Tokyo – Sailor Moon SuperS (Part 2)

A week later, Queen Neherenia told Zirconia that the dream mirror that Pegasus was hiding in would be gold because of the influence of the Golden Crystal so they no longer had to actually look inside the mirror for Pegasus. The Dead Moon Circus’ task was to find the Golden Mirror. At the arcade, Chibi-Usa and Momoko saw a poster advertising the Dead Moon Circus. Usagi and Mamoru walked in and Chibi-Usa told Mamoru that she wanted him to take her to the circus. Usagi said that if Mamoru wanted to go, she and Mamoru would go alone without Chibi-Usa annoying them.

“Are you two in love?” Momoko asked dreamily.
“Yes, we are melting in love,” Usagi replied.
“That’s so nice! I want a boyfriend who wants to be melting in love with me!”
“When you grow up, you’ll find a man who will melt in love with you.”
“I want to be an adult soon!”

Four girls with weird hair were playing arcade games and overheard.

“Why would you want to be an adult?” one asked.
“Adults have to worry about what society thinks of them when they want to dream.” another one said.
“It’s no fun being an adult.”
“It’s much more fun being a kid.”

The four girls walked about of the arcade chanting, “Never, never be suspicious of dreams within the dreams of dreaming kids.” over and over again. In the circus tent, all the freaks of the Dead Moon were chanting the same phrase over and over again until Zirconia appeared and told them to be quiet.

The four girls transformed into the Amazoness Quartet, Cere Cere (Cele Cele) of flowers, Palla Palla (Para Para) of balancing balls, Jun Jun of acrobatics, and Ves Ves (Besu Besu) the animal trainer. Zirconia gave the orders to find the Golden Mirror but the Quartet didn’t Zirconia seriously. Ves Ves tried to attack Zirconia. Zirconia blasted her away but realized that if all four attacked her at once, she would be in trouble. Zirconia told them that she could easily defeat the four of them so they had better follow orders.

Their first target was Momoko. To extract the dream mirror, Ves Ves pulled out her billiard ball and used a pool stick to hit the ball. The ball bounced off several things around Momoko. Eventually, the ball hit Momoko in the back and her dream mirror came out.

The dream mirror spinned several times and when it stopped spinning, it was a normal dream mirror, not the Golden Mirror. The lemure ate the dream mirror, much to the Sailor Senshi’s horror. After the Super Sailor Senshi defeated the lemure, the dream mirror was recovered and returned to Momoko. Palla Palla, who was the most childish of the four, was the only one who attacked a large group of people at once, instead of one-by-one like the rest of the Quartet.

When Ves Ves returned to the circus tent from her failed mission, the Amazoness Quartet said how beautiful Pegasus and that they shouldn’t let Zirconia have it. Zirconia told Queen Neherenia that she was worried that the Quartet was too dangerous and they might keep Pegasus’ power for themselves. Queen Neherenia told her to leave the Amazoness Quartet do what they want to but to keep an eye on them. Zirconia was about to protest but Queen Neherenia snapped, “Be quiet and follow my orders because I am the true queen of the moon.”

By the end of November, Super Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus all received more powerful attacks while trying to save the dreams of their friends.

One day, Jun Jun was sitting on top of the roof near Chibi-Usa’s school. Chibi-Usa’s friend, Kyusuke, was an all-around athlete but a bad experience with the box horse made him afraid to jump the box horse again.

Jun Jun saw his problem and offered to coach him. Jun Jun spent all day with Kyusuke until it was nighttime. Jun Jun told Kyusuke she would help him again tomorrow early in the morning. The next morning, Jun Jun met Kyusuke at the school again. She held up a picture that Zirconia gave her of her new target and compared it to Kyusuke. It was Kyusuke but she continued to help him train anyway. She told him that the only way to get rid of his fear of the box horse was to give him something that scared him more.

A cage appeared around Kyusuke and the box horse suddenly and so did an angry bear! It began to chase Kyusuke and the only out was to jump over the box horse. He ran to the box horse and jumped right over it. He was still scared of the bear but looked back and it was gone. Jun Jun told him that it was an illusion. Kyusuke said that was a mean thing to do but he was happy to have jumped the box horse finally.

Jun Jun said that he got what he wanted so she had something she wanted and then she attacked him. He didn’t have the Golden Mirror and, as usual, the Sailor Senshi saved the day. At the track meet later, Kyusuke jumped the box horse with no problem and won first place, thanks to Jun Jun.

A few weeks later, Chibi-Usa and her friends met Hiroki, whose dream was to fly his own handmade airplane bicycle. Chibi-Usa told Pegasus about Hiroki’s dream and Pegasus said he wished he could see it but he couldn’t because he lived in the Dream World and couldn’t fly away. “Where is Dream World, the place that you live in?” Chibi-Usa asked but Pegasus didn’t reply.

A few weeks later, Chibi-Usa and her friends met Hiroki, whose dream was to fly his own handmade airplane bicycle. Chibi-Usa told Pegasus about Hiroki’s dream and Pegasus said he wished he could see it but he couldn’t because he lived in the Dream World and couldn’t fly away. “Where is Dream World, the place that you live in?” Chibi-Usa asked but Pegasus didn’t reply.

The next day, Chibi-Usa brought Pegasus’ globe in a picnic basket to the park so he could see Hiroki’s plane. Pegasus was very impressed by the plane and that Hiroki made it all by himself. However, Hiroki’s plane did not fly again and he crashed. Ami and Kyusuke offered to help make changes to the plane so it had a better chance to fly because they all wanted to help Hiroki make his dream come true. Momoko said, “It’s nice to have friends you can share anything with.” Chibi-Usa looked down at the picnic basket with a sort of sad look.

That night, Chibi-Usa asked Pegasus, “Are we friends?”
“Do you like me?” Pegasus asked.
“Yes, I know I can share anything with you…but I don’t know anything about you. You don’t tell me anything about yourself.”
“I’m sorry. I can’t tell you anything yet. I am here with you. That should be enough for now.”
“But if we are friends, we should be able to talk about anything. You don’t really think I’m your friend, do you?”
Pegasus looked sad and said, “If you don’t believe in me, I can’t stay with you. You have to trust me.”

Suddenly, the globe disappeared. That night, Chibi-Usa stood on a bridge and wondered why Pegasus didn’t tell her anything. “I thought we understood each other,” she thought. Mamoru found Chibi-Usa and offered to take her home since it was already late. As they walked home, Chibi-Usa asked Mamoru about times when he fought with Usagi. Usagi, who was looking for Chibi-Usa, ran into them.

“Where have you been, Chibi-Usa? I’ll take you home from here,” Usagi said.
“No,” Chibi-Usa refused and was still upset about Pegasus. “You’re so dumb! You always look in my room and spy on what I’m doing!”
Usagi seemed surprised by Chibi-Usa’s strong reaction. “I’m just worried about you. You seem like you have a lot on your mind lately.”
“Don’t butt in!” Chibi-Usa was really angry. “I have secrets that I can’t tell you, okay?” After Chibi-Usa said that, she remembered that Pegasus said there were things that he couldn’t tell her and now she understood.
Usagi looked hurt. “Okay…I’ll wait for you at home then. Please don’t stay out too late.” Usagi left.

The next day, Chibi-Usa was sitting on the hill, watching Hiroki and the others work on the plane. Hiroki was very happy that everyone helped him because he did more than he could have ever done by himself. “I’m glad we can trust each other,” he said. Chibi-Usa remembered how Pegasus asked her to trust him and that she knew now that she hadn’t. She began to cry and said, “I’m sorry, Pegasus.”

Just then, Ves Ves attacked Hiroki and sent a lemure to fight the Super Sailor Senshi. Super Sailor Moon told Super Sailor Chibi Moon to call Pegasus but Chibi Moon remembered how the globe disappeared and said, “Pegasus won’t come anymore!” Super Sailor Moon told Chibi Moon that she had to believe in herself and in Pegasus. Chibi Moon remembered again how Pegasus told her to trust him and she decided to believe. She used the Crystal Carillon, Pegasus came, and Super Sailor Moon defeated the lemure. Before he left, Pegasus told Chibi Moon, “As long as you believe in your dreams, I will be with you.”

After Hiroki recovered from the attack, he tried to fly his plane off the hill once again and this time he flew! Chibi-Usa thought to herself that it was because of the power of believing. “I believe in Pegasus because it is the power of believing that brought us together,” she thought. “It’s a miracle in itself.” At that moment, Pegasus’ globe reappeared on Chibi-Usa’s desk in her room.

Sailor Moon SuperS, Part III
Return to Tokyo


1 The events of “Sailor Moon SuperS” movie.
2 The Coming-of-Age Ceremony is held once a year in Japan to celebrate all the people who are having their 20th birthday that year.