Tokyo – Sailor Stars (Part 1)

In a star system far from Earth, the Sailor Wars began in which the Sailor Senshi of the star system opposed the evil Chaos. The Legendary Golden Sailor Senshi defeated Chaos by sealing him into her own body but, eventually, Chaos was beginning to control her body. In an act of desperation, the legendary Sailor Senshi released her star seed into space. “Fly away my star, the Light of Hope, to a place where Chaos can’t find you…to the stars of love and justice,” she told it.

Galaxia was determined to become the ruler of the entire galaxy by collecting all the star seeds of the galaxy. Every person has a star seed but only the star seed of Sailor Senshi would shine forever. Galaxia arrived at Princess Kakyuu’s planet and destroyed it but Princess Kakyuu was able to escape. Her Sailor Senshi, the Sailor Starlights, also escaped and began a galaxy-wide search to find Princess Fireball and protect her.

One day in the beginning of March, Galaxia arrived on Earth. Sailor Pluto sensed a new crisis coming and went to Professor Tomoe to collect baby Hotaru because Sailor Saturn may be needed soon.

All the girls were starting high school now. They were all attending the same high school now, except for Rei, who attended a girl’s private school, which was an extension from her middle school. Chibi-Usa told the girls and Mamoru that she and Diana would be going back to the 30th Century today. Everyone, including Luna and Artemis, gathered at the park to see them off. Artemis was sobbing like a baby over Diana leaving. Chibi-Usa held up the Time Key and a beam of pink light shot up into the sky. The cherry way was ready for them to go.

Meanwhile, in the seal of the New Moon, Queen Neherenia floated around inside the mirror. “This is the perfect place to preserve my beauty forever,” she said to herself satisfied.
Suddenly, Galaxia’s voice called out to her, “Great Queen Neherenia, it is such a waste to keep your beauty locked up.”
“Who are you?” Queen Neherenia asked.
“I will grant all your wishes!” Galaxia’s voice said and Queen Neherenia’s seal was broken.

Queen Neherenia floated above Tokyo and saw the pink beam from Chibi-Usa’s time gate in the distance. Galaxia showed her a vision of Usagi and Chibi-Usa. She was shocked that they were still alive since Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon were falling from the sky when she was sealed. She thought that they had surely died from the fall. At first, Queen Neherenia calmly accepted this as her bad fate but Galaxia told her that her enemies were alive and happy as she wasted away in the seal they put her in. “You should be Queen of the Earth and experience happiness,” Galaxia kept coaxing Queen Neherenia’s anger until Queen Neherenia screamed because she was so angry. The mirror of Queen Neherenia’s soul came out of her body. “This is the mirror of your nightmare,” Galaxia said. “Break it and make everyone pay for your suffering.” Queen Neherenia hesistated but Galaxia shouted, “Break it!” Queen Neherenia grabbed the mirror and shattered it. Shards of the mirrors glittered as the it spread over the city. Galaxia laughed, “Now your revenge will be complete!”

From the city, the falling mirror shards looked like shooting stars. Everyone watched the shooting stars and Mamoru flitched in pain because one got in his eye. Usagi asked if he’s okay and he said he was fine. He looked at her and Usagi saw a flash of gold in his eye but then it disappeared. Just then, Chibi-Usa cried out because the cherry way disappeared. Luna suggested that the shooting stars may have disrupted the cherry way and that Chibi-Usa should be able to go once the stars stop falling.

Meanwhile, Haruka and Michiru were on the roof of an aquarium when the shards began to fall from the sky. Several people on the roof winced in pain as shards fell on them and into some people’s eyes. Haruka and Michiru looked at the shooting stars frantically and one fell on Haruka’s hand, cutting her. Michiru pulled the shard out with her teeth and spit it on a handkerchief. Suddenly, Haruka knocked it out of Michiru’s hand and the shard turned into a glass woman with Queen Neherenia’s hairstyle. All the shards on the ground began to turn into mirror parodies also and they were about to attack when Sailor Pluto’s “Dead Scream” attack blasted them into pieces. She was holding baby Hoturu.

“Sailor Pluto?! Is is really you?” Haruka asked.
“There is a large warp in the timeline,” Sailor Pluto said.
“Is that Hotaru?”
“I borrowed her from Professor Tomoe.”
“The time is approaching when we will need her power.”

The glass fragments reformed into mirror parodies again. Sailor Pluto laid baby Hotaru in a bed of flowers while Haruka and Michiru transformed into Sailor Uranus and Neptune. The three Sailor Senshi fought the mirror parodies but, whenever they destroyed one, it would reform again. They didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden, a mirror parody grabbed Sailor Uranus and threw her over the side of the building. Sailor Neptune grabbed Sailor Uranus’ hand, saving her but she was hanging over the building. “You need to lose weight,” Sailor Neptune said. It was taking all her strength to hold Uranus up and she couldn’t pull her up. “Hotaru!” Sailor Pluto screamed in fear. Several mirror parodies were holding Sailor Pluto down and another one was over baby Hotaru about to kill her.

Baby Hotaru opened her eyes and looked gently at the glass parody. Suddenly, an enormous purple blast bursted from Hotaru, disintegrating the mirror parody, and the symbol of Saturn appeared on Hotaru’s forehead. Sailor Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune disappeared and found themselves praying together in space. They are basked in light and transformed into Super Sailor Senshi.

Energy surrounded them and they were back at the aquarium. They attacked the mirror parodies and this time the glass parodies were destroyed permenantly. “Is this the new enemy?” Sailor Neptune asked. Hotaru stood up, draped in the blanket. She had become the appearance of four-years-old now. “The time is approaching,” Hotaru told them. “The princess is in danger.”

A week later, Usagi and Mamoru were in the park sitting on a bench. Usagi was holding a metallic balloon and was talking to Mamoru excitedly. Usagi began to realize that Mamoru wasn’t paying attention so she would say tongue twisters and then Mamoru would just reply “Oh.” Finally, Usagi finally blew up at him, saying that he wasn’t listening. At the moment, Usagi’s balloon reflected sunlight into Mamoru’s eye that the mirror shard fell into. He cried out in pain and slapped Usagi’s hand. The balloon floated into the sky. Mamoru gathered himself and apologized to Usagi, telling her he would buy her a new balloon. Usagi was really worried about Mamoru and told him to forget about the balloon. He told her to not worry about him and he had just hadn’t been feeling well lately. “I just need some rest,” Mamoru said. Usagi told him to go and get rest then. Mamoru left and Usagi watched him, very worried.

Meanwhile, Setsuna, Haruka, and Michiru were living in a new house with Hotaru. Hotaru was very happy living with “Haruka-papa”, “Michiru-mama”, and “Setsuna-mama”.

“Hotaru has been growing at an amazing rate,” Haruka said.
“Every morning, she’s grown a lot,” Michiru said.
“It’s not just her body, it’s her mind too,” Setsuna said.

They gathered in Hotaru’s room. Hotaru was holding a glowing energy ball. Setsuna said that Hotaru was simulating the big bang. The ball grew quickly, expanded into a starry sky, and eventually into the solar system. Michiru admired the solar system’s beauty but then the white moon became covered in a black cloud. Hotaru collapsed and the women rushed to her. Hotaru cried out in fright and Haruka held her. “What in the world is going to happen?” Haruka said with worry in her voice.

The night, a vision of Sailor Saturn filled Hotaru’s bedroom with light. Hotaru looked at Sailor Saturn a little scared. “Wake up!” Sailor Saturn said to her.
“Who are you?” Hotaru said.
“I’m Sailor Saturn. I’m your protector. The time has some. You have to awaken.” Sailor Saturn touched her glowing finger to Hotaru’s forehead. Hotaru’s mind flooded with memories from her previous life and the battle against Pharoh 90. The symbol of Saturn appeared on her forehead. Sailor Saturn was awake again.

Hotaru went into the living room where Michiru, Setsuna, and Haruka were talking. Hotaru was now her original age before she was reverted to a baby. The women were shocked. “The princess is in danger,” Hotaru told them. “The darkness is approaching.”

The next day, the girls gathered at Rei’s temple. Rei told them that a dark energy tried to enter the mirror she had in the shrine. After she threw an anti-evil scroll on to the mirror, the dark energy went away. Minako and the others noticed that girls around the school were acting strangely and staring into their mirrors all day. Some shards of Queen Neherenia’s mirror glimmered on the ground and then they grew into mirror parodies. The glass parodies attacked the girls so the girls transformed into Super Sailor Senshi. The Sailor Senshi destroyed the glass parodies with the help of Tuxedo Mask and the Outer Senshi but the glass parodies were reform as they spoke. Everyone was shocked that the Outer Senshi were there.

“Why did you come?” Sailor Moon said.
“Saturn told us about your crisis,” Sailor Pluto said.
“It’s time for you to awaken as the real Princess of the Moon,” Sailor Saturn said. “Everyone must gather their hearts together.” Sailor Saturn’s body started to glow with energy. The three Outer Senshi also started to glow, followed by the four Inner Senshi and Sailor Chibi Moon.
“I can feel everyone’s power flowing through my body,” Sailor Moon said.

The powers of the other Sailor Senshi entered Sailor Moon’s transformation brooch and her brooch became the Eternal Moon Compact. Sailor Moon shouted, “Moon Eternal Make Up!” and transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon’s wand also transformed into the Eternal Tial. She held up the Eternal Tial and beams of light shot out from it and destroyed all the mirror parodies instantly. Then, Eternal Sailor Moon collapsed and transformed back into Super Sailor Moon. The Inner Senshi rushed to help her up. Sailor Saturn said, “This is Sailor Moon’s real power. I have come to tell you this.” Everyone, including Sailor Moon, was astonished.

Later, Usagi walked Mamoru back to his apartment. “Mamo-chan, are you really okay?” Usagi asked very worried. “I’ll be all right if I rest,” Mamoru said. He went in his apartment and Usagi left. Mamoru washed his face and looked in the mirror. “I feel like this body isn’t mine,” he said to himself. Queen Neherenia appeared in the mirror with her arm around his chest but he doesn’t seem to notice. “You are mine,” she said to Mamoru. “Princess of the White Moon, I’ll take everything you love.” Mamoru’s eye flashed with gold light.

In the middle of April, girls everywhere were staring strangely into mirrors all the time. The news also said that there were many reports of girls losing their energy. During one of these news reports, Michiru looked into her Deep Aqua Mirror and saw Mamoru’s image. The Outer Senshi decided that Mamoru’s condition and the energy-drained girls must be related.

At school, Usagi and the others noticed that many girls were staring into mirrors with a zombie-like facsination. Usagi approached one girl who was staring into her compact mirror. “Hi!” Usagi said to her. “What’s so interesting about your compact? Is there something special about it? I want to see!” The girl ignored her but Usagi became really excited and grabbed the compact from the girl. She looked inside, “I don’t see anything different about it.” A dark energy came from the compact and began to swirl around Usagi. Makoto saw the dark energy and knocked the compact out of Usagi’s hand. It feel on the floor and broke. The girl fell to her knees and was crushed that her compact was broken. “I’m sorry,” Makoto said to her. “Here, you can have mine.” She handed the girl her own compact but the girl didn’t pay attention. “How am I supposed to go on living without this compact?” the girl said. She stared at the pieces like a zombie and her eye flashed with a gold light. Usagi recognized the gold flash as the same as Mamoru and he had been acting strange too.

Usagi quickly went to Mamoru’s apartment. Mamoru didn’t answer the door when she rang the bell but she entered with a spare key, which she called a “symbol of the love between us”. None of the lights were on in the apartment and there were mirrors everywhere. Usagi quietly entered his room. He was hanging up yet another mirror and stood in front of it. A silouette appeared in the mirror and his eye flashed again. Usagi rushed towards him and stepped on a mirror lying on the floor, cracking it.

“Who’s there?!” Mamoru said.
“Mamo-chan…” Usagi said.
“Don’t come into a person’s room without permission!”
“I’m sorry. I’m just worrid bout you.”
“You don’t have to worry about me.” He caressed the broken mirror and cut his finger. Usagi tried to kiss his finger but Mamoru pulled away. He then came to his senses and said, “I’m sorry, Usako. I’m just not feeling well. I just need a little rest.”
“That’s okay. I brought you some food that my mom made. I’ll just put on the kitchen table.” She started to leave. “Call me when you feel better, okay?” Right before she went out the door, she turned around and glanced at Mamoru. He was staring into the mirror again.

Usagi met up with the other girls at Rei’s temple to talk about Mamoru. They decided that Mamoru’s and the schoolgirls’ fascination with mirrors must be related to the mirror parodies they fought earlier. Setsuna and Hotaru came to the temple and said, “The danger is approaching. Michiru and Haruka are already on their way to Mamoru’s apartment. We should all go there as quickly as possible!” The girls transformed and ran to Mamoru’s apartment.

When Sailor Pluto, Sailor Saturn, and the Inner Senshi arrived at Mamoru’s apartment building, Sailor Neptune and Uranus were fighting with mirror parodies. Sailor Pluto and Saturn stayed with them to help fight as the Inner Senshi went into the building. As the Inner Senshi ran up the stairs toward Mamoru’s apartment, Sailor Moon remembered the silouette she saw in Mamoru’s mirror and she realized who’s silouette it was. She stopped dead in her tracks.

“What’s wrong?” the other Sailor Senshi ask.
“It’s Neherenia!” Sailor Moon said.
“Are you sure?!”
“Yes! Mamo-chan!!!!” Sailor Moon ran up the stairs even faster.

The Sailor Senshi burst into Mamoru’s apartment. Mamoru was still standing in front of a mirror and his eye flashed again. Sailor Moon ran up to him and tried to pull him away from the mirror but Mamoru slapped her across the face. Sailor Chibi Moon rushed to Sailor Moon’s side and yelled, “Mamo-chan, how could you?!”

Queen Neherenia appeared in the mirror and said, “I’ll destroy everything you love, like him!” She reached out of the mirror, grabbed Mamoru, and pulled him into the mirror with her. Sailor Moon tried to grab him but she bounced off the mirror. Sailor Mars and Mercury tried to attack but their attacks had no effect.

Sailor Moon stood up and said, “Everyone, please!” Everyone contributed their powers to Sailor Moon and she transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon. Several mirror parodies came out of the other mirrors but Eternal Sailor Moon’s attack destroyed them quickly. “Return Mamo-chan to me immediately!” Eternal Sailor Moon demanded but then suddenly her power-up faded and she returned to Super Sailor Moon. “Why am I returning to normal? Why can’t I stay like this?!”

Queen Neherenia laughed and began to walk further into the mirror with Mamoru. “His heart will be mine by the next dawn. Can you reach me before then?” She continued to laugh until she and Mamoru disappeared. Suddenly, Sailor Chibi Moon began to flash. She untransformed back into Chibi-Usa and fainted.

Later at Rei’s temple, Chibi-Usa was lying in bed still unconscious. Setsuna said, “If Mamoru isn’t saved, then Small Lady will not exist anymore.” Usagi started to cry and ran down the path away from the temple. The others told Usagi that it was a trap and that they would go fight Queen Neherenia. “I can’t just sit and wait,” Usagi told them. “I have to go help Mamo-chan!” Usagi’s tears began to fall on her transformation brooch and the brooch transformed into the Eternal Moon Compact. Usagi transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon, this time without anyone’s help. Rei realized what Usagi intended to do. She leaped over a table and ran to catch Eternal Sailor Moon but she was too late. Eternal Sailor Moon flew into the sky and disappeared.

“Stupid Usagi!” Rei said.
“Let’s go after her. We have a duty to protect the princess,” Hotaru said. Everyone transformed and used “Sailor Teleport!” to follow Eternal Sailor Moon.

Somewhere in empty space, Usagi floated around and wondered where she was. Queen Neherenia appeared in a mirror floating in front of Usagi. “You knew this is a trap. You love him that much? I remember how you threw yourself to save the one you loved before (referring to their last battle) but miracles don’t happen twice.” Queen Neherenia disappeared and Usagi found herself in a blizzard. She struggled to her feet and Queen Neherenia’s voice said, “If you don’t reach me before dawn, his heart will be mine.”

In her castle, Queen Neherenia sat on a throne surrounded by mirrors and spider webs. Mamoru sat on the floor on the side of the throne, looking dazed. Queen Neherenia watched Usagi struggling in the blizzard from one of the mirrors. In another mirror, she saw the other Sailor Senshi approaching her. The Sailor Senshi held hands, flying through space. Sailor Chibi Moon began to disappear again but thoughts of her mother and father solidified her body. Sailor Saturn squeezed her hand and told her everything would be okay.

Queen Neherenia threw her glass goblet into the mirror and the shards came towards the Sailor Senshi. When the shards hit them, their chain broke and they were seperated.

Sailor Uranus and Mercury found themselves in a group of ruined columns. Sailor Mercury couldn’t find any trace of Sailor Moon or Mamoru on her computer. Sailor Uranus took off running and Sailor Mercury tried to keep up. They reached a small cliff and looked over to see what the surrounding were like. The land was empty and stretched out as far as they could see. Sailor Uranus started to walk farther but Sailor Mercury told her to wait until she analyzed the area with her computer. Suddenly, Queen Nehereina appeared before them and the two Sailor Senshi began to attack her with no results. After Sailor Mercury realized their attacks weren’t working, she started to busily type things into her computer and Sailor Uranus continued to fight. Queen Neherenia trapped Sailor Mercury in a bolt of black lightning but Sailor Mercury didn’t fight back and continued to type. “What are you doing?1” Sailor Uranus shouted. “Fight back! Aren’t you still a Sailor Senshi?!” Sailor Mercury didn’t respond and kept typing. She thought, “This is my way of fighting.” The bolt continued to zap her and she fell to her knees from the pain but she kept typing. Suddenly, the bolt stopped. Sailor Mercury looked up and Sailor Uranus was standing in front of her, protecting Mercury from the bolt and taking it herself. “Hurry up,” she told Mercury. “I can’t stand this much longer.” Sailor Mercury’s computer honed in on the eclipsing moon in the sky and told Sailor Uranus to attack it.

Once Sailor Uranus destroyed the eclipse, the world around them shattered to reveal they were really in empty space and Queen Neherenia was really a mirror parody. Sailor Uranus quickly destroyed the glass parody with her Space Sword.

“How did you know it was an illusion?” Sailor Uranus said.
“Queen Neherenia’s hair wasn’t blowing in the wind,” Sailor Mercury replied.

Suddenly, two large mirrors appeared behind the two Sailor Senshi and Queen Neherenia’s arms dragged them inside. The two Sailor Senshi became frozen in the floating mirrors.

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Mars were in a forest, standing back to back. Both of them point confidently in opposite directions and said, “This way!” Sailor Neptune started to walk toward the way she chose and said, “What are you going to do?”
“I’ll go with you,” Sailor Mars said with a long sigh. “If you were Usagi, she would follow me…”
“You two are good friends…just like Uranus and me.”
Sailor Mars looked really shocked. “No! It’s not that way with us.”

Sailor Neptune and Mars began to run through the forest when Queen Neherenia appeared before them. “I’ll show you my evil power!” she said and a ring of fire appeared around the two. The ring of fire moved closer and closer to the two Senshi and Sailor Mars’ skirt began to catch fire. Sailor Mars tried frantically to put it out when Sailor Neptune threw her “Deep Submerge” attack through the fire and it disappeared. “That kind of illusion isn’t going to trick us,” she said. Sailor Mars was surprised and thought, “I’m not up to her level!” The illusion of the forest shattered and the two Sailor Senshi floated in empty space. Queen Neherenia laughed and vanished, reappearing behind Sailor Neptune and chocking Neptune with her hair. Sailor Mars started her “Flame Sniper” attack but Queen Neherenia pulled Sailor Neptune in front of her, using her as a shield. Sailor Mars paused and she was hit by Queen Neherenia’s black bolt.

“Fire!” Sailor Neptune told Sailor Mars. “Have you forgotten our duty? We promised to protect the Princess.” Queen Neherenia strangled Sailor Neptune even more. Sailor Mars released her “Flame Sniper” attack and Sailor Neptune managed to jerk out of the way as the attack hit Queen Neherenia. Queen Neherenia turned into a mirror parody and shattered. Sailor Mars and Neptune were both exhausted and collapsed on the ground. Mirrors appeared below then and they were sucked in.

Sailor Venus and Sailor Pluto were in an “Indiana Jones” like place, running from a bunch of mirror parodies. They reached a deep canyon with a rope bridge hanging over it. The mirror parodies came closer and Sailor Pluto shouted to Sailor Venus, “I’ll hold them off. You go. When you get to the other side, cut the bridge.” Sailor Venus protested but Sailor Pluto said, “You’re the only one who can become the leader. If we both die, who’s going to save the princess?! Hurry up!”

The mirror parodies attacked and Sailor Pluto fought them off as Sailor Venus began to carefully cross the weak bridge. She got about half way there when she looked back and saw the Sailor Pluto was getting beat up badly. Sailor Venus ran back to Sailor Pluto and attacked the mirror parodies, shattering them. Before they finished reforming, Sailor Venus grabbed Sailor Pluto’s hand and ran across the bridge with her. Halfway across, the bridge snapped and the two Sailor Senshi began to fall into the canyon. Sailor Venus threw up her “Love Chain Encircle” and it caught on something. The two dangled over the bottomless canyon and gave a sigh of relief.

“Why did you come back?” Sailor Pluto asked.
“How can I leave my teammate?” Sailor Venus replied. “As leader, I order you to fight with me to protect the princess.”

The two smiled at each other but they heard Queen Neherenia’s laugh. She stood the top of the cliff holding the end of the Sailor Venus’ chain and she let it go. As Sailor Venus and Pluto fell, two mirrors appeared under them and they fell into the mirrors. Queen Nehereia turned into a mirror parody and laughed.

The real Queen Neherenia watched Usagi in the blizzard from a mirror in her throne room. “Your princess is coming,” she said to Mamoru. Usagi’s clothes were tattered and her shoes were gone now. She kept calling out for Mamoru over and over again as she trudged through the snow. Suddenly, the snow and blizzard were gone and she found herself in a beautiful warm field of flowers.

“Are you looking for someone?” a flower asked.
“Yes, I’m looking for Mamo-chan,” she replied. “Have you seen him?”
“No, we haven’t seen anyone. Is he in trouble?”
“Yes, he’s under Neherenia’s curse.”
“Curse!” all the flowers shivered in fear.
“I must find him!” Usagi stood up.
“Him? Who?”
“Who?” Usagi seemed confused. “I don’t remember.”
“Where were you going?”
“I don’t remember. Where was I going?” Usagi’s eyes glazed over, now under a spell.
“You can stay here,” the flowers giggled. “Just forget everything that’s bad.”

Usagi knelt down with the flowers and began to talk to them happily, completely forgetting about Mamoru and Queen Neherenia. Queen Neherenia appeared near her and gloated over the hypnotised Usagi. She was about to hit Usagi when Sailor Jupiter rammed herself into Queen Neherenia, throwing her into the air. Sailor Jupiter tried to wake Usagi up from the trance but Queen Neherenia mocked her and said, “I can’t keep anyone in the dream. They only stay in it if they want to. She has chosen to stay in her dream and won’t come out of it.” Sailor Jupiter said, “It’s a lie! You trapped Usagi in a nightmare!”

Sailor Jupiter began to battle Queen Neherenia. Queen Neherenia knocked Sailor Jupiter with a blast almost into Usagi’s lap but Usagi was still oblvious. Queen Neherenia blasted a bolt at Usagi but Sailor Jupiter jumped up and shielded her from the attack.

“Why do you save her?” Queen Neherenia said. “She doesn’t care about you. She only cares about her own dream.”
“She’s the kind of person who will sacrifice herself for others,” Sailor Jupiter told her. “We all love Usagi. Don’t you have any friends like that?”

Sailor Jupiter’s words about friends echo in Queen Neherenia’s mind. “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! A friend? I don’t need one of those. I’ll trap you like the others.” She blasted Sailor Jupiter over and over again as she shielded Usagi. Finally, Sailor Jupiter collapsed. Queen Neherenia’s last blast knocked one of her rose earrings off and it rolled in front of Usagi. A mirror appeared under Sailor Jupiter and she was trapped in it.

The rose earring reminded Usagi of Mamoru. She suddenly stood up and said, “Mamo-chan!” The field of flowers disappeared and Usagi stood at the bottom of a long, long flight of stairs leading to Queen Neherenia’s castle. Thorns appeared and covered the stairs completely. Usagi began to push her way through the thorns cutting herself in many places with each step. “Wait for me, Mamo-chan!” she said.

Queen Neherenia continued to watch from her throne room when suddenly Sailor Saturn and Sailor Chibi Moon appeared behind her. Sailor Saturn pointed her Silence Glaive at Queen Neherenia’s throat. Sailor Chibi Moon rushed to Mamoru and tried to wake him up but Queen Neherenia laughed and said he would never wake up. Sailor Chibi Moon began to fade in and out again. “You are the final pieces for me to torture the Princess of the White Moon!”

Queen Neherenia disappeared and a large blast knocked Sailor Saturn across the room. Sailor Chibi Moon continued to hold Mamoru and said, “If you don’t wake up, I’ll disappear!” Queen Neherenia appeared in a mirror overhead and a storm of black lightning hit Mamoru’s eye. Sailor Saturn jumped in front of him and blocked the lightning with her Silence Glaive.

“I will have to release my power of destruction to end everything,” Sailor Saturn said.
Queen Neherenia laughed and said, “If you use that power, you will be destroyed too. Do it if you can.” “That is my destiny.”
“What good is that?”
“I believe in the Princess.”

Sailor Saturn attacked Queen Neherenia but Queen Neherenia recovered quickly and trapped Sailor SAturn in a mirror. Sailor Chibi Moon began to fade even more.

“Neherenia…” Usagi said with exhaustion and she entered the throne room. Her clothes were ripped and she had bleeding scratches all over her face and body.
“Welcome, Princess of the White Moon,” Queen Neherenia said. “But you are too late. It will be dawn soon. He will never awaken.” She laughed and caressed Mamoru’s hair.

Sailor Chibi Moon lay on the ground, fading in and out. Usagi rushed to her and held her in her arms. Sailor Chibi Moon faded some more and said, “Usagi, I couldn’t save Mamo-chan…but I believe in you.” Sailor Chibi Moon completely disappeared into sparkles of lights. Usagi collapsed into tears. “Chibi Moon!”

Queen Neherenia laughed as Usagi sat on the floor and cried. Usagi turned around and saw the mirrors holding all of the Sailor Senshi for the first time. “Why?” Usagi asked.
“To get revenge on you,” Queen Neherenia said. “So you feel the loneliness that I felt.”

Usagi remembered Queen Neherenia’s story of loneliness and thought of her as a young queen, being possessed by the evil mirror’s gold eyes. Queen Neherenia blasted Usagi over and over again, slamming her into a wall. She picked up Usagi by the throat and began to strangle her. To her surprise, Usagi’s eyes were filled with tears for Queen Neherenia. “Stop it! Don’t look at me with those eyes!” She strangled Usagi more but Usagi continued to cry with sympathy. Finally, Queen Neherenia threw Usagi across the room and collapsed on the floor.

“You should be mad at me!” Queen Neherenia said. “Hate me!”
“If it was me, I couldn’t live alone,” Usagi told her. “I can’t stand being alone like you.”
“How can you know what I felt?”
“If you want revenge, you should take it out on me. Return everyone else. It’s all right. Everyone will understand your situation. They’ll become your friends. Take your revenge on me.”

Usagi got up and Mamoru’s eye shined brighter than ever. The mirror shard came out of his eyes and shattered. Then, the mirrors holding the other Sailor Senshi also shatter. The Sailor Senshi and Mamoru formed a circle around Usagi and Queen Neherenia. A shower of lights appeared next to Mamoru and Sailor Chibi Moon re-materialized, taking Mamoru’s hand. “Chibi-Usa, Mamoru, everyone…” Usagi whispered.

Queen Neherenia began to attack everyone frantically. Mamoru turned into Prince Endymion and everyone was unharmed by the attacks. The Sailor Senshi began to glow and they told Queen Neherenia, “Believe in Usagi.” Usagi transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon. Her wand grew into a tall staff and a beam of energy shot into the eclipsed moon.

“Remember your real dream,” Eternal Sailor Moon said.
“I wanted a friend that I can talk to,” Queen Neherenia said. “Can I really start over?” The blackness over the moon slowly moved away until it was completely gone. Neherenia began to cry and then the mirror that possessed her shattered. Queen Neherenia disappeared into a brilliant wash of white light.

Somewhere in the distant past, little Queen Neherenia woke up from a bad dream in her throne room. Her servants told her it was time for her to go to bed. She began to walk away when she turned around and asked, “Can someone sing me a lullaby?” One of her servants said, “Of course, I will.” The little queen was thrilled.

Back at the castle, Eternal Sailor Moon gave Sailor Jupiter back her earring and said, “Thank you.” Everyone smiled. Somewhere in space, Galaxia’s laugh echoed loudly.

Sailor Stars, Part II
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