Tokyo – Sailor Moon SuperS (Part 1)

Four girls, the Amazoness Quartet, were running through the lush jungles of the Amazon. Palla Palla (Parra Parra) fell down and started to cry. The other girls stopped and helped her back up. Then, they saw something glittering in a nearby pond. The girls went into the pond and walked up to it. It was a beautiful mirror. They pulled it out of the sand. Queen Neherenia spoke to them from inside the mirror. The girls were amazed at the talking mirror.

“I wonder if it’s a magic mirror!” one of the girls exclaimed.
“Yes, I can use magic,” Queen Neherenia told them.
The girls were delighted.
“Thank you for waking me up,” Queen Neherenia said. “As a symbol of my gratitude, I want to give you these.” Four billard balls, the Amazon Stones, appeared before them. “With the Amazon Stones, you can use magic too and you can be children forever.”

It was now March of 1995. Chibi-Usa was sleeping at Usagi’s house when she had a dream of a Pegasus calling her name in the middle of a forest. When Chibi-Usa reached out to him, she transformed into Small Lady. He told her, “Do not tell anyone of our meeting.” and he disappeared. She called out to him and asked if he was the one calling her but he did not answer. Chibi-Usa woke up.

Usagi was very excited. Everyone had gathered at the park to watch the solar eclipse. At the moment the solar eclipse began, a large circus tent appeared in the sky and floated down to the city. No one noticed the unusually tent, except for Usagi, who forgot about it almost instantly. The Dead Moon Circus had arrived, lead by Master Zirconia (Ziconia).

Zirconia summoned the Amazon Trio, Tiger’s Eye, Fish Eye, and Hawk’s Eye. Their mission was to find Pegasus, who could only exist by living inside of a human’s beautiful dream. The Amazon Trio gathered around a bar to look at photographs, taken by Zirconia’s eyeball-bird, Zircon, of potential targets. Tiger’s Eye preferred to target young girls. Fish Eye, who was attracted to men, preferred to target handsome guys. Hawk’s Eye preferred to target middle-aged women.

Unazuki (Lizzie/Elizabeth) told Chibi-Usa about her boyfriend at the Crown Parlor. She said that she was waiting for her boyfriend to tell her that he loved her. Chibi-Usa said, “Sometimes women shouldn’t sit and wait for a prince on a white horse. Instead, they should get on the back of the horse and find the prince themselves.” Usagi was surprised that Chibi-Usa said something so mature and concluded that she must have read Usagi’s mother’s books.

Unazuki became Tiger’s Eye’s first target. Tiger’s Eye cornered Unazuki. He counted “One” and a wall appeared behind Unazuki, “Two” and Unazuki was locked to the wall, and “Three” forced the Unazuki’s dream mirror to come out of her chest. Tiger’s Eye stuck his head into the mirror and looked for Pegasus. Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, and Tuxedo Mask came to the rescue but Tiger’s Eye’s lemure overpowered them. It looked pretty hopeless. Sailor Chibi Moon thought to herself, “Please someone help us. Otherwise, we’ll die!”

Suddenly, a pink light flashed in the sky and Pegasus appeared. Pegasus’ power caused Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon to transform into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon. Super Sailor Moon received a new weapon, the Moon Kalied Scope, and defeated the lemure. Tiger’s Eye panicked and jumped into a ring of fire, disappearing. The wall holding Unazuki disappeared and she was okay. Pegasus also disappeared. “I knew it wasn’t a dream,” Chibi Moon thought but didn’t tell anyone about her encounter with Pegasus, just like he told her not to.

The Amazon Trio’s third target was Usagi’s mother, who was attacked by Hawk’s Eye, and Pegasus once again came down from the sky to help Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon.

This time Pegasus told them that they will have a new super transformation. Both of their brooches were changed and Super Sailor Moon’s wand turned into the Moon Kalied Scope permenantly and Super Sailor Chibi Moon’s wand turned into the Crystal Carillon. Their new attack began with Super Sailor Chibi Moon begging for Pegasus’ help and then ringing the Carillon. Pegasus decended from the sky. His horn lit up with power and powered up Super Sailor Moon’s wand, allowing her to perform her attack and destroy the lemure.

Weeks later, Mamoru’s college friends, Saori and Kobayashi, visited Mamoru’s apartment for the first time. Saori had a crush on Mamoru and Kobayashi liked Saori. Saori wondered why there were no pictures of Mamoru’s girlfriend in his apartment. They sat down on the couch when the doorbell rang.

Mamoru went to get it and he returned with Usagi and Chibi-Usa clinging to his arms. Usagi introduced herself as Mamoru’s girlfriend and Chibi-Usa disagreed and said that she was Mamoru’s girlfriend. The two argued until Mamoru told them to stop. Saori, believing that she did not have to worry about competition, laughed and offered the two girls cake. Usagi ate happily while Chibi-Usa grew suspicious of Saori and her relationship with Mamoru.

That night, Chibi-Usa had a nightmare that Mamoru with his arm around Saori broke up with Usagi because he loved Saori now. Usagi cried and called after Mamoru, saying, “No! If we don’t get married, Chibi-Usa will never be born!” Chibi-Usa awoke from her dream abruptly and frightened.

The next day, Usagi and Chibi-Usa were in a gift shop. Usagi was trying to decide which of two stuffed animals, hippopotamus or horse, to buy because she only had enough money for one. Chibi-Usa, who was still uneasy about Saori, left the store to investiage herself.

Chibi-Usa found Mamoru and Saori walking together. Saori had asked Mamoru to help her shop for a guy. Mamoru asked if Saori was in love since she needed his help to shop. Saori blushed but still didn’t have the guts to tell Mamoru how she felt about him. Chibi-Usa ran into Kobayashi, who was also secretly following Mamoru and Saori. Kobayashi told Chibi-Usa that everyone at the university say that Mamoru and Saori would make the cutest couple. He agreed that it was true but he still loved Saori anyway. Chibi-Usa told Kobayashi to cheer up because she was on his side.

Chibi-Usa went back to the gift shop and Usagi was still there, trying to decide between the stuffed animals. Chibi-Usa explained the situation to her and Usagi began to think that Saori might steal Mamoru away from her. Just when Chibi-Usa thought that she had gotten through to Usagi, Usagi burst out laughing and said that she could never doubt Mamoru’s love. “My real crisis is the hippopotamus and the horse,” she said and went back to decide. Chibi-Usa was furious and dragged Usagi out of the store by her shirt.

Later that day near nightfall, Mamoru and Saori were done shopping and she had bought a tie. Mamoru asked if he knew the person the tie was for. Saori was very nervous and couldn’t tell him that the tie was for him. Just then, Tiger’s Eye attacked Saori. Mamoru tried to do something but Tiger’s Eye beat him away with his whip. After Tiger’s Eye realized Pegasus was not in Saori’s dream mirror, Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon arrived.

Tiger’s Eye called his balloon lemure and escaped. The balloon lemure could suffocate people by pushing against their face. It was about to go after Saori when Mamoru, who was pinned to a wall with knives, shouted out and it, being a female, was much more interested in Mamoru. It was about to crush Mamoru when Super Sailor Moon jumped in front of him and the lemure pressed against her face.

Mamoru told Super Sailor Moon to get back but she wouldn’t. The lemure said something about Super Sailor Moon willing to sacrifice herself for him but she said not to worry because she would kill them both. Super Sailor Moon was suffocating and began to struggle to get the lemure off. She was really going to die. Mamoru cried out in fear, “USAKO!” Saori looked up and realized Super Sailor Moon was Usagi. He ripped one of his arms free, grabbed a knife, and stabbed the lemure in the side, popping the balloon.

Super Sailor Moon collapsed but said she was okay. She got up and destroyed the lemure, who was trying to tape up the hole in her side. Super Sailor Moon ran to Mamoru to check if he was all right. He looked lovingly in her eyes and said, “Thank you.” They smiled at each other fondly. Super Chibi Moon was very happy. Saori looked sad and started to walk away but then she turned around to look at them again and smiled lightly.

The next day, Kobayashi asked Saori how it went with Mamoru the day before. Saori said that she didn’t tell Mamoru about her feelings. Kobayashi asked, “Why not?” She replied with a smile, “I can’t beat the girl who protects the Earth.” and she gave the tie to Kobayashi.

Near the end of April of 1995, Luna told all the girls that she caught Artemis starring at a pretty nun in front of a Catholic church. Luna said that Artemis was in love and Artemis argued that he wasn’t. Mamoru and Artemis, who looked depressed, left. Usagi and the other girls told Luna that she teased him too much, even though she knew that Artemis loved her. Luna felt bad and tried to find Artemis to make sure he was okay.

Meanwhile, Mamoru and Artemis were walking down the street when a grey kitten, Diana, fell from the sky. Diana saw Artemis and shouted, “Father!” She ran up to him and nuzzled him. Diana said that she was a little worried coming here since her mother told her to be careful and not be picked up by strangers but she was now very happy to have found “father”.

Artemis, who looked really shocked, started to protest that there was a mistake but Luna saw the whole thing. Luna was furious and yelled at Artemis, “You are so irresponsible, not only falling in love with a woman but having a child too!” Artemis was very flustered and said that it was a mistake. Luna wouldn’t hear any of it, “A kitten that talks must be your child!” She slapped his face and ran off.

Artemis returned to Minako’s house and entered Minako’s room. Minako told him that she just got a phone call from Usagi.

“She told me that you’re a daddy,” Minako said.
“It’s not true,” Artemis said.
“I don’t have a child!”
“How can you have a child without knowing? I feel really sorry for your child! Artemis, you have to take responsiblity!”

Artemis continued to argue his innocence. Meanwhile, at Rei’s shrine, the other girls were trying to comfort Luna with food. Luna, being a strong cat, told everyone not to worry about her. She was more worried about making Usagi into a great queen. “Artemis has his mission. I have mine,” Luna said. Rei, Ami, and Makoto decided that since Artemis had a child with someone else, it meant that Artemis had left Luna. “Luna and Artemis are dating?” Usagi, clueless as ever, asked very surprised. Luna told her to forget about it.

Later that night, Tiger’s Eye attacked the nun and Artemis was caught by the lemure. Luna saved Artemis from the lemure. Luna told Artemis that he really needed her. Once the lemure was defeated, Super Sailor Chibi Moon saw Diana on Tuxedo Mask’s hat. “Diana!” she called out. Diana jumped to her, “Small Lady!” It turned out that Diana was Artemis and Luna’s child from the future.

All the girls were delighted that Luna and Artemis’ relationship would grow so much in the future. Luna said that she would never have such a relationship with a cat that lusts after human women, referring to the nun again. Artemis said that Luna misunderstood. He wasn’t looking at the nun. He was looking at the church and only wished that a cat could be married at such a beautiful church. Diana said she would be staying awhile. Artemis looked at Mamoru, “Now I know how you feel.”

Diana was very cute and addressed Usagi and Mamoru with the suffix “-sama” in Japanese, which is used for royalty. Mamoru told her to just call him Mamoru like everyone else but she said she couldn’t because he would become the future king.

Chibi-Usa told Pegasus that she wanted to be friends with him and get to know him better. A small globe appeared on her table and in the globe, Pegasus appeared to her. He told her that he would like to be friends also. Chibi-Usa spoke to Pegasus through the globe every night and they became very close.

One day after school near the end of July 1995, Robert, who was a popular 6th grade soccer player, asked Chibi-Usa to go out with him. He said he would meet her tomorrow on the soccer field at 4 pm for her answer. Momoko (Melissa) said that Chibi-Usa was so lucky. That night, Chibi-Usa asked Pegasus what she should do about Robert. Pegasus, looking a bit sad, said that this was something Chibi-Usa had to decide on her own.

Usagi was watching television in the living room. The news reported that Pegasus was attacking people and causing car accidents all over the city. The next day, Usagi and Chibi-Usa met up with the other girls at Crown Parlor. The other girls instantly questioned Chibi-Usa about Robert and what she was going to say. Chibi-Usa told them that she didn’t know yet because she only met him today. The others told her that she may not know until she goes out with him.

“When you want to be with him all the time, you know it’s love,” Makoto said.
“I know what you mean,” Chibi-Usa said, thinking of Pegasus. “Like when you want to stay together with them all the time or when you just want to stop time when you’re together…”
“Maybe you are already in love, Chibi-Usa,” Minako said.
“No,” Chibi-Usa said quickly.

She started to eat when she saw the newspaper that Rei was reading. It has an article about Pegasus’ attacks and Chibi-Usa became very emotional. She shouted, “It’s not true! Pegasus would never do these things!” Ami asked, “Do you know something about Pegasus, Chibi-Usa?” Chibi-Usa was quiet for a second because she promised Pegasus she wouldn’t tell anyone about him. “No, but Pegasus always comes to help us. He would never do anything like this.”

Later, Robert was waiting for Chibi-Usa on the soccer field when Fish Eye attacked him. Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon arrived and Fish Eye brought out his lemure, which was a carousel horse that could turn into a pegasus. Chibi-Usa said that she knew Pegasus couldn’t have been behind the attacks, it was this lemure, and she called Pegasus with the Crystal Carillon.

The horse lemure quickly formed a dome of dark energy around Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon and Pegasus tried to break into the dome but couldn’t. “If you can’t get Pegasus’ power, you can’t use your attack,” Fish Eye said. The other Sailor Senshi arrived then and tried to break into the dome but also couldn’t.

“What can we do?” Sailor Jupiter said. “Become Super Sailor Senshi,” Pegasus replied but the Sailor Senshi hesistated because they didn’t know whether or not they could trust Pegasus. Pegasus kept ramming his horn into the dome, trying to break it, and Sailor Chibi Moon cried for him to stop since the dome zapped him every time he touched it. Sailor Chibi Moon said to the Sailor Senshi, “Please believe in Pegasus!”

The Sailor Senshi were convinced and asked Pegasus for his power. Pegasus transformed them into Super Sailor Senshi and the Super Sailor Senshi were able to break the dome with their new attacks. Once Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon were free, they were able to destroy the lemure. Pegasus thanked the Sailor Senshi for trusting in him and flew away. Later, Chibi-Usa told Robert that she couldn’t go out with him. He said that it was the first time he had been rejected and asked if she already liked someone. She didn’t say anything but looked up into the sky, thinking of Pegasus.

Mamoru became Fish Eye’s target about two months later. All the girls and Mamoru were at a fish store. Everyone was admiring fish and Mamoru was in a different aisle than the other girls. Fish Eye, posing as a girl like usual, was in the same aisle as Mamoru, pretending to also look at fish.

Fish Eye cut her hand on the glass of an aquarium and Mamoru tried to help him by putting his handerchief on his wound. The moment Mamoru touched him, Fish Eye could feel power from Mamoru’s hand. Usagi and the other girls came into the aisle then and became very jealous when she saw Fish Eye and Mamoru. Fish Eye, realizing that Usagi must be Mamoru’s girlfriend, tried to make Usagi even more jealous.

“No make-up. Zero sex appeal,” Fish Eye said as he looked at Usagi. “You are no match for me.”
“Who are you?!” Usagi demanded.
“I am your rival.”

Then, Fish Eye saw Diana in Makoto’s bag, became very scared, and abruptly left. He concluded that Mamoru must be Pegasus’ host since he could feel power from Mamoru’s hands. Thinking about Mamoru, Fish Eye began to blush. “What is this feeling? Am I getting serious about someone?” he thought to himself and realized that he was in love with Mamoru. Later that day, Fish Eye caught up with Mamoru walking alone on the street. “Finally, you are alone,” Fish Eye said to him and pinned him against the wall. He tried to kiss him but Mamoru turned away.

“What’s wrong? As long as it’s a secret, it’s okay,” Fish Eye approached him again and again he turned away. “Aren’t I atractive?”
“You are but I don’t love you,” Mamoru said to him.
Fish Eye looked sad and he said, “No, wait for the first time…I’m serious about someone.” He tried to lean in again but Mamoru turned away. “Okay, fine. It’s that girl. But please tell me one thing. What is so attactive about that girl, Usagi?”
“She has beautiful dreams,” Mamoru said.
Mamoru’s words cut into Fish Eye like knife. “Dreams?” he asked.

After, Fish Eye sat in a dark room in the circus tent by himself, thinking about what Mamoru said. Tiger Eye came in and suddenly, Fish Eye attacked him, trying to pull Tiger Eye’s dream mirror out but nothing appeared. “As I suspected,” Fish Eye said. “Why don’t we have dream mirrors?”

At the main chamber of the tent, the Amazon Trio appeared before Zirconia. Zirconia announced that they were receiving a message from their queen. Queen Neherenia spoke a projection and told the Amazon Trio to find Pegasus quickly because he was the only way for her to return to the real world. When Queen Neherenia’s projection was gone, Fish Eye asked Zirconia the Amazon Trio didn’t have dream mirrors. Zirconia laughed, “Haven’t you figured it out yet?” A large mirror appeared behind the the Amazon Trio and when they looked in it, their reflections were of animals. They weren’t actually human. Hawk’s Eye was really a hawk. Tiger’s Eye was really a tiger. Fish Eye was really a fish. Zirconia told them that if they do not find Pegasus by the next new moon, then they will turn back into animals and stay that way forever. However, if they capture Pegasus, they can use his horn, the Golden Crystal, to turn into real humans. Their last chance rested on Fish Eye.

In the park the next day, Fish Eye approached Mamoru in the park and attacked him. Super Sailor Moon and Super Super Chibi Moon came the rescue and in her usual opening speech, Super Sailor Moon said, “Out of all the men in the world, my God, you have attacked the best. Your sense of choice is good but I cannot forgive you! In the name of the moon, I will punish you!” While Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon fought Fish Eye’s lemure, Fish Eye looked in Mamoru’s dream mirror but she didn’t find Pegasus but he snuck in a kiss while Mamoru was unconscious.

Later that day, Fish Eye sat alone and depressed in girl form on a bench while it was heavily raining. He couldn’t return to the tent because he was afraid that Zirconia would turn him back into a fish.

Usagi was rushing home in the rain when she spotted Fish Eye sitting in the rain. “Hello, my rival, you are no match for me,” Usagi smiled warmly and offered Fish Eye her umbrella.

Usagi brought Fish Eye to her house to dry up. In Usagi’s room, Fish Eye saw a picture of Usagi and Mamoru together. Usagi brought Fish Eye some coffee and the two “girls” sat down together on the carpet.

“I heard you have lots of dreams…Mamoru told me,” Fish Eye said.
“You saw Mamoru again?! Where?! When?!” Usagi demanded. Fish Eye didn’t say anything. “C’mon! What is this suspicious silence?”
“You’re so easy-going, aren’t you? I truly envy you because you have a lot of dreams!” Fish Eye said. “Please tell me…what is your best dream?”

Usagi smiled, “Well…can’t you imagine such a simple thing, my rival?” Usagi looked toward the picture of her and Mamoru together, meaning that her dream was for them to be together.
“Oh, yes…That is your beautiful dream…” Fish Eye understood. “Mamoru smiles like this when the two of you are alone?”
“Hey! Don’t say his name as if you were an intimate friend!” Usagi said. “Let’s make things clear. Don’t approach him anymore! I’ll tell you that your sense of choice is too good because he is the best man in the world…”

Fish Eye remembered when Sailor Moon had said the same thing just earlier and he realized that Usagi was Sailor Moon. Usagi was still going on about Fish Eye staying away from Mamoru when Usagi’s mother called her to come down and run an errand. Usagi said to Fish Eye, “Don’t leave. I want to finish talking to you when I get back.” and left.

Fish Eye looked at the picture of Usagi and Mamoru again and thought, “She is Sailor Moon. Is that why she is so strong?” Fish Eye snooped into the hall and heard Chibi-Usa talking in her room. Fish Eye peaked into Chibi-Usa’s room and was shocked to find her talking to Pegasus inside of the globe. He remembered that Zirconia said that they could be human if they had Pegasus. Usagi returned home to find that Fish Eye and Chibi-Usa were missing. She went out in search of Chibi-Usa.

Fish Eye returned the the circus tent. He told Zirconia that he has seen Pegasus and that he knew who Pegasus’ host was but he didn’t want to attack beautiful dreamers anymore.

Zirconia said that she didn’t need Fish Eye to tell her because she had Zircon follow Fish Eye. Zirconia asked Zircon who Fish Eye had been spending time with and Zircon produced a picture of Usagi. Fish Eye said that she wasn’t the one but Zirconia told Hawk’s Eye that it was his mission now to get Pegasus from Usagi’s dream mirror. Zirconia also gave Hawk’s Eye an energy ball and said that once he captured Pegasus, he could use that ball to make all of them human permanently.

Despite Fish Eye’s protests, Hawk’s Eye left to complete the mission. Fish Eye followed him and Tiger’s Eye followed Fish Eye. Zirconia decided that the Amazon Trio’s usefulness has expired and their end was near. The Amazoness Quartet (Amazon Quartet) sat above in the tent and laughed. One of them, Palla Palla, sent her billiard ball lemure to kill the Amazon Trio.

In the city, Hawk’s Eye attacked Usagi. Tiger’s Eye and Fish Eye appeared. Fish Eye tried to run toward Usagi to help her but Tiger’s Eye held her back. Fish Eye cried out, “Don’t hurt Sailor Moon!” Hawk’s Eye was even more interested in Usagi’s dream since she was Sailor Moon but he didn’t find Pegasus in her dream mirror.

Palla Palla’s lemure appeared then and said that he was there to get rid of the Amazon Trio. He began to throw spades at them and one hit Usagi’s dream mirror, smashing it to pieces. “God! No! Her dream!” Fish Eye cried out in horror and remembered what Usagi said about her dream earlier.

Then, another spade was heading straight for Fish Eye when Hawk’s Eye jumped in front of her and was hit by the spade. Hawk’s Eye fell and told them, “I wanted to get Pegasus…to become human…we are miserable the way we are now.” Fish Eye cried, “Don’t give up!” Hawk’s Eye gave the energy ball to Fish Eye and then died.

After Hawk’s Eye death, Fish Eye suggested that they use the energy ball to rebuild Usagi’s dream mirror but Tiger’s Eye didn’t understand why they would help the enemy and, if they use the power of the ball, they would die also. Fish Eye said that they couldn’t beat the lemure but Sailor Moon could. Tiger’s Eye understood and said that they had to get vengence for Hawk’s Eye’s death.

Fish Eye pulled out Chibi-Usa, who had been kidnapped by him earlier, and then they used the power of the energy ball to rebuild Usagi’s mirror. Sailor Chibi Moon called Pegasus and Super Sailor Moon destroyed the lemure

Tiger’s Eye and Fish Eye collapsed next to Hawk’s Eye and they died. All three turned back into their animal forms.

But then Pegasus used his power to turn them back into human and their spirits opened their eyes. Dream mirrors came out from inside each of them and Fish Eye started to cry, “A mirror of dreams! Finally, we are human.” He smiled at Hawk’s Eye and Tiger’s Eye. They were so happy.

Then they became three balls of light. “These souls, as with all souls with dreams, will be saved,” Pegasus said as he flew back to his forest, followed by the three balls of light. “Stay here,” he told the balls of light. “One day, this forest will become beautiful and full of light once again.”.

Sailor Moon SuperS, Part II
Return to Tokyo


1 The events of “Sailor Moon SuperS” movie.
2 The Coming-of-Age Ceremony is held once a year in Japan to celebrate all the people who are having their 20th birthday that year.