Sailor Moon Character Name Guide

Sailor Senshi Names

Japanese Name English Name Senshi Identity Birthday Blood Type
Usagi Tsukino Serena Sailor Moon June 30 O
Ami Mizuno Ami Sailor Mercury September 10 A
Rei Hino Rei Sailor Mars April 17 AB
Makoto Kino Lita Sailor Jupiter December 5 O
Minako Aino Mina Sailor Venus October 22 B
Michiru Kaiou Michelle Sailor Neptune March 6 O
Haruka Tenou Amara Sailor Uranus January 27 B
Setsuna Meiou Trista Sailor Pluto October 29 A
Hotaru Tomoe Hotaru Sailor Saturn January 6 AB
Chibi-Usa Tsukino Rini Sailor Chibi Moon (Mini Moon) June 30 O
Mamoru Chiba Darien Tuxedo Kamen (Mask) August 3 A
Chibi Chibi   Sailor Chibi Chibi ? ?
Seiya Kou   Sailor Starfighter July 30 ?
Taiki Kou   Sailor Starmaker May 30 ?
Yaten Kou   Sailor Starhealer February 8 ?

Sailor Senshi Grouping

  • Inner Senshi: Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus
  • Outer Senshi: Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn

Friends Names

Japanese Name English Name Who are you?
Naru Molly Usagi’s friend and classmate
Umino Melvin School nerd and Usagi’s classmate
Motoki Andrew Works at Crown Arcade
Urawa Greg Rainbow crystal carrier and Ami’s crush
Shingo Sammy Usagi’s brother
Ikuko Mom Usagi’s mother
Kenji Dad Usagi’s father
Yuuichirou Chad Works at Rei’s grandfather’s temple
Reika Rita Motoki’s girlfriend and rainbow crystal carrier
Shinozaki Ken Makoto’s best friend
Momoko Melissa Chibi-Usa’s purple-haired classmate
Unazuki Lizzie Motoki’s sister and works at Crown Parlor

Villians Names

Naoko Takeuchi graduated from Kyoritsu Chemical University and was planning to become a pharmacist before her manga shot her into stardom. She shows her love of chemistry and jewelry in her villians. This connection only applies to characters that were in Naoko Takeuchi’s original manga. Villians like Ail, Ann, and movie villians were all created and this connection does not apply to them.

In this list, I will only list a villian’s name if the Japanese and English names are different or if a mineral or gem is related to his name.

To find out more about any of the listed minerals, visit The Mineral Gallery.

Japanese Name English Name Mineral or Gem Season of Appearance
Jadeite Jadeite jadeite Sailor Moon
Neflite Nephrite nephrite Sailor Moon
Zoisite Zoisite zoisite Sailor Moon
Kunzite Malachite1 kunzite
Sailor Moon
Queen Beryl Queen Beryl beryl Sailor Moon
Queen Metallia   metal Sailor Moon
Ail Alan none Sailor Moon R
Makaiju Doom Tree none Sailor Moon R
Cooan2 Catsy kermesite Sailor Moon R
Beruche Birdie berthierite Sailor Moon R
Caraveras Avery calaverite Sailor Moon R
Petz Prisma petzite Sailor Moon R
Ruebus Ruebus ruby Sailor Moon R
Emerald Emerald emerald Sailor Moon R
Sapphire Sapphire sapphire Sailor Moon R
Prince Diamond Prince Diamond diamond Sailor Moon R
Black Lady Wicked Lady none Sailor Moon R
Wiseman / Death Phantom Wiseman / Doom Phantom none Sailor Moon R
Kaolinite Kaori Night kaolinite Sailor Moon S
Eudial Eugeal eudialyte Sailor Moon S
Mimete   mimetite Sailor Moon S
Tellu   tellurite Sailor Moon S
Viluy   viluite Sailor Moon S
Cyprine   cyprine Sailor Moon S
Ptilol   ptilolite Sailor Moon S
Tiger’s Eye Tiger’s Eye quartz3 Sailor Moon SuperS
Fish Eye Fish Eye apophyllite4 Sailor Moon SuperS
Hawk’s Eye Hawk’s Eye quartz3 Sailor Moon SuperS
Zirconia Zirconia zircon Sailor Moon SuperS
Amazon Trio Amazon Trio amazonite Sailor Moon SuperS
Amazoness Quartet Amazon Quartet amazonite Sailor Moon SuperS
Queen Neherenia Queen Neherenia nepheline Sailor Moon SuperS
Sailor Iron Mouse   iron Sailor Stars
Sailor Aluminum Siren   aluminum Sailor Stars
Sailor Lead Crow   lead Sailor Stars
Sailor Tin Nyanko   tin Sailor Stars

Asteroid Senshi

You may notice that the Amazoness Quartet did not have mineral-related names like the rest of the villians. This is because, in the manga, the Amazoness Quartet would later become Sailor Chibi Moon’s guardians, the Asteroid Sailor Senshi. Each one of them is named after an real asteroids that has been discovered and named in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter in our Solar System.

Japanese Name English Name Senshi Idenity Asteroid
Cere Cere Cele Cele Sailor Ceres Ceres
Jun Jun Jun Jun Sailor Juno Juno
Ves Ves Besu Besu Sailor Vesta Vesta
Palla Palla Para Para Sailor Pallas Pallas


1 It is rumored that Kunzite’s name was changed in the English dub was because of a copyright issue. Kunzite is actually named after that geologist who discovered it, George Kunz. At least, DiC (the company who dubbed the English version) chose a nice, mineral-related name to replace Kunzite.
2 Cooan is the Japanese word for “kermesite”.
3 Tiger’s eye and hawk’s eye are types of shiny quartz that makes it look like an eye. A more popular “eye” stone is cat’s eye and the last of the four “eye” stones is bull’s eye.
4 Fish eye is not a real “eye” stone. It’s speculated that Fish Eye was not named after a real “eye” stone because he is “special”. However, apophyllite is also known as fish eye.