Tokyo – Sailor Moon SuperS (Part 4)

A week later, Chibi-Usa decided to stop by Mamoru’s apartment for a surprise visit. She peeked through the front door and found Usagi and Mamoru kissing. Not wanting to disturb them, she walked back home. “I wish I was an adult,” she thought to herself. “I wonder how Pegasus sees me…”

Later at home, Usagi had a cookie hanging out of her mouth and Chibi-Usa complained, “And still like that you are more of an adult than me.” Usagi said, “Yup, that the way it is…but I would love to return to the easy times of childhood.”

At the park, Palla Palla attacked a group of children and Super Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon came to the rescue. After the dream mirrors are returned to the children and they run away, Palla Palla asked, “Are dreams really that important? It’s just ‘I wanna do that’ or ‘I wanna do this’. Isn’t that just called selfishness?” Super Sailor Moon began to argue with Chibi Moon about Chibi Moon’s dream to be an adult and Super Sailor Chibi Moon argued back about Super Sailor Moon’s desire to go back to childhood.

Palla Palla understood what was going on and said, “Okay! I grant your wishes!” She turned Sailor Moon into a child and Chibi Moon into an adult. Chibi Moon was taken back by her new body. “The body of an adult…” she thought. She called Pegasus right away because she wanted him to see her like this but Pegasus didn’t come and she didn’t know why.

That night, little Usagi and big Chibi-Usa stayed over to Mamoru’s apartment because they couldn’t let Usagi’s family see them like that. While Usagi was taking a bath, Chibi-Usa admired her adult body in the mirror. “This is the body I’ve always dreamed of,” she thought. “Long arms and legs, full breasts. I’m not little anymore…but still, Pegasus wouldn’t come to look at me.” While Chibi-Usa was sleeping, she could hear Pegasus calling out, “My little maiden…” in her dream. She started to look for him and found a horse standing still. She touched it and it crumpled into dust. She was very startled but finally, Pegasus flew down from the sky.

“I thought I’d never see you again,” Chibi-Usa said.
“I don’t know how to find where you are anymore,” Pegasus said.
“The light from your dream doesn’t reach me anymore. This is the world of dreams.”
Chibi-Usa was scared to touch him because of what happened with the other horse but Pegasus nuzzled her and he was okay. Pegasus continued, “That light in the distance is from Illusion, the world I live in.”

Chibi-Usa got on to Pegasus’ back and they flew to Illusion. Chibi-Usa was shocked to find it in ruins. Pegasus explained, “This world lives on the energy of the beautiful dreams of people. Suddenly, one day, the people from the Dead Moon entered our world in search of the Golden Crystal. If the Golden Crystal were to fall into their hands, then Illusion will become a world of darkness. They didn’t take the crystal but they have captured me. That was when I saw the light…the light of a beautiful dream.”

“When I was exposed to that light, I was changed into the form of Pegasus and went off in search of the source…and that’s how I met you. But now, I can’t see that light anymore. You attained your dream of becoming an adult through the power of the new moon but that moon eclipses your true dream. Remember your true dream! If you don’t, I won’t be able to find you anymore!”

A light seperated the two of them. “Does this mean I won’t be able to see you anymore?” Chibi-Usa asked. When he didn’t answer, she cried, “No, no, no, no!” and ran toward Pegasus. As she ran through the light, she transformed back into her old self and the light from her dream shined again. “My little maiden, the light from your dream is very important to us,” Pegasus said and leaned into kiss Chibi-Usa. Before his lips touch hers, he turned into a human-like form and they kissed.

Still in his human-like form, he told Chibi-Usa, “From Illusion, I am the protector of people’s dreams and guardian of the Golden Crystal. My name is Helios. Chibi-Usa woke up. She and Usagi were back to normal.

In Queen Neherenia’s chamber, Helios was tied up and suspended in the air in a web. His entire body was very white and he didn’t seem alive. Queen Neherenia commanded Zirconia to find the Golden Crystal more quickly.

A few days later, Chibi-Usa asked Pegasus if there was anything she could do to save his world. He told her that the enemies were after the Golden Crystal and if they get it, her world as well as Illusion will turn to darkness. Chibi-Usa promised to get the Golden Crystal before that happened and she can save him and Illusion.

“What is the Golden Crystal?” Chibi-Usa asked him. “What kind of power does it have?”
“I can’t tell you yet,” Pegasus replied.
“Okay, I understand.”
“I promise I’ll tell you everything when the time is right.”
“I know I’m small but I want to know anything I can do to help. I want to help you.”

Chibi-Usa’s bedroom window opened and her room filled with light and feathers. Chibi-Usa transformed into Princess Small Lady Serenity and she got on to Pegasus’ back. They flew over the city, having a great time. Wings appeared on Small Lady’s back and she began to fly along side Pegasus. “Do you remember the first time we met?” she asked Pegasus.

“Since that time we met in the forest, I feel like time has stopped and I’m forever in a dream. Do you believe in destiny?” They return to the ground. “Thank you,” Pegasus told Chibi-Usa. “I know I can tell you everything, but not now.” Chibi-Usa rubbed his face and said,” It’s okay. I believe in you.”

The next day at Crown Parlor, Usagi told the other girls that she overhead Chibi-Usa talking to someone last night in her room. Usagi said that Chibi-Usa claimed she was talking to Momoko on the phone but Usagi thought she was lying. The other girls decided that Chibi-Usa must be in love, much to Usagi and Mamoru’s utter shock. Minako said they should all give any advice they can to Chibi-Usa. So that day, they all take out Chibi-Usa in three groups and tried to get as much information about her new love as possible.

Ami and Minako asked what he looked like and Chibi-Usa said he was white and his face was long and vertical. This worried the two girls because they thought Chibi-Usa must be in love with an ugly guy that looked like horse. Finally, after they all mistook Jun Jun’s target as Chibi-Usa’s crush, she yelled at them that her love was a secret but she thought to herself, “One day, I will be able to tell them about Pegasus.”

A week later, Minako convinced the other girls to volunteer for the Coming-of-Age Ceremony2. The Amazoness Quartet also volunteered so that they could attack the audience of the ceremony. The Quartet and the other girls got along really well and when they were all done, the Quartet asked them what the ceremony was for. They told the Quartet that it was to celebrate becoming an adult. This bewildered the Quartet. “Why would you want to celebrate being an adult? Growing up is bad.” Palla Palla said she was scared to become an adult.

The next night, all the girls were getting ready for the ceremony backstage. The Quartet was still trying to figure out why anyone would want to become an adult.

“Why do you want to be adults,” Cere Cere asked Usagi and Minako.
“I want to marry Mamoru and make him hot soup!” Usagi said.
“That’s too trivial,” Minako said. “I want to be a famous star!”
Cere Cere wasn’t impressed by their responses. “I’m in the spotlight all the time at the circus and I don’t like soup. Adults get into trouble for things they don’t know they did. I’d rather be a kid.”

“Why do you want to an adult?” Ves Ves and Cere Cere asked Rei.
“I want to be a business woman,” she replied.
Ves Ves and Cere Cere laughed hysterically. “Why would you want to work?”
Rei was angry that they were laughing. “When you help society, you are a responsible adult.”
They laughed harder and Chibi-Usa told them to stop.
“Do you want to be an adult too?” they asked Chibi-Usa.
“I want to become a nice lady,” Chibi-Usa said. “When you become an adult, you have to lose the dream you have now,” Cere Cere said. “Adults are poor creatures that can’t live freely.”
“But when you’re a kid, you can do what you want,” Ves Ves said. “There’s no obligations to do things.”
“Never be suspicious, adults are the end of kids,” the two chant together.

The Quartet attacked the audience of the ceremony but were stopped by the Sailor Senshi. Back in her chambers, Queen Neherenia wondered to herself whose dream Helios was hiding in. “This opportunity comes only once in 100 years and there’s no time to waste. I can’t wait any longer!” She tried to push her way out of the mirror but a light burns her hand. “The light of the world diminishes my power. If I had the Golden Crystal, I could easily escape and turn that world into darkness. I could easily finish off the people of the White Moon. That world is filled with the light of the White Moon Queen. I will turn it into darkness so it suits me!”

“Queen Neherenia began to fill the city with spider webs that made the city darker and darker as more accumulated. The next morning, the entire city was covered in spider web and it was very dark out. Pegasus appeared to Chibi-Usa and told her that the Dead Moon was bringing the darkness here.

“I have to go,” he said. “I have to find someone who can release the power of the Golden Crystal. If I don’t, the Dead Moon will destroy this world and Illusion.”
“No!” Chibi-Usa said. “You can’t leave. I will find that person for you. You can’t leave!”
“I’m putting you in danger if I stay. If I don’t leave now, you will be more sad later.”
Chibi-Usa grabbed the globe, hoping to prevent Pegasus from leaving. “You told me that you need the light of my dream!”
“I will always be with you as long as you believe in your dream.”

Usagi and the other girls gathered outside to see what they could do about the enemy covering the city in web. They heard the laughter of the girls from the ceremony and found the Quartet collecting dream mirrors. Usagi realized that those girls were actually the enemies. They transformed in front of the Quartet to battle them. The Quartet were shocked to find out that Usagi and the others were the Sailor Senshi. Zirconia then called the Quartet into the tent because the real show was about to begin. Meanwhile, Tuxedo Mask was in a tremendous about of pain since the spider webs arrived. The Sailor Senshi were about to enter the tent when Pegasus stopped them.

“You cannot defeat the Dead Moon by force,” Pegasus told them. “The Dead Moon lives off of abandoned dreams. As long as people give up on their dreams, the Dead Moon will survive.”
“Who are you?” Sailor Moon asked.
“I am Helios, guardian of Illusion. In the past, Illusion was abot to seal the Dead Moon but the seal has weakened and they have awoken. Queen Neherenia is creating the darkness in this world, and to seal her again, we need the power of the Golden Crystal. The Golden Crystal is in my horn and is said to have the power to destroy planets.”

“Then we can defeat the Dead Moon with your help,” the Sailor Senshi said.
“Pegasus can’t use the power by himself,” Sailor Chibi Moon said sadly. “He has been searching for the person who can release its power, but he can’t find them.”
“Chibi Moon?” the others were shocked that she knew so much about Pegasus.

“The Golden Crystal is a secret among the guardians of Illusion,” Pegasus told them. “I broke the rule and told Chibi Moon about it. I thought she could release it because she gave me light when I was thrown into the darkness. We don’t have much time left.” Pegasus disappeared.

Inside Queen Neherenia’s chamber, Helios’ body glowed. Queen Neherenia said, “Your soul is talking to someone. Even though you are like this, you still dare to disgrace me!”

Outside, vines shoot out from under the ground and cover all the buildings in the city. Tuxedo Mask collapsed from pain and the Sailor Senshi brought him back to his apartment. Mamoru was very sick. He told the others that he had heard Pegasus’ voice before and Pegasus told him that since Mamoru was the guardian of Earth, his body reflected the Earth’s ill state. Chibi-Usa wished she could release the power of the Golden Crystal. The girls decided that it was time to defeat Queen Neherenia and they left the room, leaving Usagi and Mamoru behind.

“I’m sorry that I’m sending you off alone,” Mamoru said to Usagi. “Your pain is my pain too,” Usagi said. “I promise I will cure you and save the Earth.”

The Sailor Senshi returned to the circus tent. Lemures attacked them and tried to prevent them from getting inside but they defeated them and made their way in. Queen Neherenia charged the Amazoness Quartet’s balls with more power so they can defeat the Sailor Senshi.

A platform brought the Sailor Senshi to the center stage of the circus tent. While on the platform, Sailor Mercury remembered a dream with Pegasus inside when she was little. All the other said they had the same dream as well and agreed that everyone must dream of Pegasus when they are young. Sailor Chibi Moon said that for her, it wasn’t a dream. Sailor Jupiter commented that Sailor Chibi Moon must really like Pegasus.

Once the arrived at center stage, the Amazoness Quartet fought the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Chibi Moon took out the Crystal Carillon. In Queen Neherenia’s chamber, Helios’ body was glowing again. “His host must be near,” Queen Neherenia said. She surveyed the tent and found Sailor Chibi Moon. Sailor Chibi Moon called Pegasus with the Crystal Carillon and Sailor Moon executed her final attack on the Amazoness Quartet but Zirconia blocked it, saving the Quartet.

“Pegasus is only an illusion,” Zirconia said. “He can only in in a beautiful dream while he’s in the real world, so we must capture the beautiful dreamer.” She striked Zircon with her staff, like playing golf, and Zircon hit the back of Sailor Chibi Moon, pushing out her dream mirror. It was the Golden Mirror and Pegasus immediately went into it. Sailor Chibi Moon painfully studders, “No…” She reached out for her dream mirror and pulled it back inside of her but Zirconia instantly trapped Chibi Moon inside a large mirror. “Pegasus and the Golden Crystal are ours!” she called out trimuphantly. Zirconia, the Quartet, and the mirror with Chibi Moon inside disappeared.

Sailor Chibi Moon reappeared inside of Queen Neherenia’s chamber. She seemed to be alone and she called out for Pegasus. Each time she called out, Helios’ body flashed. Sailor Chibi Moon finally found him and she knew it was Helios. “Don’t worry. I’ll get you out,” Sailor Chibi Moon said and started to pull on the spider webs. Queen Neherenia appeared behind her and said, “No, you won’t.” Spider webs quickly tied up Sailor Chibi Moon as well.

“Why are you doing such terrible things to Helios?” Sailor Chibi Moon cried.
“You will never know how I feel,” Queen Neherenia said. “Long ago, I was a queen on a small and dark planet. I always watched the moon’s prosperity and brightness and I was jealous. I wanted to be Queen of the Silver Millenium! Then, I learned of the existence of the Golden Crystal. With it, I rule the moon and all of space. The Golden Crystal was protected by a boy on Earth in a place called Illusion so I went to Elusion and, when I saw the boy, I realized I wanted the boy too. I told him that we could use the power of the Golden Crystal and we could rule together. Helios said, ‘If you have a beautiful dream, you can have this crystal, but if you don’t, you will be punished.’ So I approached the crystal, but it burst into flames and I couldn’t get it. Soon after, the White Moon Queen, Queen Serenity, sealed me into the darkness. In my seal, I looked for a chance to escape and I sent my family to Earth during the eclipse.”
“Helios did nothing to you!” Chibi Moon said.
“You’re right. I should punish the people of the White Moon!” Queen Neherenia blasted Sailor Chibi Moon.

The Amazoness Quartet were in their room and they were bored. Ves Ves made a telescope and spied into Queen Neherenia’s chambers. Sailor Chibi Moon was unconscious from the blast still. While Queen Neherenia was gone, Palla Palla created a Sailor Chibi Moon doll and Cere Cere opened a hole in the wall that went into the Queen’s chambers. Jun Jun took Sailor Chibi Moon from the web and replaced her with the doll.

The Sailor Senshi walked into Zirconia’s maze of mirrors. In the maze, each Sailor Senshi was approached by her reflection, which tried to convince her that fighting prevented her real dream. The reflections were doing a very good job and had nearly tricked all the Sailor Senshi, except Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon thought of Mamoru and Sailor Chibi Moon and stepped away from the mirror.

“Are you hurt?” her reflection asked.
“Do you see the pain in my heart?” Sailor Moon asked. “If you can’t see my pain and if you don’t know that I like myself as I am now, then you aren’t really me!” She destroyed the mirror with her tiara attack.

Sailor Moon’s attack awoke the other Sailor Senshi as well and they destroyed the maze until they finally saw Zirconia in one mirror. “We still believe in our dreams but right now, we have a much bigger dream,” the Sailor Senshi said. “You won’t get out alive!” Zirconia said but then saw in another mirror what was happening in the Amazoness Quartet’s room.

The Quartet took Pegasus out of the Golden Mirror and was trying to on him for a ride but they fall through him. They remembered that he was only an illusion. Pegasus won’t listen to them and Palla Palla put a bridle on his mouth to make him obey.

They wonder if they can get the Golden Crystal out but when they tried, the area around Pegasus burst into flames. Palla Palla got mad because she was burned and she made his bridle tighter. Sailor Chibi Moon woke up and saw Pegasus surrounded by fire, panicing.

“What did you do?!” Sailor Chibi Moon asked. “We didn’t do anything. We should just leave him to his fate,” the Quartet said. Sailor Chibi Moon ran right through the flames and broke off the bridle. The flames disappeared. Zirconia arrived and was angry at the Amazoness Quartet for trying to steal Pegasus and trapped them in mirrors. She then put Pegasus back in the Golden Mirror.

Outside, the sun was almost completely covered by spider webs and Mamoru’s condition was getting worse. “It’s coming,” said Queen Neherenia.

The Amazoness Quartet were floating in the mirrors in another dimension. Palla Palla said that Queen Neherenia will get them out soon. Jun Jun was thinking about how Sailor Chibi Moon ran into the flames to save Pegasus and wondered if they’re missing something.

Back at Queen Neherenia’s chambers, Sailor Chibi Moon was tied up in spider web again. Queen Neherenia decided it was time to get Pegasus out now. She shot an energy beam through Sailor Chibi Moon and took out the Golden Mirror. Pegasus came out of the mirror and Queen Neherenia said if he didn’t obey her, she would kill Sailor Chibi Moon. Pegasus turned into a ball of light and returned to Helios’ body.

Helios woke up and Queen Neherenia blasted him into Sailor Chibi Moon. The two of them hugged, making Queen Neherenia mad, and she wrapped them up in spider webs. They grabbed each other’s hands. “Chibi-Usa!” Helios cried. Sailor Chibi Moon smiled and said, “That’s the first time you called me Chibi-Usa.” Helios smiled back and then Queen Neherenia ripped them away from each other.

Meanwhile, Zirconia was battling the Sailor Senshi and she wasn’t winning. Zirconia begged Queen Neherenia for more power. The Amazoness Quartet disappeared from the other dimension and reappeared next to Zirconia. “We’re supposed to take over for Zirconia!” they thought but they were instantly wrapped in spider webs, which zapped them and drained their energy. Their energy was flowing to Zirconia. “Thank you for this new energy, Queen Neherenia!” Zirconia said. “Make sure you finish them this time!” Queen Neherenia replied, sacrificing the Amazoness Quartet for their power.

Sailor Moon tried to free the Quartet but was unsuccessful. Sailor Mercury used her computer to find out that the energy was being drained from the Quartet’s balls. “You have to destroy them,” she said. The Quartet were shocked and didn’t know what to do. “We can’t,” Ves Ves said. “The Amazon Stones are the crystals of our dreams. If we break them, we’ll grow up and not be able to use magic.” Sailor Moon told them, “Truly beautiful dreams won’t be destroyed once you’ve become an adult.” The Amazoness Quartet threw their balls into the ground, destroying them, and the spider webs released them. There was no way for Zirconia to win now.

Inside the mirror, Queen Neherenia took the Golden Crystal out of Helios’ horn and Helios disappeared. Queen Neherenia was still angry at the White Moon Queen for causing her sadness and put Sailor Chibi Moon under an eternal sleep spell. Zirconia came to the mirror and saw the Golden Crystal in the queen’s hand. “What makes you happy?” Queen Neherenia asked Zirconia.

“Seeing you in the mirror everyday,” Zirconia replied. “Well, I don’t want to see you in the mirror anymore and now, I don’t have to!” Queen Neherenia broke through the mirror, destroying Zirconia, and was in the real world. Outside, the sun was completely covered now and hundreds of small circus tents descended from the sky.

The ceiling was beginning to cave in. Sailor Moon found the sleeping Sailor Chibi Moon and held her in her arms. The other Sailor Senshi tried to attack Queen Neherenia but she easily blasted them with the Golden Crystal. The Amazoness Quartet watched from behind some rubble. “As it is, they will be killed,” Cere Cere said of the Sailor Senshi. Ves Ves suggested that if they still the Golden Crystal, they’ll have a chance to win. Palla Palla brought out a small pineapple and they decided that it was worth a shot.

Meanwhile, at Mamoru’s apartment, Helios appeared to Mamoru and brought Prince Endymion to Illusion. Prince Endymion said that it seemed familiar. Helios told him that Illusion, his lost and golden kingdom, was the sacred place was protected by Prince Endymion’s family.

“Who are you?” Prince Endymion asked.
“I am guardian of the Golden Crystal at Illusion, Helios.”
“I recognize your voice. You have always saved Sailor Moon and I. You are Pegasus, right?”
“I’m so sorry. Even though I’m a guardian, I couldn’t protect the Golden Crystal. As a result, not only this planet, but also your body has been cursed and invaded by evil darkness.”
“Illusion is a world supported by the power of people on Earth, right?”

“Yes, but it’s over now. I couldn’t protect the important dreams of people. Because of Dead Moon, the people’s power to see dreams will be lost.”

“Is that so? Even when covered by many kinds of darkness, the people’s power to see dreams always lets the flowers of hope to come out into the world! Even if you think of giving up, you can’t do it. That’s the dream, isn’t it? Helios, why have you protected the dreams of people for so long?”
“It’s because…it’s because it’s my mission.
“Is that all?”
“No…because I like dreams and people with beautiful dreams. My dream is to protect them!”
“Is that dream already lost?”
“No. Never.”

Helios ran off to help Super Sailor Moon. He gave Sailor Chibi Moon a kiss to wake her up from the spell. Queen Neherenia was going to use the Golden Crystal to attack again but, in her hand, was not the crystal but a small pineapple! Ves Ves tossed the Golden Crystal to Super Sailor Moon so she could use it to defeat Queen Neherenia.

Super Sailor Moon held up the Golden Crystal but nothing happened. The crystal only worked with beautiful dreams and the people’s dream were too diminished. “The power of beautiful dreams still exist,” Helios told Sailor Chibi Moon. Sailor Chibi Moon ran up to the Golden Crystal and started to yell into it. “Everybody, can you hear me? Everybody on Earth with beautiful dreams, please, lend me your power! Right now, bad guys are invading our world to ruin it. If we let them do what they want, this world, where we’ll realize our dreams, will be ruined!”

“They’re trying to infringe on everything, such as our important dreams and beloved ones! Please! Please, pray with me! Please, fight with me! Please, shout with me! Moon Crisis Power!”

All of the people in world suddenly stopped what they were doing and began to shout, “Moon Crisis Power!” over and over again! The darkness over the city started to disperse and the Golden Crystal was reacting. With a last shout, Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon shouted together, “Moon Crisis Power!”

An intense blast came forth from the Golden Crystal, engulfing Queen Neherenia. All of the smaller circus tents were destroyed and everyone was unconscious on the ground. The main circus tent was rising up in the air with Queen Neherenia holding an unconscious Sailor Chibi Moon.

Sailor Moon spotted them and jumped on to the lifting tent rubble. The tent was going back to the New Moon to be sealed again and Queen Neherenia knew there was nothing she could do to stop it. When Sailor Moon reached Queen Neherenia, she found the queen slumped in front of a mirror.

The queen’s reflection was of an ugly and old deformed woman. “Horrible! Is this my real figure?” Queen Neherenia said. She then saw Sailor Moon. “Don’t come any closer, girl of the White Moon! I see it…you’re a reincarnation of the White Moon Queen!”

“Do you know me?” Sailor Moon asked.
“You don’t remember me? I was always watching your kingdom! Your kingdom was full of light! I jealously watched your kingdom which promised happiness! I’ll tell you why I became the lonely queen standing alone on a cold and small planet! I use to be a queen surrounded by lots of servants!” Queen Neherenia said that all of the people in her kingdom loved her beauty and she had believed that her beauty would last forever but one day, she asked a mirror to show her her future because her dream was to be beautiful forever.”

The mirror showed her an ugly and old woman and Queen Neherenia was horrified. The mirror chanted over and over again to her, “Never… never be suspicious of dreams within the dreams of dreaming kids!” until she began to chant it as well. She was possessed by evil and, in order to keep her beauty, she ate the dream mirrors of all her servants and her servants turned into lemures.

Sailor Moon was sad to hear the story and asked if this was why was always alone. Queen Neherenia got angry and chocked her over the edge of the tent. They were now very high up and a fall would surely kill them. But even as Queen Neherenia chocked Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon was very sympathetic of her and Queen Neherenia could see it in her eyes. “Don’t look at me with those eyes!” Queen Neherenia said in a teary voice. She let Sailor Moon go but threw Sailor Chibi Moon over the edge. Sailor Moon ran to the edge and looked over.

“How does it feel to see her falling?” Queen Neherenia asked. Sailor Moon looked back at Queen Neherenia and then leaped over the edge after Sailor Chibi Moon.

Queen Neherenia was very surprised but said, “That was foolish. She gave up her own future and dreams.” The tent was almost near the New Moon now and Queen Neherenia said, “I will be alone forever.” She went into the mirror and back into her old chambers, which are now in ruins. Right before the mirror is sealed into the New Moon, Queen Neherenia said, “I will keep on living and I will stay beautiful and young forever!”

As Sailor Moon fell, she transformed into Princess Serenity and used her power to catch up to the falling Sailor Chibi Moon. She grabbed a hold of Sailor Chibi Moon but they were still falling. She tried to wake up Sailor Chibi Moon. “Please wake up! I can’t use the Golden Crystal myself!”

Sailor Chibi Moon finally did wake up and she transformed into Small Lady. “Let’s realize our dreams together!” they said. Helios heard Small Lady’s cry and transformed into Pegasus. He caught them on his back and flew them to safety.

Later, they all gathered at the park. Helios told everyone that he had to leave because he to return to Illusion and continue guarding the Golden Crystal. Chibi-Usa wanted to go with him but he said that she wouldn’t be able to stay in Illusion until a long time from now.

Helios gave Chibi-Usa a sweet kiss on her hand and said, “I will not forget you.” Makoto, Minako and Rei were all shocked to see Chibi-Usa had fallen in love with someone. Chibi-Usa pretended to have seen a UFO to get everyone to look away as she ran on Helios and gave him a long hug. “I will miss you so much,” Chibi-Usa said.

The Amazoness Quartet were looking behind a bush from a distance. “I don’t think it’s proper to say good-bye to them,” Cere Cere said. “Well, if we get a chance, I’m sure we can see them again,” Ves Ves said. The Quartet smiled at each other and walked away. Helios transformed into Pegasus again and began to fly away. Chibi-Usa ran along side him because she wanted to tell him something but it was too late. He was gone.

“I didn’t tell you about myself or my dreams!” Chibi-Usa said.
Usagi touched Chibi-Usa’s shoulder. “You will see him again!”
Chibi-Usa looked into the sky and thought, “I know that I’ll see you again. Then, I’ll let you know my dream, Pegasus!”

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