Tokyo – Sailor Moon SuperS (Part 3)

Events from Sailor Moon SuperS Movie

Somewhere far from Tokyo, Madame Vadiane convinced four Sugar Fairies that, with the help of their powers, she would lead all the children into a world of dreams in which they can never be hurt by anyone. The four Suger Fairies agreed.

By Madame Vadiane’s orders, the four Sugar Fairies began to visit different cities around the world, hypnotising children into boarding their airships and bringing them to the world of dreams that Madame Vadiane established in the sky.

One day near the end of December, all the girls were over at Makoto’s apartment baking cookies.1 Everyone was amazed at Ami as she used the bottom of a glass to push down balls of cookie dough to make each cookie a perfect circle. “I learned it from my mother,” Ami told them. “Although she’s always been busy and hard to find at home, she often made cookies like this whenever I was depressed when I was younger. She would say, ‘Here you are, Ami! My special cookies to make you hundreds of times more energetic!'” Suddenly, the cuckoo clock chimed and the bird came out of the clock.

“Oh! The 3 o’clock fairy already?” Makoto said.
“The 3 o’clock fairy?” Luna asked.
“My mother made cakes for me when I was little too,” Makoto explained. “Once when I asked her why she made cakes at 3:00 and she said, “That’s because of the 3 o’clock fairy! At 3 o’clock, the fairies come to tell every mother to make sweet snacks for their children. I didn’t really know when she meant so I thought the bird that came out of the cuckoo clock was the fairy.”

Ami and Makoto continued to reminsce about their mother’s special cookies and cakes. Chibi-Usa said, “I envy you guys. My mother in the future can’t make anything but especially burnt cookies.”

Everyone laughed, except for Usagi. The oven timer rang and Usagi and Chibi-Usa took their cookies out of the oven. Usagi’s cookies were really cute, shaped like hearts and bunnies, but Chibi-Usa’s cookies just looked a bunch of clumps. Usagi laughed at Chibi-Usa, “Look how beautiful my cookies are! And in contrast, how ugly yours are!”

Chibi-Usa yelled back, “Shut up! My cookies can beat yours by their superb taste! They are special enough so that one bite makes you energetic and powerful hundreds of times over!”

Usagi disagreed and said that her cookies must taste good. She ate one and her face turned sour. All the girls crowded around Chibi-Usa’s cookies, which tasted really good despite how they looked.

Chibi-Usa with Diana on her head left the apartment. Her cookies were in a cute bag with a ribbon and she was planning to go give them to Mamoru. On the way, she spotted Peruru looking into a window of a bakery. She thought Peruru was very suspicious-looking because of this clothes and wings. She stood next to him and started to stare at him from different directions. He smiled at her and she frowned back. Diana meowed. “What a cute cat!” Peruru said. Diana jumped on his shoulder and started to lick his face. He began to laugh and Chibi-Usa couldn’t help but laugh also.

“What are you doing here? Are you waiting for someone?” Chibi-Usa asked.
“I’m watching the children come out of the store, they look so happy,” Peruru said.
“You can say that again! That’s because this is a sweet snack store!”
“Yeah, this city is really nice! Every mother looks really gentle.”

“Yes…but there are some exceptions. My mother is slow, clumsy, and a crybaby. She even steals my snacks, but I sometimes do the same thing!”
Peruru laughed, “You are funny. This is a great city! Even the snacks even look happy!”
Chibi-Usa peered into the window. “You know how they feel?”
“Look! They almost start dancing to make children happy.”
“To me, they just look delicious.”

Peruru began to play his flute and several cookies formed a dancing figure. Chibi-Usa and Diana were shocked. When he stopped playing, the cookies returned to normal. Chibi-Usa quickly faced Peruru and stuck out her hand. “I’m Chibi-Usa!” Peruru looked at her hand in surprise but then shook it and said, “I am Peruru!”

Peruru and Chibi-Usa walked to the end of the street together. Chibi-Usa handed her cookies to Peruru.
“What are they?” he asked.
“They are my homemade cookies,” she replied. Peruru stared at them for awhile. “Even though they don’t look beautiful, my cookies will win with their superb taste! They are so special that one bite will make you more energetic and powerful hundreds of times over!”
“Can I keep them?” Peruru asked.

Chibi-Usa nodded and Peruru was very happy. Chibi-Usa said, “Good-bye!” and waved to him as she left. Peruru happily waved back.

Usagi arrived at Mamoru’s apartment and right when she was let it, she looked under Mamoru’s bed. “I guess that annoying kid is hiding somewhere here,” she said.
“Are you talking about Chibi-Usa? You shouldn’t call her that. She’s not here today,” Mamoru told her.
“When did you get that shirt?”
“The other day when I went shopping with Chibi-Usa.”

Usagi frowned. She grabbed Mamoru’s hand and looked at him with puppy dog eyes. “Who is more important to you, me or Chibi-Usa?”
Mamoru began getting nervous and didn’t answer.
“Tell me!” Usagi pressed but he still doesn’t answer and Usagi began getting melodramatic. “Even with the best homemade cookies in the world! What an unfortunate woman I am.”
“Wow, you brought cookies? Let’s have a cup of coffee!” Mamoru got up and started walking to the kitchen.

Just then, the news came on the radio. “Children all over the world have been disappearing over night. This strange occurrence has been confirmed in 43 cities in 27 countries. The authorities have no information regarding the whereabouts of the missing children.” Usagi and Mamoru looked at each other upon hearing the strange news.

That night while everyone was asleep, flute music filled the city. Chibi-Usa’s bedroom window blew open and her room filled with the mysterious music. She sat up like a zombie and her eyes were glazed over as if she were under a spell. Diana ran to Usagi’s room and woke up her up. The followed Chibi-Usa outside and she was walking barefoot and in her pajamas into the street.

The other girls were outside as well and wondered what was wrong with Chibi-Usa. Then, Chibi-Usa walked out on the road with hundreds of other children who were also under the spell. Ami used her computer to analyze the flute music and said it was giving off unusual energy. The children were walking toward a large airship and were getting on board. “We are going to the world of sweets!” the children said.

The girls tried to make Chibi-Usa and the others from walking any further but the children were hypnothized and kept boarding the ship. Usagi picked up Chibi-Usa, put Chibi-Usa over her knee, and spanked her a few times on the bottom. “Why did you do that, stupid Usagi?!” Chibi-Usa said. “Oh! Where am I?” Chibi-Usa didn’t remember anything.

The girls noticed a boy, Pupuran, their age playing the flute on the top of the airship. “Don’t disturb us!” he said to them. “We won’t let this continue!” the girls said. He sent his candy monsters, Bon Bon Babies, to fight them and the girls transformed into the Super Sailor Senshi.

At first, the Super Sailor Senshi were fighting the Bon Bon Babies with no problem but there were so many of them. When Tuxedo Mask tried to fight Pupuran, but the Bon Bon Babies knocked him into the ship. The Bon Bon Babies continued to fight the Super Sailor Senshi until a voice cried out, “Stop it!” It was Peruru and he had Chibi-Usa’s cookies tied around his belt. “Brother, since when did you enjoy violence?” he asked Pupuran.

Suddenly, a projection of Madame Vadiane lit up above the airship. “What are you doing?” she said. “We can’t allow any delays in our schedule.”
“Peruru is delaying our work,” said Pupuran.
“Why do you want us to gather children by using violence?” Peruru asked.
“You are being rude to Madame Vadiane!” Pupuran said.
“I can’t let this go on! I don’t believe in Madame Vadiane anymore,” Peruru said.
“She is doing this for the eternal happiness of the children,” Pupuran said.
“I don’t think so!” Peruru said. Super Sailor Chibi Moon ran up to Peruru.
Madame Vadiane saw her and asked, “Is she the one who has troubled your mind?”
“No!” Peruru said. “She’s not involved!” “Continue your work,” Madame Vadiane said to Pupuran. “Bring that girl too.”

Madame Vadiane powered up the Bon Bon Babies so that they could no longer be destroyed by the Super Sailor Senshi’s attacks. Two Bon Bon Babies grabbed Super Sailor Chibi Moon and threw her on the ship, which was now lifting up into the sky. Tuxedo Mask tried to save her but the Bon Bon Babies injured him badly. Sailor Chibi Moon was being crowded by all the children on the ship. She called to Super Sailor Moon but there was nothing the Sailor Senshi could do. The ship departed with all the children singing, except for Sailor Chibi Moon.

The airship brought Sailor Chibi Moon and the children to magical palace in the sky, Magipan Castle. Inside the palace, all of the children ran out of the ship into a room of darkness. Then, Sailor Chibi Moon saw all the children asleep in glass coffins. A black bolt of lightning hit Sailor Chibi Moon and she was brought before Madame Vadiane. Madame Vadiane told Sailor Chibi Moon that she felt a special energy from Sailor Chibi Moon. Madame Vadiane used the sleeping children’s sugar energy to expand her Black Dream Hole. Soon, the Black Dream Hole would be big enough to swallow the entire Earth and everyone would live in dream coffins, sleeping forever.

“You are a fool! It’ll never happen!” Sailor Chibi Moon said.
“Oh? And why do you think so?” Madame Vadiane asked.
“Because Sailor Moon is on the earth!” Sailor Chibi Moon replied.

Back at on Earth, strange clouds were looming across the sky and the Sailor Senshi took Peruru to Mamoru’s apartment. Mamoru was lying in bed, recovering from his injuries. Usagi held his hand. “Is Chibi-Usa all right?” Mamoru asked. “Yes, she is all right,” Usagi lied.

Peruru took the Sailor Senshi to his own ship and they were approaching Magipan Castle. Peruru remembered when he first agreed to help Madame Vadiane. He never imagined it would come to this.

Suddenly, Pupuran and two of the fairies, Oranjiya and Bananu, were shooting at Peruru’s airship with cannons. The airship caught fire and crash lands on the surface of the palace.

“What are we going to do with all of you?” the three fairies asked.
“I’ll stop what Vadiane is doing!” Peruru shouted.
“Give us back Chibi-Usa and the children!” Sailor Moon demanded.
“Chibi-Usa?” Pupuran said. “Oh! That little girl. Madame Vadiane likes her very much.”
“She says the girl would be the best kind of energy to give the Black Dream Hole!” Bananu said.
“I won’t forgive you!” Peruru said.
“How stupid you are! You shall die as well,” Pupuran said to his own brother.

Pupuran, Oranjiya, and Bananu sent Bon Bon Babies to fight the Sailor Senshi. With Madame Vadiane’s increased strength from Sailor Chibi Moon and the extra children, the Sailor Senshi were no match for the Bon Bon Babies. The Bon Bon Babies had them surrounded when “World Shaking!” hit the fairies from the site. Sailor Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto had arrived much to everyone’s surprise! They had been led to Magipan Castle by the evil within it and Sailor Pluto’s feeling that a crisis was approaching Small Lady. Sailor Neptune’s Deep Aqua Mirror was able to find the invinsible castle easily.

Sailor Uranus used her Space Sword to cut Oranjiya’s flute in half. Oranjiya turned into a pink bird and flew away. Sailor Mars realized the fairies’ weakness and used “Flame Sniper” to destroy Bananu’s flute. Bananu turned into an orange bird and flew away also. Sailor Uranus pointed the Space Sword at Pupuran and demanded, “Why are you kidnapping children?”

Pupuran replied, “We want to change the world so children can stay as children! What’s wrong with that?” He became angry and played a tune for the Bon Bon Babies to attack but Sailor Uranus slashed his flute. Pupuran turned into a blue bird and flew away. All the Bon Bon Babies were gone. Peruru was sad about his brother but he told everyone to climb aboard his ship. The ship entered Magipan Castle and was in Madame Vadiane’s chamber. Madame Vadiane blasted them and the ship capsized, causing everyone to fall out. “Where are the children?!” Sailor Venus demanded. “They are right here,” Madame Vadiane replied. The Sailor Senshi looked beneath them and the floor they were standing on was the tops to the glass coffins with all the children in them.

Peruru became very angry and charged toward Madame Vadiane but some black energy blasted him back. “What a stupid boy you are, Peruru. After all my help to make the fairies’ dreams for a beautiful and sweet world come true!” Madame Vadiane said.
“Nobody can become happy in the world you are making! I want to protect the world where children can grow up with their friends and family!” Peruru said.
“Is this the girl who told you such ricidulous things?” Madame Vadiane held Sailor Chibi Moon in her hand.
“Chibi Moon!” the girls exclaimed. Sailor Moon was happy to see that she was okay.

The ceiling opened up and the Black Dream Hole was hanging over the sky. “The Black Dream Hole becomes more and more powerful as it eats the dream energy of the children!” Madame Vadiane said. Black bolts of energy came from the Black Dream Hole and spread over the glass coffins, extracing energy from the children. Madame Vadiane held up Sailor Chibi Moon toward the Black Dream Hole and a black bolt struck her. Sailor Chibi Moon screamed as her transformation was undone, leaving a bunch of loose pink ribbons. The Sailor Senshi tried to attack Madame Vadiane but a forcefield surrounded her. “As I expected, this little girl has the best source of energy to grow the Black Dream Hole!” Madame Vadiane said.

Peruru and Sailor Moon boarded Peruru’s ship and it started approaching Madame Vadiane. “Our thoughts on Chibi-Usa direct this ship!” Peruru told Sailor Moon so they thought about Chibi-Usa and it kept moving toward Madame Vadiane. The ship reached the forcefield and was trying to get through. It eventually smashed against the forcefield into several pieces. Madame Vadiane laughed at their failed attempt but one piece of the wreckage floated back up inside the forcefield with Peruru and Sailor Moon still on it. “Give back Chibi-Usa!” Sailor Moon demanded.

Madame Vadiane started to fly toward the Black Dream Hole with Peruru’s ship along side her. “If you get anymore closer, you’ll be shallowed up by the Black Dream Hole!” Peruru warned Madame Vadiane.
“How stupid of you!” Madame Vadiane said. “The Black Dream hole is part of my body! It’ll swallow up this planet using the girl’s sugar energy!”
“I won’t let it happen!” Peruru said. Madame Vadiane disappeared into the Black Dream Hole with Chibi-Usa. “Damn!” Peruru pounded the piece of ship they were on and the cookies tied to his belt almost blew away but Sailor Moon caught it.
Sailor Moon took out a cookie and looked at it”They are so special that one bite will make you energetic and powerful hundreds of times over!” Sailor Moon said. She ate the cookie and jumped into the Black Dream Hole.
“No!” Peruru called after her. “You won’t be able to come back!”

The Black Dream Hole expanded tremondoulsly from Sailor Moon’s energy inside of it. Inside the Black Dream Hole, Sailor Moon swam around, looking for Chibi-Usa. Black lightning flashed all around her, making it hard to move around. She spotted Chibi-Usa floating by herself in the ribbons of her transformation. Sailor Moon grabbed her and tried to wake her up. “Don’t wake her up! Don’t distrub her dream!” Madame Vadiane’s voice said.

Suddenly, Sailor Moon was inside of Mamoru’s apartment carrying Chibi-Usa. Mamoru awoke from his bed and said, “Usagi? What are you doing here?”
“Mamoru!” Sailor Moon exclaimed. “Are we in your apartment?”
“Of course!”
“Are your wounds better?”
“They aren’t serious.”
Sailor Moon showed Chibi-Usa to Mamoru. “Chibi-Usa won’t wake up!”
They put her into Mamoru’s bed and Sailor Moon watched her. Mamoru put his arms around Sailor Moon and said, “She’s all right. Chibi-Usa is having a wonderful dream. Let her enjoy it. We are alone now. Nobody will disturb us.”
“But we have to save the children and the others!” Sailor Moon told him.
“Don’t worry about the others,” Mamoru said to Sailor Moon’s shock. “I’m happy just when you’re here with me.”
He was about to kiss her when Sailor Moon asked, “Mamoru, who is more important to you, me or Chibi-Usa?”
“You, of course!” Mamoru answered without hesistation.
Sailor Moon stepped away from Mamoru and picked up Chibi-Usa. She turned to Mamoru and said, “Mamoru, you’re always handsome, even in my dream.” Mamoru looked shocked and the apartment began to fade away. “Crisis power!” Sailor Moon called.

The Silver Imperium Crystal burst with light and broke the dream coffin that Sailor Moon was in. Sailor Moon swam away with Chibi-Usa in her arms. “You escaped my dream coffin!” Madame Vadiane exclaimed. “Sailor Moon, what are you going to do? Take your hands off that girl! Then, you can go back to the pleasure of the dream coffin again! Otherwise, the fire will burn you to death!” Black lightning zapped Sailor Moon repeatedly. Sailor Moon thought about the other girls and how they said that happiness is real when you are chasing it. She smiled and the Silver Crystal burst with white light again that penetrated the Black Dream Hole.

The light from the Silver Crystal showered over all the Sailor Senshi and Peruru outside. Peruru grew colorful wings on his back and all of the Sailor Senshi’s transformations returned. But the lights soon faded away and Madame Vadiane was even more angry. She hit Sailor Moon with fireballs over and over again. Sailor Moon used her body to protect Chibi-Usa and Sailor Moon was injured badly. “Please everyone!” Sailor Moon called to the Sailor Senshi outside. “Please everyone! Please lend me your power!” The Sailor Senshi’s powers go to Sailor Moon and her power was revived. Her body was covered in white light and was now invinsible to Madame Vadiane’s fireballs. The Silver Crystal fed power to Sailor Chibi Moon’s transformation brooch and Sailor Chibi Moon’s transformation returned. She woke up and smiled at Sailor Moon.

“Let’s go!” Sailor Moon said and Sailor Chibi Moon nodded. A moon kalied scope appeared in both of their hands and they charged through the core of the Black Dream Hole. Madame Vadiane screamed in pain as the Black Dream Hole imploded and eventually disappeared with her inside. Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon smiled at their victory and the airships returned all the sleeping children to their homes.

Later on the beach, Peruru gave Sailor Chibi Moon his flute and said, “I want you to keep this.”
“Are you leaving?” she asked.
“No,” Peruru said. “I am the fairy who protects the beautiful sugar energy growing inside of children. I’m always with you.”
Sailor Chibi Moon kissed Peruru on the cheek. (She forgot about Pegasus already?!)
Peruru blushed and touched his cheek. “Thank you very much for the cookies and say hello to Diana!”
“Bye-bye, Peruru! I’ll see you again!” she called and he flew away into the sunlight.

Sailor Moon SuperS, Part IV
Return to Tokyo


1 The events of “Sailor Moon SuperS” movie.
2 The Coming-of-Age Ceremony is held once a year in Japan to celebrate all the people who are having their 20th birthday that year.