where stars are born. Because of this place, we can start over time and time again. I won’t run away anymore. I’ll go ahead to the future because I was blessed by Eternal Sailor Moon with all the courage and strength to stand alone and accept everything. I had forgotten the matchless strength. Now Eternal Sailor Moon, who saved the galaxy, is the true Sailor Cosmos. When I can have the courage to stand alone and the courage to accept everything, then I can be the true Sailor Cosmos.”

She tells the Sailor Quartet that it is time for them to return to their place and the person they must protect. She raises her long scepter toward the four girls and they turn into lights, joining the other lights coming from the Cauldron. Sailor Cosmos stands alone, watching the lights flood into the sky.

Inside the Cauldron, Usagi awakes wearing a light night gown. She thinks, “I’m alive? I was going to envelop Chaos but at the last moment, I was repelled.” She feels a touch on her back and turns around. It is Mamoru and everyone else! She is crying as she hugs Mamoru. He kisses Usagi’s hand. Minako, holding Rei, apologizes for not being able to protect her. Haruka, holding Michiru, said that they wanted to be with her. Makoto with Ami, Hotaru, and Setsuna says, “You continued to call on us, drawing on our power. Thank you, Usagi.” Usagi feels a hand at her neck. She turns to see Chibi-Usa with wings, flying above her. “Usagi, I’ll be waiting in the 30th Century,” Chibi-Usa says and fades into a ball of light, floating away. Usagi hugs everyone happily and says, “I believed that I would be with you. Now we’re together again.”

A small woman appears. Her hair is long and flows over her head and body like a veil. Her round dress is made of strings of pearls and her hair is pulled away from her face with a pearl crown. She holds a long staff with a glowing light at the tip. She says, “Such a strong brilliance of stars inside this Cauldron. These stars’ forms are fully ready.” Usagi asks who she is. The woman says, “I am Guardian Cosmos, guardian and holy spirit of the Cosmos star seed.” She tells them a memory of hers when a star carried a strong brilliance like Sailor Moon’s and this was Queen Serenity, whose life was also lost to the Cauldron’s sea of origin. She asks them, “Do you want to create a new history of the stars? Does this mean you want to leave here in those star forms?”

Everyone stands together and Usagi says, “We want to go live together always like this. We want to make our future like this. However hard it may be, we want to live these lives!” They are suddenly enveloped in a bright light and soaring out of the Cauldron. Usagi calls to Guardian Cosmos, asking if Chaos is gone. They disappear from the Cauldron but Usagi can hear Guardian Cosmos say, “The core of Chaos, the Chaos seed, and Guardian Chaos are melted into the Cauldron and are now too small to be found. However, they might be born again because this is the place where stars and possibilities are born…”

Five or six years later, the sun gleams off the Crystal Palace in Crystal Tokyo. Inside, Mamoru and Usagi lie naked in bed. Mamoru wakes up Usagi with a kiss. She tells Mamoru she feels like she’s been having a long dream but she can’t remember what kind of dream. She then says to him, “Mamo-chan, say those words one more time.”

He replies, “I already said them fifty times last night.” She begs, “Just once more!” He says, “Okay, one last time.” He kisses her and says, “Marry me, Usa-ko.”

At the church, Usagi wears a beautiful wedding dress adorned with roses, her heart-shaped ring on her finger, and the crown of Neo-Queen Serenity. Mamoru wears a fancy tuxedo. They kiss lovingly. A light on her chest glows suddenly. She tells Mamoru, “I felt a star being born inside of me. Soon, our daughter, a new Sailor Senshi, will be born.” She holds a large bouquet of flowers and they walk up the church aisle together. They promise each other that until their duties end someday, they will always protect the planet together. “Will we always be together?” she asks with tears of joy in her eyes and the crescent moon on her forehead glowing. He says, “I promise we will always be together.” They kiss again. She thinks, “I promise too. I will always protect you.”

She runs outside, where the others are happily celebrating. Haruka, Michiru, Hotaru, Minako, Makoto, Ami, and Rei are dressed in beautiful dresses with their own bouquets of flowers. Usagi thinks, “And I will always protect our precious friends.”

Mamoru looks at Usagi and the girls together in the sunlight. He thinks, “Even if we are gone and new Sailor Senshi, new stars, are born…Sailor Moon, you will forever be immortal. For all eternity, you will be the most beautiful and brilliant light.”