Tokyo – Sailor Moon S (Part 1)

The possessed Professor Tomoe formed a group called the Death Busters and decided it was time to begin his strike. He ordered his assistant, Kaolinite (Kaori Nite), to attack pure humans and extract their crystal pure hearts. Three special crystal pure hearts would become talismans that can be used to obtain the Holy Grail and bring about the destruction of the world.1

Haruka (Amara) began having a strange reoccurring dream in which the world was being destroyed and Sailor Neptune appeared to Haruka in her dream saying, “We must find the Messiah quickly. It is up to you and me.” A few days later, Haruka had a junior high track meet in which she was completing against Elza Grey.

After the meet, Elza introduced her to Michiru (Michelle), another junior high student 2. “Michiru is a brilliant painter,” Elza said. Michiru said to Haruka, “You can hear the wind rustling, can’t you?” and Haruka knew that Michiru was the girl in her dream. Haruka asked Michiru what she wanted and Michiru asked Haruka to pose for a painting. Haruka declined and left.

Days later, Michiru was performing with her violin on a cruise ship and Haruka was in the audience watching. “She is beautiful and a great violinist but she doesn’t have any friends. I don’t think she likes people,” some people commented near Haruka. Haruka got up and walked around the ship. She came across a painting hanging over a stairway. It is of a city being destroyed by water and was called “End of the World by Michiru Kaiou”. Michiru somehow was sitting on the stairs next the painting (wasn’t she performing??).

“You seem to know a lot about me,” Haruka said to Michiru.
“You are very famous at my school and you have lots of fans,” Michiru said. “One of them wants to ride with you along the coastline in your car, even though she’s a girl.”
“How can such a nice and gentle girl like you can paint such a horrible imaginary scene?” Haruka said.
Michiru became angry. “It isn’t imaginary! I can see it in my destiny, just like you.”

“I don’t care what I see,” Haruka said. “The end of the world is not my business. I only care about racing. If you want to save the world, did it yourself. Stop investigating me.”
“I don’t want to do it either,” Michiru said. “I have a dream too. I want to play violin.”

Several day pass and Haruka was in the automotive garage when she heard a boy crying for help. She approached the boy to see what was wrong when he transformed into a monster. The monster attacked Haruka and she tried to fight it with a crowbar but it was too strong. Suddenly, a transformation wand appeared in mid-air.

Haruka began to reach out for it when a voice called out, “Don’t touch it!” Haruka turned around and Michiru was standing at the door to the garage. Michiru continued, “If you do, you’ll never be to return to a normal life.” She held out another transformation wand and transformed into Sailor Neptune.

Sailor Neptune attacked the monster, driving it back. Haruka told her to stop because that boy was still inside. “The silence is approaching,” Sailor Neptune said. “If I don’t do this, there will be more sacrifices.” She said she did not choose to fight this way. With Haruka distracted, the monster attacked again and Sailor Neptune dove to push Haruka out of the way. The monster slashed Sailor Neptune with his claws but she used her attack “Deep Submerge” to defeat it and the monster turned back into the boy. Sailor Neptune slumped on the ground in Haruka’s arms.

“I didn’t investigate you just because you were the other soldier,” Sailor Neptune said weakly. “Before I knew, I was always watching you, even when you raced for the first time. I’ve always wanted to ride with you along the coastline. You never ask favors of anyone and you’re always faithful to your feelings.”
“I’m not faithful,” Haruka said. “I’m always running away.”

“No,” Sailor Neptune said. “I know you better than you do because I’ve always been watching you. I just didn’t want you to take the same path I took.” Sailor Neptune closed her eyes. “Still, I was happy when I found out that you were the one…”

Haruka looked back at her transformation wand and took it, becoming SaiHaruka looked back at her transformation wand and took it, becoming Sailor Uranus.

A few weeks past since Chibi-Usa’s departure. It was mid-March 1994 and Usagi was starting ninth grade, the third year of junior high. Rei began having a reoccuring dream in which a figure destroys the Earth and kills the Sailor Senshi.

She became the first victim of Kaolinite and Professor Tomoe’s daimon monsters. The daimon extracted the pure heart crystal from Rei and was about to give it to Kaolinite but Sailor Uranus and Neptune stole it from her. They studied it, decided that it was not a talisman, and gave it back to Rei.

The two new Sailor Senshi, Neptune and Uranus, appeared again in the Sailor Senshi’s next battle. After they discovered that the crystal pure heart was not a talisman, they were about to leave. Sailor Venus called out to them and asked them to help defeat the daimon. Sailor Uranus said, “We only care about finding the talismans. Make no mistake about that.” Sailor Neptune added, “Take care of your own problems.” and they both jumped out of sight.

The next day, Minako and Usagi met Haruka and Michiru, first year students in high school, for the first time. Haruka was a race car driver and Michiru was an artist and violinist. They became older friends of Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako. Usagi and the others soon discovered that they were also lovers.

Kaolinite and Professor Tomoe’s daimons continued to attack humans with pure hearts. Sailor Neptune and Uranus continued to show up to take the pure heart and check if it was a talisman. Many times, they watched as a human, including Makoto, was attacked by daimon and allowed it to happen so that the pure heart could be extracted. Sailor Moon often begged the two to give the pure heart back because the victim would die. “Some sacrifices must be made,” Sailor Uranus would reply. “It is our mission to find the talismans,” Sailor Neptune would add.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune’s mission was to prevent the “coming silence”, or destruction of the world, by finding the Messiah. The Messiah would be revealed when the three talismans were brought together but the owners of the pure hearts that become talismans would die. The death of innocent people is the sacrifice that Sailor Neptune and Uranus knew had to be made. However, the Inner Senshi (Sailor Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter) refused to accept that innocent people had to save the world.

So Sailor Neptune and Uranus never joined forces with the Inner Senshi. Sailor Uranus and Neptune’s mission was so important that even if something happened to the other, they promised each other that the other wouldn’t go back and try to help. Instead, she would survive and continue with the mission.

Eventually, Sailor Moon became the target and her pure crystal heart was extracted. It was not a talisman and she was saved by Sailor Uranus. Sailor Uranus, Neptune, and the Inner Senshi joined together in a battle against Kaolinite, in which she was defeated and supposedly died.

Professor Tomoe called in the Witches 5 to take her place, beginning with Eudial (Eugeal). Eudial was very intelligent and used a computer to choose victims. She drove a white station wagon and extracted crystal pure hearts by shooting them out of the victim with a large gun.

After Eudial’s first battle with the Sailor Senshi in August of 1994, Sailor Chibi Moon appeared. Neo-Queen Serenity sent Chibi-Usa back to the 20th Century to train as a Sailor Senshi. Chibi-Usa was now bishojo Sailor Senshi in training, Sailor Chibi Moon! Her attacks were very weak but cute and served as a good distraction.

Professor Tomoe finally revealed to Eudial that when a talisman was extracted, it would turn into one of three sacred items, a mirror, a gem, or a sword. He also said that the Holy Grail must be used by someone to have any effect. If it was used by their allies, then he could create a world of evil. If used by his enemies, like the Sailor Senshi, his plans would be ruined so it was very important that they get the Holy Grail before the Sailor Senshi did.

By the end of September of 1994, Minako became Eudial’s target. After Eudial shot Minako’s pure crystal heart out of her chest, Minako ran away (don’t ask me how that was possible without her pure crystal heart) and collapsed into an underground parking garage. Usagi and Eudial chased after her. Haruka and Michiru were also in the garage. Usagi, Haruka, and Michiru struggled with not transforming because they didn’t want to reveal their identities to each other.

Finally, just as Eudial was about to approach Minako to take her crystal heart, Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon, revealing her identity to Haruka, Michiru, and Eudial. Eudial’s daimon soon had Sailor Moon trapped but Haruka and Michiru tried to distract it.

It then started to attack them so they had no choice but to transform into Sailor Uranus and Neptune, revealing their idenities to Eudial and Usagi. Together, Sailor Moon, Neptune, and Uranus defeated the daimon but Eudial pulled out a fire blaster from her station wagon and was about to fire it when Minako transformed into Sailor Venus and destroyed the blaster. Eudial then started to freak out, screaming, “Everyone is a Sailor Senshi?!” and sped away in her station wagon. Sailor Moon asked Sailor Uranus and Neptune, “Michiru and Haruka, why are you trying to get the talismans at cost of people’s lives?” Sailor Uranus told Sailor Moon not to get involved and left.

In mid-October 1994, Eudial’s new computer program revealed the holders of the talismans. She quickly called Haruka at Haruka and Michiru’s apartment. “I know who the holder of the talisman is. I’m going to get it now. We have won! I know you are looking for the talismans too. Maybe we will let you join us. Come to the place I specify. I’m faxing you the map.” Haruka and Michiru believed that Eudial was telling the truth about knowing where the talismans were. Haruka said that she will do anything to get the talismans. They called Usagi and asked her to meet them at the aquarium.

On the roof of the aquarium, Haruka told Usagi that she never wanted to see Sailor Moon appear before them again. Usagi pleaded that since they were all Sailor Senshi, they could work together. Haruka said, “I won’t let you slow us down again!” and snatched Usagi’s transformation brooch from her, knocking her to the ground.

“Wait, don’t steal any more pure hearts!” Usagi shouted.
“Shut up!” said Haruka. “If you appear before us again, you’ll die!” Haruka and Michiru transformed into Sailor Uranus and Neptune. Sailor Uranus continued, “We are looking for the three talismans sealed into pure hearts. Without them, the Holy Grail will never appear.”
“The silence that will end the world is approaching,” Sailor Neptune said. “Only the Messiah who can use the Holy Grail can stop it.”

“Do not interfere,” Sailor Uranus said. She and Sailor Neptune hopped on to a waiting helicopter, leaving Usagi behind. Setsuna (Trista) appeared behind Usagi. She said she was a friend of Michiru and Haruka’s. “Do you want to help them?” Setsuna asked. “They are going into a battle according to their destiny but they are in danger.” Though she knew she could not transform, Usagi said, “Please, if you know where they are going, please tell me.”

Sailor Uranus and Neptune arrived at the Marine Cathedral to meet Eudial. Before going in, they again agreed to not worry about the other’s safety and concentrate on getting the talismans. They went inside and was almost immediately attacked by oncoming walls of Eudial. They were able to destroy all but one wall and this last one was coming for Sailor Uranus. Sailor Neptune dove to push Sailor Uranus out of the way and was hit by the wall. The wall with Sailor Neptune disappeared. Eudial then appeared. “I got the one with the talisman! Sailor Neptune is the owner of the talisman and I’m going to take it from her! If you want to watch, come to the prayer hall.”

In the prayer hall, the injured Sailor Neptune was strapped to a tablet by thorny vines. There was a narrow bridge that led to the alter where she was held. When Sailor Uranus tried to cross the bridge, darts shot her. “Don’t worry,” said Eudial. “I haven’t taken the talisman from her yet. First, I will take the talisman from you!” She pointed the pure heart extracing gun at Sailor Uranus.

Right when Eudial was about to shoot Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune used all her strength to break out of the vines and made her way to Sailor Uranus to help her. When she tried to cross the bridge, the darts hit her over and over. “Haruka, I won’t let you die,” Sailor Neptune said. Uranus shouted back for her not to move. Sailor Neptune kept moving across the bridge until she was hit so much that the darts finally ran out but she was about to die.

With the last amount of energy she had, she tried to attack Eudial but Eudial pointed the gun at her and shot her pure heart out of her body. Sailor Neptune fell on the ground and died. Her pure heart glowed brightly and changed into the mirror talisman.

Sailor Uranus couldn’t believe it. “The talimans are sealed into us. Is this the penalty for our deeds?” Eudial was about to grab the mirror when Usagi appeared and rammed into Eudial, knocking her off the bridge. Usagi tried to get the mirror to go back into Sailor Neptune but it wouldn’t. Sailor Uranus sat next to her very depressed.

“It’s okay,” Sailor Uranus said about Neptune’s death. “A talisman has been found.” She gave Usagi back the transformation brooch she stole and grabbed Eudial’s gun. “I’m going to get the other talisman.”
Usagi tried to stop her and fought over the gun. “No! We can save the world without the talismans! I will save the world!”
“When you say it, I almost believe you,” Sailor Uranus said. “For an instance, you looked like the Messiah.”

Sailor Uranus knocked Usagi over, turned the gun on herself, and said, “Sailor Moon, find the last talisman.” She shot her pure heart crystal out. Just as Setsuna and the other Senshi arrived, Sailor Uranus’ pure heart turned into the sword talisman. Usagi cried over Sailor Uranus and Neptune.

Sailor Uranus, who was still breathing, looked up and thought Usagi was the Messiah, a slender maiden with butterfly-like wings. She told Usagi to protect the talismans and find the last one. Then give the Holy Grail to the legendary Messiah, who can use the Holy Grail to prevent the Silence and fill the world with light.

Sailor Uranus died and Eudial returned from the pit beneath the bridge. She attacked the Sailor Senshi, snatched up both talismans, and ran off. Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi were soon joined by Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Chibi Moon. They caught up with Eudial but Sailor Moon’s most powerful attack had no effect on Eudial.

Setsuna appeared then and called out, “Eudial, I will take back the talismans!” Setsuna transformed into Sailor Pluto. Sailor Pluto held the last talisman, the gem talisman that topped her staff. She held out the gem talisman and it began to glow. The sword and mirror talismans left Eudial and formed a triangle with the gem talisman.

Sailor Pluto’s planet mark on her forehead began to glow, as did Sailor Neptune and Uranus’. Sailor Neptune and Uranus’ bodies appeared behind their talismans. Their pure crystal hearts came out their talismans and went back into their bodies. Sailor Uranus and Neptune came back to life!

The three grasped their respective talismans and light filled the room. The Holy Grail appeared before them! Eudial and Sailor Moon both jumped to grab it but Sailor Moon got it first. The instant that Sailor Moon touched the Holy Grail, the Silver Imperium Crystal reacted to it.

Sailor Moon became Super Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon became Super Sailor Chibi Moon. Eudial tried to attack Super Sailor Moon but the attack didn’t touch Super Sailor Moon and deflected back to Eudial, blowing her out of the church. “Is Sailor Moon the Messiah?” the Sailor Senshi wondered. Super Sailor Moon suddenly reverted back to Sailor Moon and she fainted. Sailor Uranus was disappointed. “She isn’t the Messiah. The Messiah has infinite power but Sailor Moon fainted from using only a little power from the Holy Grail.” Sailor Neptune agreed, “The real Messiah must be elsewhere.” Sailor Uranus said, “Looks like we have new mission.”

Eudial escaped into her station wagon but the second of the Witches 5, Mimete, sabotaged the brakes. Eudial tried to control the car but drove off a cliff and died. Mimete appeared to Professor Tomoe. He already knew the Holy Grail had appeared and was in the possession of the Sailor Senshi but he was not angry because they could not control it. He intended to have Messiah of Silence control the Holy Grail. The Messiah of Silence told Professor Tomoe to continue to collect pure hearts and use them as energy.

Professor Tomoe created a daimon that would eat pure hearts and Mimete began to seek targets. Mimete chose good-looking males targets that were usually famous people.
The Outer Senshi refused to join forces with the Inner Senshi. They were granted stronger powers because their job was to protect the Solar System at a distance from outside invaders and believe the Inner Senshi would get in the way of finding the Messiah.

In the beginning of November, Chibi-Usa met Hotaru in the park. They two became instant friends. Hotaru had very bad health and often had attacks that would immobilize body and cause it to shake. She also had special powers, which she used to heal a wound that Chibi-Usa got when she fell down. Though Chibi-Usa knew that Professor Tomoe was her father, none of the Sailor Senshi knew that Professor Tomoe was the leader of the Death Busters. Hotaru, completely unknown to her, was also the Messiah of Silence.

A week later, Chibi-Usa and Usagi visited Hotaru’s house. To Usagi’s shock, Kaolinite answered the door. It appeared she didn’t die after all. Usagi brushed it off, thinking that it couldn’t be Kaolinite. Hotaru didn’t like her father’s assistant, Ms. Kaori. Usagi and Chibi-Usa learned that Hotaru’s mother died a long time ago and that her father was pretty busy because he was scientist.

In addition to Chibi-Usa’s new friend, Chibi-Usa’s old best friend had returned, Sailor Pluto, who she called “Pu”. Setsuna said, “Small Lady, you shouldn’t call me ‘Pu’ in this world. Call me ‘Setsuna’.” Chibi-Usa responded, “Okay, but only if you call me ‘Chibi-Usa’, instead of ‘Small Lady’.” The two laughed. Setsuna promised that Chibi-Usa that she could see her anytime now that she was in their world.

After Chibi-Usa left, Michiru and Haruka joined Setsuna in the park. Haruka wondered why the Death Busters were still collecting pure hearts and Setsuna said that they must have already found the host of the Messiah of Silence and was trying to awaken it.

It became apparent that whenever Hotaru had a seizure, she became the Messiah of Silence. When she awoke from her seizure, she never remembered what happened. After fainting from a seizure, she recalled how she killed her pet goldfish and how she hurt kids at school but she never remembered.

Hotaru revealed her power to everyone near the end of November. She was leaning against Haruka’s car because she wasn’t feeling well and got caught in the battle between Sailor Uranus, Sailor Chibi Moon, and the Inner Senshi against a daimon. The daimon was charging right for Hotaru when suddenly, Hotaru’s body and eyes flared with energy and she blasted the daimon away. Haruka began to suspect that Hotaru was dangerous by now and told Chibi-Usa to stay away from her. Chibi-Usa didn’t listen and she and Hotaru became the best of friends.

Sailor Moon S, Part II
Return to Tokyo


1 I believe that Professor Tomoe began his work before Sailor Uranus and Neptune awoke because the monster that Haruka encountered looked exactly like the daimons of Professor Tomoe in the manga. I do not believe Sailor Uranus and Neptune became Sailor Senshi before Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi because there was no reason for them to awaken until Professor Tomoe began his attack since there was no “mission”. Sailor Neptune probably did not awake until one of the daimons actually attacked someone in front of her because this is how all Sailor Senshi awaken. It is possible that Professor Tomoe began to send out daimons after the explosion in his lab in 1989 but I find it odd that the Inner Senshi would know nothing about it. So I think that Sailor Neptune and Uranus became Senshi after the original five.
2 It is never disclosed in Sailor Moon S Episode 106 when exactly Michiru and Haruka first met. I believe that it was at the end of their last year in junior high, perhaps beginning of 1994. The reasons for my conclusion follows:

  • Michiru wears a different school uniform, so she is probably in junior high.
  • Michiru and Haruka do not look that much younger than when they first met, so it couldn’t have been TOO long ago from the events in “Sailor Moon S”.
  • Elza Grey also does not look that much different now than when Michiru and Haruka first met.