Tokyo – Sailor Moon S (Part 3)

Days later, Rei, Haruka, and Michiru’s dreams about the destruction of the world became more intense and detailed. Rei could make out a face of the Messiah of Silence and it was Hotaru but she did not recognize her. Haruka and Michiru saw the Messiah of Silence hold the Silence Glaive and they realized that the Messiah of Silence was Sailor Saturn, the soldier of destruction.

Michiru said that if it was Sailor Saturn, even they may not be able to stop her. Haruka said that their only hope to save the planet was to destroy Sailor Saturn before she awoke.

That day, all of the girls with Hotaru went to the planetarium. Mimete and her daimon attacked. While the Sailor Senshi fought, Hotaru had another attack. Chibi-Usa was going to run to her side but Sailor Uranus told her to stop and watch. Hotaru’s attack became worse and then her body began to float and glow an eerie purple glow. The planet symbol of Saturn appeared on her forehead and everyone was shocked. “Hotaru, a Sailor Senshi?” Sailor Moon said in disbelief.

Saturn’s power froze the daimon long enough for Super Sailor Moon to destroy it. Suddenly, Sailor Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto attacked an evil-looking Hotaru. Hotaru laughed at them and didn’t move as their attacks approached her. Chibi-Usa cried out for them to stop and jumped in front of Hotaru. Super Sailor Moon leaped and pushed both girls out of the way. Hotaru did not have enough energy to awaken as Sailor Saturn and fell unconscious. The Outer Senshi were angry. “She is Sailor Saturn, the soldier of destruction. If we don’t kill her, Saturn will awaken and, if she awakens, the planet will be destroyed!”

“Kill Hotaru?” Chibi-Usa said. “That’s horrible! There must be another way.”
“We knew you would say that,” Sailor Neptune said.
“There is no other way,” Sailor Pluto said. “It is the fate of the stars.”

Hotaru disappeared and reappeared asleep in her room. Professor Tomoe told Pharoh 90 that Hotaru is Sailor Saturn, the soldier of destruction, and that she was perfect for the role of Messiah of Silence.

By January 1995, Mamoru discovered that Professor Tomoe is the founder of Mugen Gakuen (Infinity) Academy, Michiru and Haruka’s high school. Setsuna told the others that the two of them enrolled to be spies because they believed that Professor Tomoe was affiliated with the Death Busters. Usagi and Chibi-Usa continued to say that there must be another way to prevent the end of the world than killing Hotaru. “This is why we don’t want you involved in our mission,” Setsuna said.

In her next battle, Mimete used one of Eudial’s old machines that allowed her to enter a large auditorium TV screen. While inside, Tellu, the next of the Witches 5, pulled the plug of the machine while Mimete was inside, killing her. In Professor Tomoe’s lab, Kaolinite brought Professor Tomoe some coffee. He said that his shoulders hurt so she started to massage him. “This is the least I can do since you brought me back to life,” Kaolinite said happily. Professor Tomoe said that her talents were wasted as his assistant and that he wished she was her old self again.

He walked away and she stuttered out, “But…I want…” She became disappointed and then angry. Quickly, she transformed into the clothes she used to fight in before and teleported out of the lab. Tellu used energy-draining plants that eventually would take a person’s pure heart crystal when its flowers bloomed. Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon, and Pluto quickly foiled her plot and Tellu was killed in her only battle by one of her own plants.

Several days later, Haruka and Michiru found the throne room of the Messiah of Silence and Hotaru, dressed as the Messiah of Silence, sat in it. They were about to kill Hotaru when Ami showed up and tried to stop them. Then, Viluy of the Witches 5 attacked them with her robots. The rest of the Sailor Senshi appeared and Super Sailor Moon destroyed the remote control armband the Viluy used to control the robots. The robots then turned on Viluy and killed her.

Up to this point, it seemed that Kaolinite loved Professor Tomoe. She was very jealous whenever Professor Tomoe praised one of the Witches 5. She decided that she would win his approval by bringing the Messiah of Silence the purest of all pure heart crystals. She concluded that Chibi-Usa’s pure heart crystal should be perfect. While the Sailor Senshi were out fighting the last of the Witches 5, Cyprine and Ptilol, Sailor Chibi Moon snuck out and went to Hotaru’s mansion. She was kidnapped by Kaolinite despite Sailor Pluto and Tuxedo Mask’s effort to save her.

After defeating Cyprine and Ptilol, the Inner Senshi along with Sailor Uranus and Neptune entered the throne room of the Messiah of Silence. Professor Tomoe stood in front of an altar and lying on the altar was Sailor Chibi Moon. “You are just in time,” said Professor Tomoe. “The ceremony to revive the Messiah of Silence is about to begin!” A force field prevented the Sailor Senshi from approaching Sailor Chibi Moon. The Messiah of Silence opened her eyes and an arm of energy extended from her body.

The arm of energy went inside of Sailor Chibi Moon’s chest and pulled out Sailor Chibi Moon’s pure heart crystal. Sailor Chibi Moon instantly untransformed. Hotaru swallowed Chibi-Usa’s pure heart crystal and she transformed into Mistress 9. “She is not Sailor Saturn,” Sailor Neptune said. “She is a Death Buster!”

Mistress 9 thanked Kaolinite for her work but said that she was no longer needed and killed Kaolinite instantly with a bolt of energy. Mistress 9 and Professor Tomoe disappeared into the Professor’s lab. Professor Tomoe and Mistress 9 stood in front of a large dome-shaped machine. Once the Holy Grail was placed into the machine, Pharoh 90 could enter this world and destroy it.

The Sailor Senshi took Chibi-Usa to Mamoru’s apartment where Mamoru used his life-force to keep Chibi-Usa alive. Setsuna said the she would be returning with Haurka and Michiru to the Mugen Academy to destroy the Messiah of Silence. “Have you forgotten that she is Hotaru?” the other girls asked. Setsuna said there was no other way to save Small Lady and left. The Inner Senshi also went to Mugen Academy but they believed they could save everyone without sacrificing anyone.

As the Sailor Senshi approached the school, Mistress 9 put up a large force field around the building. The Sailor Senshi were going to use Sailor Teleport to get in when a wave of liquid daimons attacked them. They were overwhelmed with fighting the daimons when Mistress 9 captured Sailor Moon. Without Sailor Moon, the other four Senshi could not use Sailor Teleport and were stuck outside. The daimon force field was growing into the city so the four Inner Senshi kneeled on the ground and used their powers to form a barrier to prevent the daimon force field from getting any larger.

Above the school, Sailor Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were coming in by helicopter. There was a star-shaped hole at the top of the force field that they were going to try to go through when the liquid daimons attacked the helicopter. The force of the dozens of daimons on the helicopter crushed it and caused it to explode. In mid-explosion, Sailor Pluto froze time.

“What have you done?” Sailor Uranus said, amidst the frozen smoke and fire.
“I have stopped time,” Sailor Pluto replied. “Now use this opportunity to escape.”
“I didn’t know you had this kind of power!”
“This is the most forbidden thing for me to do as Guardian of Time.”
“What will happen to you?” Sailor Neptune asked.
Sailor Pluto’s eyes were warm. “If you ever find the true Messiah…” She never finished her sentence.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune teleported into the building and the helicopter exploded and Sailor Pluto died. Sailor Uranus and Neptune found themselves surrounded by daimon vessels. Professor Tomoe’s daimon, Gerumatou, left from his body and attacked Sailor Uranus and Neptune. It was too difficult for them to fight all of the daimon vessels with only the two of them and they began to lose. From out of nowhere, Sailor Pluto’s voice whisphered, “Talisman.”

Suddenly, the Space Sword appeared before Sailor Uranus and the Deep Aqua Mirror appeared before Sailor Neptune. With the Mirror, Sailor Neptune figured out which daimon vessel was Gerumatou and Sailor Uranus used the Space Sword to kill it. Gerumatou and all the vessels were destroyed. Professor Tomoe was back to normal and still alive. He whispered weakly, “Hotaru…”

Sailor Moon awoke in a dark room and Mistress 9 posing as the normal Hotaru lied next to her. Hotaru asked Usagi to take out the Holy Grail to save her and Chibi-Usa. Sailor Moon backed away from Hotaru and said, “How do you know I am Usagi? You are not Hotaru!” Hotaru turned back into Mistress 9 just as Sailor Uranus and Neptune burst through the door. The two Senshi attacked Mistress 9 but Sailor Moon jumped in front of her and was blasted by the attacks.

Mistress 9 captured Sailor Neptune and Uranus and trapped them into a stone pillar. “If you do not give me the Holy Grail, I will kill them,” Mistress 9 said to Sailor Moon. Sailor Neptune and Uranus yelled for Sailor Moon not to give her the Holy Grail. Professor Tomoe staggered to Mistress 9 but she started to strangle him with her hair. Suddenly, she stopped and Hotaru’s voice called out, “Papa!” Mistress 9 started to whisper about the Holy Grail. Professor Tomoe said Hotaru needed the Holy Grail so Sailor Moon took it out.

“Why, Sailor Moon?!” Sailor Uranus shouted.
“You are not the Messiah!” Sailor Neptune screamed. “You don’t have the right to decide!”

“Hotaru is still alive,” Sailor Moon said. “I don’t believe Hotaru has to be sacrificed to save this world.” She gave the Holy Grail to Mistress 9, who thrusted it into the machine. The Holy Grail disintegrated. As Pharoh 90 began his journey into the world, large bolts of energy came from the machine. One was aimed at Mistress 9 but Sailor Moon blocked her from being attacked.

Hotaru began fighting Mistress 9 from inside of her body. The sign of Saturn appeared on Mistress 9 forehead and glowed until it destroyed Mistress 9. Sailor Saturn paid a visit to Mamoru’s apartment and gave Chibi-Usa back her pure crystal heart. She then appeared before Sailor Moon.

“Thank you for protecting my body, Sailor Moon,” Sailor Saturn said.
“Hotaru?” Sailor Moon exclaimed.
“I am no longer Hotaru. I am the only one who can save this world from the Silence. Now that Pharoh 90 has the Holy Grail, who do not have enough power.”
“But what will happen to you?”
“I am called the Sacrificing Soldier because I have the power to destroy but, when the time comes to destroy, I myself…”
“Now, you can’t!”
“Goodbye.” Sailor Saturn leaped into Pharoh 90’s machine.

Sailor Moon tried to follow her but she was blocked by Pharoh 90’s power. She tried desperately to transform into Super Sailor Moon, shouting, “Crisis Make-up!” over and over again as tears streamed down her cheeks. The other Sailor Senshi heard Sailor Moon’s cries and transferred their powers to her. A magnificent pure heart crystal came out of Sailor Moon’s chest and she transformed into Super Sailor Moon. She entered the machine.

Sounds of battle and flashes of pink energy came from the machine. Pharoh 90’s power grew smaller and smaller until it finally faded away. There was nothing left but building rubble. Quietly, a butterfly floated down from the sky and flew behind a pile of rubble. The Sailor Senshi looked up and there was Super Sailor Moon, her clothes torn from battle, holding baby Hotaru.

Michiru and Haruka took care of the new baby Hotaru for several days and then delivered her to Mr. Tomoe, who was back to normal and recovering in the hospital, to take care of. The doctor told Haruka that he lost some of his memory because of a head injury but he would be able to live a normal life. Mr. Tomoe was very happy to have Hotaru again.

While Chibi-Usa was riding her bike in the park, Sailor Pluto’s ghost appeared to her and said, “Small Lady, you are doing well. I wish I could hug you but my body doesn’t exist in this world anymore.” Chibi-Usa begged “Pu” to come back because she was lonely that both “Pu” and Hotaru were gone. Sailor Pluto said that Sailor Saturn was still there. “Hotaru had two personalities: Sailor Saturn and Mistress 9. With Sailor Moon’s help, Hotaru destroyed Mistress 9 and has been reborn on this world. She is starting a new life.” Despite Chibi-Usa’s protests, Sailor Pluto faded away. “See you later, my Small Lady. Take care.”

Just like when Chibi-Usa first met Hotaru, Chibi-Usa’s hat was blown away by the wind. Mr. Tomoe in a wheelchair and holding Hotaru caught Chibi-Usa’s hat. She knew Mr. Tomoe and the baby looked familiar. “What is your baby’s name?” she asked Mr. Tomoe and he said it was “Hotaru”. Baby Hotaru reached out to Chibi-Usa and Chibi-Usa held her hand….”

Meanwhile at the site of the previous battle, Usagi, Ami, Rei, Minako, and Makoto were trying to piece together what really happened. They weren’t sure Hotaru and Sailor Pluto were still alive. Suddenly, Sailor Uranus and Neptune challenged Sailor Moon to a battle. They were angry at that Sailor Moon protected the Soldier of Destruction and risked the safety of the Earth. “You do not possess the qualities of a future queen!” The Inner Senshi wanted to jump in and fight Sailor Neptune and Uranus but Sailor Moon stopped them.

She tried to reason with them. “I know I was too trusting but I don’t think what I did was wrong. Sailor Saturn may be the Soldier of Destruction but she is still a Sailor Senshi. I am sure I saved her. I remember holding her.” Usagi commanded, “Haruka and Michiru, change your positions! The rest of you too!”

Sailor Neptune and Uranus said that she would have to make them change their positions or they will be enemies forever. Sailor Neptune attacked Sailor Moon and knocked her into the ground. The Inner Senshi again were about to go to her side but Tuxedo Mask stopped them. “Sometimes the only way they will understand each other is to fight. It is best if we stay out of this.”

Sailor Uranus began to fight Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon successfully dodged her punches but was soon caught in Sailor Neptune’s armlock. As Sailor Neptune held Sailor Moon, Sailor Uranus began to charge forward with an attack. An instant before Sailor Uranus’s attack contacted, Sailor Moon began to give off light and she disappeared. Sailor Uranus charged right into Sailor Neptune, knocking them both to ground. They were defeated. Sailor Uranus and Neptune knelt before Sailor Moon.

“You are as good as I expected Princess…I mean, future queen,” Sailor Neptune said.
“Thank you for showing your great power at the last moment, said Sailor Uranus.
“Our mission is complete.”
“We found the true Messiah and saved the Earth.”
“Who is the true Messiah?” Sailor Moon called after them.
Sailor Uranus and Neptune laughed. “Always the same,” Sailor Uranus said to Neptune. They get up and start to walk away.

“She is quite different from us,” Sailor Neptune said to Uranus. “She even saved the Soldier of Destruction.”
“You’re right,” Sailor Uranus agreed. “Not only Saturn, but us too. We should’ve thanked her.”
“Wait!” Sailor Moon called after them. “Tell me one thing! Is Hotaru alive?”
Sailor Neptune and Uranus turned around and smiled. “You’ll see her again.”

Usagi believed them and knew they would all see Sailor Pluto and Hotaru again. Michiru and Haruka drove away and out of Tokyo to live normal lives now that their mission was completed.

A week later, Chibi-Usa received a letter from Neo-Queen Serenity. Neo-Queen Serenity asked Chibi-Usa to come home soon because they were lonely without her. Chibi-Usa was sad because she wouldn’t see Usagi, Mamoru, or the others again but she went back anyway.

Later that night, she returned to present day Tokyo with another letter from Neo-Queen Serenity. Neo-Queen Serenity thanked them for the gifts that Chibi-Usa returned with and asked for more gifts when she came back again. “That’s definitely Usagi!” everyone agreed.

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