Tokyo – Sailor Moon S (Part 2)

Events from Sailor Moon S Movie

On a clear night in December of 1994, the Ice Princess3, who had been banished by Queen Serenity millions of years ago, and her ice comet approached the Earth once again.4 She looked at Earth and said, “Beautiful Earth, let me make you more beautiful. You will be mine!” She extended her arms and ice crystals fell to the Earth. Astronomer Kakeru was watching the sky from his observation tower. He saw one of the ice crystals streak across the sky and fall to Earth. He rushed down the mountain and recovered the crystal, taking it back to his tower.

The next day, Usagi, Chibi-Usa, Rei, Ami, Minako, Makoto, Luna, and Artemis decided to have a day of fun. They all went shopping and played at the arcade. They ran into Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna also. While Usagi was eating, they heard on TV about a NASA space program that will be sending Japanese scientist Himeko to the moon. Usagi said how she would love to go to Mamoru to the moon and Luna told her to snap out of it because high school entrance exams were coming up.

Usagi said to Luna, “You wouldn’t understand a woman in love. You’ve never even been in love before, have you, Luna?” Luna said that was true and she sneezed. Luna had come down with a cold or something and didn’t feel well. She said she was going to go home. Artemis was worried about her and asked to walk her home. She refused to let Artemis walk her home because she said she didn’t want to be treated like a sick person. So she went by herself, leaving a very sad and worried Artemis behind.

On the way back, Luna fainted in the middle of the street. A car was about to run her over when Kakeru saved her. When Luna woke up a little later, she was on Kakeru’s bed in his observation tower. He said, “You’re awake. Don’t move. You still have a fever. Stay here tonight and rest.” He dabbed her forehead with a cloth and ice water and Luna fell back to sleep.

The next morning, Luna woke up to find Kakeru asleep in his chair. She was amazed that he stayed up all night to take care of her and couldn’t believe that he would do all that for her.

By now, Usagi and the others realized that Luna was missing. At Artemis’ command, they all split up to look for her.

Back at the observation tower, Himeko had come over to visit Kakeru. Kakeru told Himeko about the comet he saw the other night and showed her the ice crystal. He said he named the comet Princess Kaguya. “I checked with the Space Science Authority and they will not recognize my discovery,” Kakeru said. “You believe me, don’t you?”

She didn’t believe him and said, “You once announced that there was a goddess living on the Moon and everyone laughed at you. Don’t you think the way that you view the universe is a bit romantic? You’re a scientist for goodness sake.” Kakeru became angry and said, “Fine. Don’t believe me.” Himeko became worried. “You’ve been known as a genius ever since you were a child. Physics, biology, medicine, space engineering. You’ve earned doctorate degrees in many fields. Everyone thought you’d be a prominent astronaut one day. How did you end up being such a superstitious person?”

The ice crystal glowed suddenly and Kakeru grabbed his head in pain. When the ice crystal stopped glowing, his pain stopped. Himeko went to him but he pushed her away. “I don’t feel well,” he said. “Will you please leave me alone?” Himeko looked hurt and said, “This is my first vacation in a year. I flew all the way from America just to see you…”

“Go!” Kakeru demanded and Himeko ran out of the room upset. Luna meowed at Kakeru and he stroked her. “I don’t know why I can’t be happier for her,” he told Luna. “Going to space is her lifelong dream.” Kakeru fed Luna star-shaped candies. Maybe if you wish upon them while eating, Princess Kaguya will come into my life. Ridiculous, huh? There are no mysterious beings living on the moon, right?” Luna disagreed by shaking her head but didn’t say anything.

Kakeru continued, “There is an ancient fairy tale about a moon princess called ‘The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter’. I can’t help but believe there is a lady like Princess Kaguya up there.” Luna and Kakeru heard a noise outside. Kakeru looked just in time to see Himeko slip out the door. She had been listening the whole time. “Himeko…” he whispered sadly.

TFrom her comet, the Ice Princess sent her snow dancers down to Earth to look for the missing ice crystal that Kakeru had. The girls were still looking for Luna when it started to snow in Tokyo and the snow dancers began to freeze random people on the street. The Inner and Outer Sailor Senshi transformed and defeated the snow dancers. Seeing the Sailor Senshi made the Ice Princess Ice Princess remember the time long ago when she came to Earth before and the power of the Silver Crystal drove her away until now.

After defeating the snow dancers, the Inner Senshi saw Luna walking down the street. They ran to meet her. Usagi was so happy to see Luna that she started crying. The girls noticed a yellow ribbon that Kakeru had tied around Luna’s neck. Luna didn’t say anything about it but instead warned the others about the approaching comet.

A couple of days later, the girls and Artemis were gathered at Rei’s temple, discussing that there hadn’t been any new developments of the comet since the other day. Artemis noticed that Luna was missing and Usagi said that Luna had something to take care of. Chibi-Usa noted that Luna had been acting strange, reading medical books and eating star-shaped candies all day. Minako mentioned that she saw Luna by the Space Observatory and said, “Hi!” but Luna didn’t notice her.

Meanwhile, the ice crystal was making Kakeru very ill. Luna came by to the tower to visit him again. Himeko was sitting by his bedside. When she saw Luna trying to get in, she said gently, “Sorry, kitty cat. He’s very sick today so I can’t let you in.” Luna walked away sadly and thought, “She can’t let me in because I’m a cat. If I were human, I could take care of Kakeru.” She reached the park just in time to see Mamoru and Usagi kiss. She blushed and was in awe of love.

The next day, Usagi, Chibi-Usa, Rei, Ami, Minako, Makoto, Luna, and Artemis decided to have a day of fun. They all went shopping and played at the arcade. They ran into Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna also. While UsagiLater that night in Usagi’s room, Usagi was getting ready for bed. Luna came in and asked what smelled so nicely. Usagi showed Luna the potpourri sitting on her shelf. Luna asked Usagi about her and Mamoru. Usagi said that Mamoru always fell asleep on the couch and that his face was so cute when he was asleep, just like a baby’s.

Luna asked a little embarrassed, “How does his kiss taste?” Usagi said dreamily, “It tastes so sweet, like something melting in your mouth.” Several hours later when Usagi and Chibi-Usa were already fast asleep, Luna snuck off the bed and tried to open the potpourri jar. She accidentally knocked it off the shelf and it spilled all over her.

A little later, Kakeru awoke to find Luna sitting next to him. He told her how becoming an astronaut was his dream also but he had to give it up because his body was too weak for such a demanding job. He pulled out a photo from under his pillow of a group of scientist. Himeko and Kakeru were in the middle of the picture. “I have to stay around until Himeko takes off for space. Himeko turned out to be the one to fulfill our dream. Luna, please wish that her mission will be successful.”

Luna meowed in agreement. Kakeru began to get sleepy again. “It’s funny that you are a cat but I feel like we understand each other perfectly. The Earth must be so beautiful from space. I wish we could see it together, Luna.” He began to fall asleep. “Luna, you smell so good…”

Luna looked at him sleeping and thought about what Usagi said about Mamoru sleeping. Luna thought, “Kakeru, I wish we could go to space together.” She leaned over and kissed him. She opened her eyes and ran home, blushing and happy.

The next day, the girls were gathered at Rei’s temple sitting around a table. Rei announced to everyone that she saw Luna running home early in the morning with such happiness on her face. Makoto said that Luna must be in love. Artemis gasped and looked down sadly. Minako tried to argue with Makoto but the other girls began to agree that Luna was in love. Artemis was very depressed and left the room.

Minako scolded everyone for saying such things in front of Artemis because Artemis was in love with Luna. All the girls apologized, except for Usagi, who didn’t realize that Artemis loved Luna. Everyone thought Usagi was dumb for not noticing. All the girls started talking about how they wish they were in love. When Usagi said she already was, the girls all turned around and ignored her.

Elsewhere, Michiru, Haruka, and Setsuna slipped hot drinks in a coffee shop. Michiru said that it had been peacefully lately and Haruka said she had a feeling something was going to happen.

Luna was on her way to Kakeru’s place again when she ran into Artemis.

He smiled weakly, “It’s been awhile…”
“Yeah…” Luna said.
“If there is something worrying you, Luna…”
“I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry.” Luna ran off, thinking, “I’m sorry, Artemis.”

Artemis stared after her sadly. Usagi saw Luna running and secretly followed her. Luna reached the observation tower and went inside. Usagi stayed outside and listened. Kakeru was lying in bed and petted Luna when she jumped on the bed. “Is this the man Luna is in love with?” Usagi thought.

Himeko walked into the room. “Kakeru, I’m leaving this afternoon,” she said.
“I see,” he said. “The big moment has arrived. I wish you success.”
“Thank you. Kakeru, when I get back from space, I’ll come back right away and take care of…”

“Don’t bother,” Kakeru cut her off. “You and I are now living in totally different worlds. You see the Moon as a satellite revolving around Earth. That’s not how I see it. I’m sure you’ll find someone more suitable for you.”
“Oh, I see,” she said very upset. “If that’s how you feel about me, I understand. You’re right. I don’t believe in any mysterious beings on the Moon but..”
“Enough!” Kakeru covered his ears, refusing to hear anything more.

Himeko ran out in tears. Luna was shocked. Kakeru slowly pulled out the picture from under his pillow and began to cry. Luna realized how much Kakeru really loved Himeko.

Luna left and found Usagi waiting outside for her. Usagi had heard everything. “Luna, is he the man you…?” Luna nodded. “Kakeru is a fool. He shouldn’t hide his illness from Himeko. He loves her so much.” Luna began to tear. “Usagi, this even more foolish cat thought maybe there was something between us…but that could never be.” Luna began to cry. “I wish I were human. If I were, I would be able to be with him and I’d be able to tell him my feelings so at least I wouldn’t suffer like this.” Usagi held Luna as she cried.

A snow dancer flew by them, peeked into Kakeru’s window, and then left. Luna and Usagi rushed over to see if he was all right. The ice crystal glowed extremely bright and the Ice Princess appeared inside his room. The entire room filled with ice. The Ice Princess was happy to have found the crystal and said that it had become more powerful by absorbing Kakeru’s energy. Kakeru stuttered something about the comet, Princess Kaguya.

The Ice Princess said that her ship would soon reach Earth and freeze the whole planet. “You too will be part of my beautiful collection,” she said as she disappeared with the crystal. Though the crystal was gone, it was still linked to Kakeru’s body and so Kakeru still suffered.

At Rei’s temple, Artemis remembered about an old story that happened a long time ago when an evil comet appeared and began to freeze the Earth but Silver Crystal Power, the power of love and friendship, melted the ice and saved the Earth. The girls concluded that it was happening all over again and that they wouldn’t allow the Earth to be frozen.

Himeko was leaving the Space Science Authority building when Usagi, holding Luna, stopped her. Himeko recognized Luna right away, “Hello, kitty cat. Is she yours?” she asked Usagi. Usagi told Himeko that she must delay the space mission because a dangerous comet was approaching and an ice princess wanted to freeze the Earth. Himeko got angry and said, “This is ridiculous. I’ve had enough with these fairy tales!” She drove away. Usagi and Luna went back to the observation tower to check on Kakeru. They looked through his bedroom window and Luna said, “Maybe if he saw Princess Kaguya, his lifelong dream, he might be able to regain strength and overpower the curse of the crystal. If I were human, I could be Princess Kaguya.” Luna was sad again. “I know I may sound foolish talking like this, but I know what I’m saying. Princess Kaguya is our only hope of saving him…but I am only cat, after all.” Usagi was called to battle by the other girls and she left.

The Ice Princess began her plot. Blizzards began all over the world and a large glacier came out the ocean. The Ice Princess stood on the glacier and laughed. “This will all be mine!” Sailor Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus were the first on the scene. They were shortly joined by the other Sailor Senshi and together they fought the snow dancers but they were overwhelmed by the sheer number of them. The Sailor Senshi were eventually defeated.

Luna returned to the tower and found Kakeru was gone. She was shocked that he would go out in the blizzard and ran to find him. She found him lying in the street, much like how she was passed out on the day he saved her. He called out for Himeko.

Sailor Moon arrived on the scene and said that they would not become part of her collection. “You will have eternal sleep in the glaciers,” the Ice Princess said, “You will enjoy peace and tranquility without feelings of sadness or fear. Won’t it be wonderful?”

Sailor Moon disagreed, saying that she would rather be able to fall in love and get hurt. “There will always be sadness in our lives but sad feelings keep us going! If we can overcome sadness, we can hope for happiness in the future!” The Ice Princess attacked Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon used the Holy Grail to transform into Super Sailor Moon. But even Super Sailor Moon’s attack did not defeat the Ice Princess.

Super Sailor Moon decided she had to use the Silver Crystal and she brought it out. Sailor Venus told her to stop because she would die if she used it but Sailor Uranus said they wouldn’t let her die. Sailor Chibi Moon and Tuxedo Mask appeared then. All the Sailor Senshi formed a ring around Super Sailor Moon as Tuxedo Mask fought off snow dancers with his cane. A bright light burst from the Silver Crystal, killing all the snow dancers, and slowly enveloping the Ice Princess as well. As the Ice Princess was being destroyed, Super Sailor Moon begged the Silver Crystal, “Please, only for tonight, turn Luna into a human. Grant her wish!”

A light came down from the sky and shined on Kakeru and Luna. Luna began to sparkle and she transformed into a beautiful woman. Kakeru woke up and asked her who she was. “I am Princes Kaguya,” she said. Instantly, they were in space above Earth and the watched the sunrise. “Are we in space?! I thought I would never see this,” Kakeru said. He noticed the yellow ribbon around the woman’s neck and the crescent moon on her forehead. He realized she was Luna.

Farther in space, Himeko was working on the space shuttle. “Kakeru, I made it!” She saw a flash go by the Earth, most likely Luna and Kakeru. “What? Could that be the moon princess? Is that what you saw, Kakeru?”

“You have to keep going,” Luna said to Kakeru. “Be there when your princess, the one who truly loves you, returns.”
Kakeru nodded and was teary-eyed. “You made by dream come true. Thank you, Lun-“
Luna covered his mouth. “I can’t stay much longer. I have to go back to the moon.” She kissed him and he woke up alone on the street.

Awhile later, at the airport, Himeko exited a terminal and was greeted by many reporters. “How was your flight? Did you enjoy it? How did the moon look?” they asked. “I saw Princess Kaguya on the moon,” she replied. They all laughed, thinking she was joking. She seemed really surprised that they didn’t believe her. They kept asking questions but Himeko spotted Kakeru, who was waiting with flowers. “Kakeru!” she pushed past the reporters and ran into his arms. Luna watched from above. “He did it,” she said proudly.

“Are you okay, Luna?” Usagi asked.
“Of course, I’m a strong cat.” She dropped a bag of star-shaped candies into Himeko’s hand and Kakeru smiled.

Luna and Usagi began to walk away when Luna saw Artemis. Luna looked down in embarrassment. Artemis smiled, “Welcome back, Luna!”
“Artemis, why are you…” Luna didn’t understand.

“I will always be on your side,” he said.
“Artemis!” she cried and ran to him.

Mamoru put his arm around Usagi. They smiled at each other and held hands as Luna snuggled Artemis. Luna had a new love.

Sailor Moon S, Part III
Return to Tokyo


3 Some people call this villain “Snow Princess Kaguya” and some people will say that “Princess Kaguya” is Luna in human form. I personally think neither is really correct in the movie. Kakeru named the comet “Princess Kaguya” but the Ice Princess herself doesn’t really have a name in the movie so I call her “Ice Princess”. Princess Kaguya is not really Luna but she called herself Princess Kaguya to Kakeru because she wanted his dream to come true.
4 The events of “Sailor Moon S” movie.